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  1. Hi I Want To Know what are the options shown below.. All Options
  2. What is the difference between 3rd generation vs 4th generation Intel processors what configuration is suitable for learing Cources Like MCITP, Linux
  3. Like verifying the presence in that image of a suitable driver for the network card/adapter and if not there as not-so-covertly hinted by the error message (you know, like "The Operating System Image You Selected Does Not Contain the Necessary Drivers for Your Network Adapter" ) add it to the image? jaclaz I dont know how to add nic drivers.. I Tried but it does not work for me.. $oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC... etc.. I dont know what's correct process.. i want one mothed clearly.. If it work's im very thankful to you..
  4. Hii im getting the following Error Message Complete error: Error Message: The Operating System Image You Selected Does Not Contain the Necessary Drivers for Your Network Adapter. Try Selecting a Different Operating System Image. If the Problem Persists, Contact Your System Administrator. im using windows server 2003 What to do now..
  5. Which part in Rule #1a: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules are you having troubles understanding? A non-enterprise (or if you prefer non-VLK) original CD needs activation or needs to be "cracked" (and this won't be discussed here). jaclaz I had Original Operating system Disk..Windows Xp Sp2 with key.. But i got a Problem activating windows xp that (The Number Of activations exceeded) I bought it in the Year of 2007 i installed it for so many times (Between 10 or 15 or more..)
  6. That is not a universal key. It is a Volume License key that was leaked with warez copies of Windows XP. How did u know all this information.. how can i learn all this thing's.. u all are such an intelegent people.. any way please give me clear notes about "Creating Pre-Activated Windows XP Disk" Please.. If possible Video Toturial..
  7. Hi As above instructions i used WINNT.SIF MethodBackup Activation MethodOEMBIOS.BIN a.k.a. original OEM Activation MethodIn first method i need internet connection(So ther is no use for me, it is failed).. Backup Activation Method also did not work for me Because i tried on VMWare.. Next i tried "OEMBIOS Method" it does not work for me.. Is ther any other Method's for Pre activation's windows XP Can any one explain how the universial key work's for Windows Xp. For Example Like this key (V2C47-mk7jd-3R89F-D2kXW-VPK3J)
  8. how to Build Pre-Activated Windows XP Disk.. I Had a Original Windows XP Disk with Key.. now i want to create a Pre-Activated ISO, that which can be installed on any System.. Can any one explain how the universial key work's for Windows Xp. For Example Like this key (V2C47-mk7jd-3R89F-D2kXW-VPK3J) Please make me to learn some thing new TQ
  9. Hey hi ThankQ for above code.. i have use RTseven Lite software for this.. I Have got this code as shown in below:: But i dont know how to locate the software form DVD-ROM It is locating software path from my harddisk TQ Help Me.. [OS Name= Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL][Date= 1/5/2014 7:58:07 PM][Microsoft .NET FrameWork= 3.5][Version: Release Candidate 1.7.0]Blackviper=Default[Update][Driver][Language][Application]setup=setup.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Micro Soft Office 2007\setup.exe$setup.exe$0.44 MB7z920=7z920.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\7z920.exe$7z920.exe$1.06 MBAdbeRdr11003_en_US=AdbeRdr11003_en_US.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\AdbeRdr11003_en_US.exe$AdbeRdr11003_en_US.exe$47.79 MBDictionary(1)=Dictionary(1).exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Dictionary(1).exe$Dictionary(1).exe$158.61 MBFirefox Setup 26.0=Firefox Setup 26.0.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Firefox Setup 26.0.exe$Firefox Setup 26.0.exe$22.93 MBdotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64=dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64.exe$dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64.exe$49.23 MBFlash 11=Flash 11.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Flash 11.exe$Flash 11.exe$16.93 MBChess=Chess.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Chess.exe$Chess.exe$7 MBjdk-7u21-windows-i586=jdk-7u21-windows-i586.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\jdk-7u21-windows-i586.exe$jdk-7u21-windows-i586.exe$88.98 MBK-lite=K-lite.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\K-lite.exe$K-lite.exe$25.13 MBShockwave=Shockwave.exe /s$C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\7\Apps\Shockwave.exe$Shockwave.exe$9.08 MB[Components]InboxGames=TrueChess=TrueFreeCell=TrueHearts=TrueShanghai=TrueMinesweeper=TrueMore Games=TrueInternet Games=TrueInternet Backgammon=TrueInternet Checkers=TrueInternet Spades=TruePurblePlace=TrueSolitaire=TrueSpiderSolitaire=Truewuauserv=TrueDisk Quotta=TrueWindows Anytime Upgrade=True[Features]IIS-WebServerRole=TrueIIS-FTPServer=TrueIIS-FTPExtensibility=TrueIIS-FTPSvc=TrueIIS-WebServerManagementTools=TrueIIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility=TrueIIS-ManagementConsole=TrueIIS-ManagementScriptingTools=TrueIIS-WMICompatibility=TrueIIS-Metabase=TrueIIS-LegacySnapIn=TrueIIS-LegacyScripts=TrueIIS-ManagementService=TrueIIS-WebServer=TrueIIS-ApplicationDevelopment=TrueIIS-NetFxExtensibility=TrueIIS-ASP=TrueIIS-ASPNET=TrueIIS-CGI=TrueIIS-ISAPIExtensions=TrueIIS-ISAPIFilter=TrueIIS-ServerSideIncludes=TrueIIS-CommonHttpFeatures=TrueIIS-DefaultDocument=TrueIIS-DirectoryBrowsing=TrueIIS-HttpErrors=TrueIIS-HttpRedirect=TrueIIS-StaticContent=TrueIIS-WebDAV=TrueIIS-HealthAndDiagnostics=TrueIIS-CustomLogging=TrueIIS-HttpLogging=TrueIIS-LoggingLibraries=TrueIIS-ODBCLogging=TrueIIS-RequestMonitor=TrueIIS-HttpTracing=TrueIIS-Performance=TrueIIS-HttpCompressionDynamic=TrueIIS-HttpCompressionStatic=TrueIIS-Security=TrueIIS-BasicAuthentication=TrueIIS-ClientCertificateMappingAuthentication=TrueIIS-DigestAuthentication=TrueIIS-IISCertificateMappingAuthentication=TrueIIS-IPSecurity=TrueIIS-RequestFiltering=TrueIIS-URLAuthorization=TrueIIS-WindowsAuthentication=True[Control Panel Remove][Control Panel Add]Control panel view=Category[Desktop][Desktop Taskbar][Explorer Shortcuts][Explorer Context][Explorer Views][Security]Anti spyware=DefaultUAC=DefaultWindows Firewall=Disable[Services]Remote Desktop Services=AutomaticWindows Firewall=Disable[System][Visual Effects][Internet Explorer]Default Start Page=Custom...Default Search Page=www.google.comShow full URL=EnableNo Update Checking=Disable[Media Center]CustomReg=CustomBat=[Un-Attended]Skip product key=TrueSkip Auto Activation=TrueAccept EULA=TrueSelect this version on install=TrueSetup Language=en-USSkip user creation=TrueAdministrator password=ASDasd123Logon count=1Network location=WorkProtect your computer=Recommended SettingsHide EULA page=TrueHide Wireless setup in OOBE=TrueSkip machine OOBE=TrueSkip user OOBE=TrueDisable auto daylight timeset=TrueSpecify=TrueKeyboard=United StatesCurrency and date format=English (India)UI Language=en-USTimezone=(UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi[Screen Saver]Wallpaper position=Fill[Themes]C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\RT_Mount\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero.theme(Already installed)=Theme frame=Frost[WallPaper]C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\RT_Mount\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg(Already installed)=0.61[Gadgets][Documents][Sample Musics][Sound]Windows Balloon=Default=Windows Battery Critical=Default=Windows Battery Low=Default=Windows Critical Stop=Default=Windows Default=Default=Windows Ding=Default=Windows Error=Default=Windows Exclamation=Default=Windows Feed Discovered=Default=Windows Hardware Fail=Default=Windows Hardware Insert=Default=Windows Hardware Remove=Default=Windows Information Bar=Default=Windows Logoff Sound=Default=Windows Logon Sound=Default=Windows Minimize=Default=Windows Notify=Default=Windows Recycle=Default=Windows Restore=Default=Windows Shutdown=Default=Windows Startup=Default=AppInstallationMode=0DriverForceIntegration=FalseDiskPartition=0,1
  10. Hello, Can any one help me.. i want to build a Windows 7 Pro x86 ISO and activated with silent installation.. I should contain softwares like ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Java (jdk) firefox Flash Player Winrar or 7zip Ms Office 2007 Adob Reader Turboc2 Dosbox USB Disk Security ---------------------------------------------------------------------- services to be turn off "Windows updates" and "Firewall" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hard disk should be partioned as c:\ drive 100GB and for d:\drive 60GB ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I Tried Rt7Lite with Automated Installation Kit (AIK), But i did not understand to add appliaction softwares.. It is asking silent install switch command.. and also i tried with "Universal Silent Switch Finder" it can not find silent switch command for some softwares..etc,. Please help me TQ:)
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