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  1. Hey all, rather troubling problem with my network. Setup: U.S. Robotics ADSL Sureconnect Wireless router 3 wired clients (1 being a server) 2 wireless clients Static connection IP address Since my ADSL broadand service came online, my networked computers havent been able to communicate with each other, which is a bugger because my server one has shared storage space and acts as a family printer server. Try using names or IP addresses and they are not found (firewall exceptions configured btw). Try ping through command prompt and get "destination host unreachable", this includes pinging the router itself which clearly works because: - I can log in through the admin web interface - My clients IP addresses are issued by the router's integrated DHCP server - Every client has ADSL access Someone recons its DNS playing up, any ideas ?
  2. I can tell you from exeprience its a big step, whilst interface is almost identical, the features get very complicated quickly, almost all being controlled using Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins. I have been running 2000 server for over a year now, and have trialed 2003 server as well a number of times. I won a Microsoft administration book, which is a great asset as a relative novice, though there are many useful resources online which i frequently use by doing a google search on my desired subject. Installation is straight forward, pretty much just like installing a client OS. Server settings are then applied after the initial installation. if you are prepared to learn, and have resources and even better personal help to hand, you can pick up the basics very quickly. The most important area with servers in my view is security, especially when they can be such important or powerful assets. So to answer your questions, playing with it is very similar to client software, but more complicated! Quite alot of it can be configured as "night and day", though there are plenty of more complex grey areas as well.
  3. Is it a username/password/admin issue? Have your user accounts the appropraite permissions in active directory on the remote server to add printers to it? And does the local network accept the authority of your remote server account to access the printer on it?
  4. Got OEM Nero Express 6 with my CD/DVD-RW, dont like it much, hasent got many features such as the boot sector options needed to make an un-attended CD. It feels cheap overall. My current burning application which does do all these things warns me about incomaptibility with XP SP2, and since I cant afford an upgrade, i am looking hard at some of the freeware packages people have posted here today Do they offer the boot sector features like Nero? Or do you need the Pro (paid for) version of these packages.
  5. I agree, my HDD is only 120Gb, but I defrag it about every month or two, and that can take a while! I do try to strike a balance between need and performance. I push my HDD quite hard at times but am always considerate towards it and try not to strain it for long periods of time. This includes not trying to defrag it at every oppertunity. I guess whilst defragmenting eases the number of times the read head must move around each second (causing wear), the process of defragmentation can cause more of this than it might prevent if performed on a very regular basis? I am not exactly a great expert on HDDs, but you know lots of 7200rpm HDDs use fluid bearings rather than ball bearings? I am sure I read somewhere a while back (probably a couple of years ago now) that there was the risk on some earlier or cheaper models, that extreme heat generated from the disk drive could itself evaporate the fluid in the bearing? That would eventually lead to failure.
  6. NVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT is a good value card. It uses a 256-bit memory architecture comapred to the 128-bit one on the similarily priced FX5700 Ultra which I happen to use. Also NVIDIA Drivers are great in my view, you can enable the built in overclocking utility and it supports application profiles, allowing you to specify seperate graphical driver settings for any chossen game/app which are automatically applied when the app is run.
  7. Check for any firewall apps such as Norton Internet Security or Macafee Firewall blocking internet and LAN access. You may need to configure advanced options or what i do is disable the protection all together when using the Windows XP net firewall or just attempting to access my LAN offline.
  8. Welcome to MSFN! I'm may not have thousands of posts yet, but its a community for all to participate in
  9. Pepsi, it tastes better and its all down to morals. Cola is sold in Western countries and Israel but not in arab or middle eastern states, whilst I am not of an ethnic or islamic background, I dont agree with what is happening in Israel or Western foriegn policy for the middle east in general, so as long as Cola continues to hold some stupid political stanza, where as Pepsi is available alomost anywhere, I will not buy it. Maybe it seems futile, but at least I am showing some consideration for world unity
  10. Wow, that PC surely looks the part, must contain more metal than a tank It sure does look fantastic, what will be the final spec?
  11. I'm dissapointed Whilst I use XP on my PC and notebook, 2000 is my server OS, and to think that it will get no more product technology updates (e.g. Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer) and now no security updates, thats not on. Windows NT 4 got to Service Pack 6! (and we all know what a wreck that was!) So for SP5 to be written off, is it really not going to be released when the OS is so widely used? What can i say, if this is the case, I am shocked, I dont particuarly care about XP-style features, I can install 3rd party apps for security etc but how can they not simply release a cumulative annual update the same as SP4 last June?
  12. Sorry I dont have doom 3, so this may be completely urelated. From personal experience with the Far Cry demo and a Radeon 9600 card, check that you disable "VPU Recover" in the advanced display properties/ATI control panel, even if this isnt the cause of this specific error, it can lead to a range of probs with games altering video settings and the ATI drivers reverting them again to mess everything up. Sorry to be of no more help
  13. If I upgrade, it will be too SATA, not because it offers any that much extra performance, but because my mobo has SATA connectors so I can use those wee 9mm cables that are tidier and increase airflow. When I spashed out on a decent PSU, i now have native SATA drive power connectors, so i wouldnt need any converters or whatever. Basically SATA looks to be the emerging standard of the future, so if I later upgraded my system board etc, my hard disk would be future proofed and could be reused, though i expect IDE will be around for years to come from now! And since SATA works the same when it comes to software compatibility, there arent really any great disadvantages to switching eventually.
  14. These are quite clever xper I'd like to see them used in the real world for a quick laugh or two. Where did you find them? I know there are some great sites around.
  15. Outlook 2003 for me too. I find it does everything, is efficient and looks the part too which is important when using e-mail alot Havent downloaded Office 2003 SP1 yet, simply to bigger dl to bother with on dial-up when I have most of the updates installed already. Before Office 2003 was around, Outlook Express was my app, on the grounds that the previous versions of Outlook were just ugly and looked old fashioned.
  16. Fair differences between the two, to put it simply, 2003 server is based on the same technology as 2000, but with feature and performance enhancements. 2003 is easier to configure for its most popular roles, with more straight forward wizards etc. You are also blessed with XP style icons, and I believe for a real modern touch, the XP Luna interface can be enabled. Both OS provide popular Windows networking technologies such as: Active Directory, Internet Information Services, Windows Media Services, Domain Names System, DCHP server, File & printer sharing, remote access & routing etc etc, although 2003 has more features or options. Both come in a range of versions (there maybe more?). Windows 2000 Server Windows 2000 Advanced Server Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Windows Server 2003 Standard Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Windows Small Business Server 2003 Both OS then support additional software for extended functionality such as MS Exchange Server or MS Host Integration Server. It can be very complicated one thing is for sure though, dont touch Windows NT Server with a barge pole, its so antiquated now.
  17. Its all about WMP 10 and support for Windows 2000. This will be interesting.
  18. My personal choice would be to go with the DVI model. Many manufacturers are now shipping dual DVI euiped graphics cards, scrapping the analogue connector. Whilst DVI to VGA adapters are around, they will loose you the advantages of DVI. The DVI interface must be accepted as progress, and analogue should be phased out. DVI is hardly new either, having been phased in for more than 2 years. Atm many card makers are offering the choice of dual DVI or DVI and D-SUB. My card has both, but only because I was to quick when ordering, I accidently overlooked the card offering my dual DVI preference. Also a dual input screen can be connected to two different PCs simultaneously, having one type of connector plugged into each PC, and switching between the two. I find this handy when my old test rig monitors offer too lower resolutions. And yes, I can for see D-sub dissapearing within two years. Most of the geforce 6 cards advertised offer the Dual DVI. if you do get an analogue connector one, you can always purchase a d-sub to dvi converter, though this can influence quality and response times. Go for the DVI I say, I use it myself after replacing my CRT monitor with a TFT, and prefer it as the modern standard. Maybe it is $70 more, but if you keep it for years to come, it will be much more handy and future proofed than having an analogue one.
  19. Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy MSFN as much as the thousands of other participants
  20. Mine stays below 50oC with a quiet rear system fan and dual fan PSU assisting cooling. I use the Asus Probe to keep temperatures in check. Normally 45oC idol, 49 - 50oC loaded. When I had an Athon Thunderbird (800Mhz) it once got over 80oC when I forgot to remove the plastic backing from the heat sink grease pad Once that was sorted, it was fine!
  21. Back in 2000, when I was a real dumb novice in PC hardware, someone made me a PC, and when I had to reinstall Windows, I had no concept of thrid party drivers. The result was I attempted to install a PCI modem in the PC when it was on, assuming it didnt work because it wasnt being detected properly, and that it would magically work if i plugged it in with Windows running. It was actually a driver problem, I got away with plugging it in and removing it a few times, but i didnt find that out til replacing the hard disk which was destroyed when i shorted the computer. Well those were all my fault, totally not of my doing was running Windows on a Pentium II PC and the processor caught fire! The horrid smell of the sindged CPU socket and melting motherboard and smoke stays with my today.
  22. Welcome aboard I found MSFN a great community on joining, sure you will too!
  23. I think Zip Drives are handy. I got one internal one, and an external USB powered one. I also have a USB Flash drive. The USB flash is so handy for carrying around the big wide world, but as of yet it hasent replaced my zip drives. Unlike with a USB drive, when the disk is full, just eject it and insert the next, rather than having to take the USB drive backto the other machine, emptying it and returning again. The external USB powered zip is quite portable anyway, much lighter than the parallel equivilants. USB Zip drive is hot swapable the same as a USB Flash drive, so both are quick and simple to me (other than on that shi*e called Windows 98). I mentioned, Zip is handy for having removable disks, which is one of the reasons I still use it. As much as I like the idea of it, niether Zip or Flash has yet replaced my floppy disk drive, needing to make boot disks all the time for those tacky Pentium II computers which can only run Windows 98 (groan) and crash in style (reguarly).
  24. ["ShadowFire" PC] AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton Core 1.833Ghz ASUS A7N8X Deluxe version 1 512 MB DDR400 (2x 256MB @ Dual Channel) Seagate Barracuda 120 GB 7200rpm IDE (Free: 85 GB) XFX NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra 128MB LG Flatron L1710B (DVI) LiteOn 52x32x52x CD-RW drive LiteOn 48x16x DVD-ROM Floppy drive Creative Audigy 2 ZS Aopen H600A Supertower Antec 430w TruePower PSU Best Data PCI Fax/Data modem Logitech Optical Mouse MS Internet keyboard [sERVER] Athlon XP 2000+ ASUS A7N8X-VM 400 256MB DDR400 (2x 128MB @ Dual Channel) Creative ATI Radeon 9600 256MB LG 52x CD-ROM Western Digital 40GB 7200rpm IDE Aopen H450A MiniTower 300w Jeantech PSU Internal Zip 100 Floppy drive Haicom 56K PCI Speakphone modem Tatung SVGA 800x600 monitor Logitech Optical Mouse MS Natural Keyboard Canon CanoScan 3000F [sERVER 2] Intel Pentium II 350Mhz Intel 440BX ATX motherboard 128MB PC100 SDRAM 10Gb Seagate 5400rpm IDE LG/GoldStar 8x4x24x CD-RW Netgear FA311 PCI Floppy drive ATX Case FSP 145w silent PSU Samsung L1710 Laser printer Epson Stylus Photo 810 Injet No monitor/kb/mouse
  25. I thought about placing it there, but it isnt really unattended Windows, just a small adaption of it I'm not great at placing topics overall!

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