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  1. I'm trying to integrate the last cumulative update to my image, and it just wouldn't work, always giving me this error: Processing 1 of 1 - d:\install\OS\Win10 updates\windows10.0-kb4346783-x64.msu: An error occurred while expanding the .msu package into the temporary folder, C:\TEMP\026C4C10-7AE8-42D3-9B97-9E49018383DF. Error: 0x8007000d Error: 13 The data is invalid. The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log DISM log is equally useless 2018-08-31 13:43:48, Info DPX ProvideRequestedDataByFile: d:\install\OS\Win10 updates\windows10.0-kb4
  2. Could anyone explain what "glass color" is to me? I am digging in the GUI again and I don't understand half the stuff.
  3. I had it sorted meanwhile. Turned out I only had to play with the sliders in the GUI.
  4. And how is it possible that my browser still has the same default Win10 look as well?
  5. I have no idea if this was brought up before, but is it normal or a bug that Settings window doesn't have rounded top corners - actually completely unaffected top bar?
  6. I don't really like the OldNewExplorer requirement. It's not a hard one, but without it it looks weird. I would have very much preferred if he simply left Explorer untouched.
  7. Except there is no theme for Windows 10 there that would resemble Windows 7. https://www.deviantart.com/devillnside/gallery/64409206/Windows-10-Themes-for-RS2-RS4-Builds
  8. I am pretty sure my Windows 7 did not have hardcoded blue borders around the windows.
  9. Actually, it appears all of them have it. No idea why. It's disturbing to the eyes.
  10. So does anyone have an atlas that would be as close to Win7 as possible? The one posted before has these nasty coloured borders around windows :(
  11. Jesus, I give up. The guy is an id***. I wasted half an hour of my life trying to explain not everyone wants to install five other programs just to install a stupid theme, and he just goes "When OldNewExplorer not work on future, it will has update" Wasted money.
  12. That is weird, because I can't see any command bar in my Windows 10 at all. Communicating with the guy is major pain in the a**, because his engrish looks more like klingon, and I have no idea what is he saying :( I've been trying to find out whether that OldNewExplorer is a hard requirement for the theme, and his replies are always different.
  13. Does this work for Windows 10? Will it ever get updated? All I googled up was version from 2016.
  14. I never upgrade anything. I do clean install, so I think I'm fine.
  15. Ok. How do the patchers work anyway? Are they all based on the same concept? Edit: Uh, the theme I bought, what are these folders "Hide CommanBar" and "Show CommanBar"? And I presume the OldNewExplorer is not mandatory for the theme.
  16. So do all these themes actually require Aero Glass or not? I am looking at the Leodesktop site, and the instructions for the themepatches seem horribly complicated. Do I really need to install an additional program, this OldNewExplorer somethning?
  17. Ok, I understand now. But it seems like the themes have to be made for the latest version of Windows, don't they? I'd like a Windows 7 like theme, but I am reluctant to try something from 2016 (the only one I found).
  18. But I can create a theme and use it without problems - I mean otherwise there wouldn't be the "use custom theme" option etc., where I can apply what I previously customized. How do you define third party theme anyway? And is this new to Windows 10? I tried googling around and found pretty much nothing.
  19. Could anyone explain what does "UxTheme Signature Bypass" mean? I've just installed the program and know nothing about all this.
  20. I ended up trying the GUI and fortunately it worked. What does the "Install Aero Glass theme" option do? I tried to install the program with and without it and didn't notice any difference. edit: I got it - it's the actual png file, the atlas.
  21. Will this work with the current Windows 10 version? edit: What is the difference between Aero7 and Aero 7 Clear?
  22. Ok it worked after I used the donation key I generated. But... whatdo I do now? There are no settings. There is no theme (despite the setup claiming to install one), nothing. I am completely confused.
  23. So is this program abandoned? 2016 seems pretty old.
  24. This doesn't work at all :( When I click on retry, it just reappears again. I don't know what to do.
  25. It doesn't work. At all. I click on "pin to start" and nothing happens. Interestingly, when I click on it again, I can select to unpin it. What's going on?
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