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  1. I could probably send you my config I've been using. It is pretty tweaked with all the crap removed. 170MB of size Works like a charm.
  2. Octopuss

    What gives?

    I don't know really. It's totally normal OEM SP2 cd. I ended up using multi license install from work (ehm).
  3. Octopuss

    What gives?

    Hm, it works on corporate installation cd but not on OEM one.
  4. Octopuss

    What gives?

    I didn't integrate anything but hotfixes. This error jumps up no matter if I just remove stuff or integrate fixes at all. Not using any compression... What's in the ASMS folder then????? I got no idea where the problem is, obviously it's some thing or combination of few settings somewhere, but hell knows where...
  5. Octopuss

    What gives?

    Well, no. I tried putting most stuff back and nothing. Grr. Stupid computers. What's the stuff in ASMS directory anywya?
  6. Octopuss

    What gives?

    So I made a custom install cd, everything is just fine (looks fine), but after restard, shortly after the installation starts I get an error saying it cannot continue due to a problem with function needed for the install process or wtf. Says "wrong function" in the ASMS directory under i386. Please give me a tip what might be causing this. Right now I am in the process of trying to remove or rather put back various parts of the system, but it's lengthy process...
  7. I have disabled the messages from admins and still I get an email from EVERY thread being posted on the forums. What gives? Extremely annoying.
  8. reports? what reports? where? sorry, work blindness probbly...
  9. Oh cool. What are you planning for next release?
  10. Hello!! I have been using this wonderful tool for quite a few months and in the end, it's MUCH better than XPLite, which is wonderful utility. Keep up the good work! One problem I encountered in 1.4beta is that I made it so I can access various other things in context menu of My Computer, but namely regedit and Event Log only gives me some weird error message. Is this a bug or did I uninstall something that prevents those from launching this way? If I manually run regedit or go the regular MyPC-manage-..., it works fine.
  11. I have a question: All the updates for IE6 are not listed here, right? I have a slight problem with that - I hate IE7 and don't even install it. I use Opera instead and only open IE for pages that don't work in Opera at all. So: is there any possibility to list updates for IE separately and include the IE6 ones as well, please? Pretty please? Also: when I see in changes that some updates were removed, does that mean they no longer are of any use or are included in some new ones? Will it create any problems if I just keep adding the new ones and keep the old ones still?
  12. Someone just recommenteded me http://www.freshdevices.com/freshui.html, tried and it's really great! Try it!
  13. What's the problem with IE7? With it and WMP11 at least you have less hotfixes to integrate. Everything!! IE7 and WMP is about the biggest garbage out there. I'd love to see a list of fixes that apply only to IE6
  14. Octopuss

    Tweaks in nLite

    Does anyone know a program that would let me perform the same tweaks nLite offers? Too bad nL only can modify installation, not already installed system I was googling like mad and couldn't find any utility that would be able to do even 10% of what nLite offers.
  15. Hello. Awesome work! But - is there a list of xpsp2 hotfixes for systems WITHOUT IE7? Hell, I am never gonna install that crap... I understand this list is slightly different to IE6 installation.
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