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  1. I think someone posted a link to some performance comparison between Windows 7,8 and 10 some time ago here in the forum. Does anyone remember what it was and could give me the link please?
  2. For me, an OS is stable enough if it can run for a full month of your typical everyday's use If it doesn't slow down, throw some obscure errors or flat out crashes, it's good enough.
  3. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? The screen where various system drivers are being loaded scrolls down literally line by line, so it takes several minutes before the system boots up. Once I'm in the Windows, everything runs normally.
  4. I can confirm the web-downloaded isos contain wim images. Bye bye Media creation tool. Btw what's the difference between english and english international?
  5. Well, I downloaded an iso through the Media creation tool. Are there different isos somewhere?
  6. to put a check in that box[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Device Metadata] "PreventDeviceMetadataFromNetwork"=dword:00000000 Speaking of this, has anyone ever managed to get it to work? I have that tweak applied to the image and it's left unchecked after installation.
  7. Are there any settings related to the "Startup and Recovery" part of System Properties?
  8. Why release the ADK with Windows 10 sticker on it then? My brain just cannot process this.
  9. So I downloaded the Windows 10 ADK and wanted to see about creating an answer file for testing purposes only to realize what seems to be a release specifically for this version of the OS doesn't work with the new images (esd?). It only recognizes wim files. I might be missing something, but is this some weird joke from Microsoft?
  10. If you let this program touch your Windows installation in any any way, the best thing you can do is reinstall the system from the original disk. And why people still keep using it is beyond what I can understand.
  11. For the lack of better suited thread, I'll try asking here. Is there any way to download non-english (czech in my case) updates in at least semi-automated way?
  12. Ah! That's what I needed to know. Yup, ended up doing just that. But I ran into another oddity there - when checking whether a variable is defined, for some obscure reason you have to do it without %%. That is even more confusing. Are you also saying that xcopy ignores quotes in the path as long as they are paired? That's pretty weird! I learned a lot today, even if I made myself look like a clueless id*** who shouldn't dig into anything deeper than Windows GUI I never knew a lot, and combined with being unemployed for 3 years, I forgot large part of the little I knew
  13. One more mystery about all the quotes and whatnot. If set A="B" is wrong (I see it is now), how comes this works? :jaset architecture="x64"set language="en"set index="3"set personal="yes"goto :continue ...xcopy "e:\install\os\windows images\win7_%architecture%_%language%" d:\win7 /e /i /h /k /yIt correctly copies e:\Install\OS\Windows images\Win7_x64_en\ to d:\win7!!
  14. bphlpt, I can't say I understand. It seems like no matter what documentation I read, there is always a case where it doesn't apply somewhere. I thought I had to enclose the string I put in a variable in quotes to prevent the system from getting confused. You even said it yourself. And yet, here is a case where it is wrong. Btw I do use ss64 for reference most of the time. And yes, this is all pretty new to me. Not that I never touched batch files in the last 20 years, but this is about the most complicated stuff I ever attempted. It smells too much of programming, and my brain is just incomp
  15. I thought comparing strings is always the same, no? Well this is the (almost, edited the actual copy/whatever operations out) whole thing: choice /c:123 /m "Is this a: (1:desktop, 2:notebook, 3:my own PC, 4:N/A) ?"if errorlevel==4 goto :startif errorlevel==3 set type="-ja"if errorlevel==2 goto :ntbif errorlevel==1 set type=""goto :start:ntbset type="-ntb"set /p brand="Manufacturer's name: "if "%brand%"=="" (echo.echo No input. Try again.echo.goto :ntb) else (goto :start):startif exist d:\win7\boot\cs-cz\nul (set language="cz") else (set language="")...copy operationsif "%language%"=="cz" (co
  16. I am starting to think the whole thing is bugged. if "%type%"=="some string" ( ...several copy lines ) This didn't work at all until I removed the quotes around %type%!!!
  17. Ok... what does the & char do, and why does this work and what I did doesn't? Since I posted the question I tried it with the quotes, like so P.S. These are all stupid little scripts I use for myself when I occasionally prepare a Windows image, so there's no need for any user stupidity checks (OR maybe is, lol). edit: If bold and red font wasn't enough... ok, "%brand%" is what it needed. I don't get it though!! Nowhere I looked did it say you have to compare strings like this. Grr. Oh well. This works: :ntbset /p brand="Manufacturer's name: "if "%brand%"=="" (echo. No input. Try again.
  18. I have another stupid question (and I feel really dumb this time). :ntb set /p brand="Manufacturer's name: " if %brand%=="" goto :noinput goto :start :noinput echo. echo. No input. Try again. goto :ntb No matter what I type, it always ends up with "goto was unexpected at this time". I read some documentation about the various commands several times and still don't understand why it doesn't work.
  19. Ha, that's a good idea. I'll experiment a bit with it. It's largely irrelevant, but I always like to do things in the cleanest possible way.
  20. I got it. It was this: else set language=. After changing it to set language="", it worked. Apparently what I originally did didn't set the variable empty, but rather removed it alltogether (which I did notice when simply typing set, but didn't understand what was going on). Jaclaz, you are probably right, but I didn't mention there was one more (might be even more in future if I bother with this stuff further) similar copy operation below. I did it like this to save a few lines. I wish I wasn't so dumb when it comes to anything even remotely related to scripting/programming, but I just ca
  21. My head is about to explode. Despite writing it just like it says in help, it doesn't work. if exist d:\win7\boot\cs-cz\nul (set language=cz) else set language= if %language%==cz ( copy e:\unattended\AeroNoBackground-cz.theme d:\win7\sources\$OEM$\$$\resources\themes\AeroNoBackground.theme ) else copy e:\unattended\AeroNoBackground.theme d:\win7\sources\$OEM$\$$\resources\themes When I run it, I always get an error saying "( was unexpected at this time.". I don't get it. Please help.
  22. I started using this again, and was curious whether there was any other way to make wiminfo pause other than doing it with powershell. The window just flashes and disappears
  23. Is there any way to automate the process of relocating the location of libraries like documents, music and the rest? I have all this stuff on different disk, and would prefer if I could do this during the installation process.
  24. I really like WinRAR, but truth be told, even with the new format, it's still nothing awesome (but then again, it's not a problem for me). I use it solely because of the interface. If you absolutely need better compression, 7-Zip is the winner hands down.
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