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  1. Haha, you reminded me how I got permanently banned from Opera forums after repeatedly complaining about some thing the changed over the course of v12 version history.
  2. I am sure 7-zip doesn't require a reboot for anything.
  3. @Bobbymat26 Just download Windows AIK and throw the answer file at it. It will tell you exactly what is or isn't correct.
  4. As a side note, I would be interested in "third party" software that is intended to replace CHKDSK (i.e. that can fix NTFS filesystem errors). jaclaz There are lots of programs for disk checking out there. Not sure where are you getting the intent part, because I am not aware of anything presented as such P.S. I just remembered Norton Utilities back in Win9x days. Loved those.
  5. I used Opera since like... 2003. I was always mostly happy with it, even thought in last two years I got more and more fed up with certain websites not being displayed properly, and certain functionalities not working. BUT when I tried v15 (is that where they switched to Chrome? I think so), I was horrified. It was the final drop that made me try Firefox after years of being refusive of it, and my life quality went up by like 500% that day. Honestly, Opera is not walking in wrong direction. It is already flushed down a toilet.
  6. The sector size probably doesn't make any difference on SSDs though.
  7. Would using third party software help in this case, or are they all working off some generic API (like defragmentation does for example), which is bugged?
  8. If only they bothered to have all relevant informations in one place. Anyway... how do I know if my SSD has 4kB sectors? Or, where do I read up on this?
  9. Jesus, so much arrogance and idiocy... But I am not surprised, it's Microsoft.
  10. Yeah I know how it works, I was just unsure because the Microsoft link only mentioned creating the partitions, but not doing anything with them, which kinda confused me and I thought maybe it was not necessary for UEFI (which wouldn't make any sense though).
  11. When installing Windows in UEFI mode, do I need to format the two system partitions in any way? I am reading this, and it only covers the creation (and for some reason they say the first partition should be 200MB, but everywhere I look it's usually only 100).
  12. This has never ever happened to me. Maybe it's your PC.
  13. Do not use bugged programs. Google Win Toolkit up and use that.
  14. Is there any switch I can use with msi installer that would let me disable automatic updates? I figured they apparently silently install Google Chrome and toolbar, which royally pissed me off.
  15. It didn't give me any problems with integrated IE11 here. Apparently it's a bit on the random side.
  16. Did you even read the previous posts? None of the switches after /s do anything.
  17. I know for a fact it DOES NOT WORK if you use .cmd files. Without start /wait only the first one gets processed for some weird reason.
  18. I guess I am missing something, but reg files are plain text, so why would you want special program for viewing them?
  19. Please, for the love of god or whatever you might believe in, do not use RT7Lite! That program is outdated by several years, and even when the "company" behind it still existed, it was buggy as hell up to the point of messing things left and right. You can get something that's light years ahead of that junk: Win Toolkit. Give it a shot, and maybe you will find out numerous problems went away!
  20. It would be helpful if you tell us what problems you have.
  21. These exotic programs might compress better, but I would say they are only good if you need to compress something as much as possible for your own needs. Good luck using them outside of that. WinRAR is very popular, and yet vast majority of people would still be clueless how to open such files
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