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  1. I know this is old, but didn't see this option posted here...You can add UIkey.ini file to install DIR with entries: UserName='Registered User Name' Registration='****-****-****-****'
  2. WinXP Pro Corporate Question

    Try 888-571-2048 (toll free, US) or 716-871-2929 (US toll number).
  3. How to install Outlook without OE

    This turned out to be a lot simpler than expected The registry entry shown under Method 2 -> Step 1 @ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320863 appears to be the reference for Outlook looking for OE. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{44BBA848-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C}] "IsInstalled"=dword:00000001 "DontAsk"=dword:00000002 "ComponentID"="MailNews" @="DirectShow" "Locale"="EN" "Version"="10,0,0,3802" B)
  4. Sunday Poll

    This has nothing to do directly with HFSLIP, but we have gone to Windows (XP) Fundamentals foe Legacy PC's - without IE & without OE. We run older systems here that were previously best served by Windows 2000. Because of the interface limitations of MP3 players we have bought in recent years, we have needed to move to an XP environment and Windows Media Player versions 10 & 11.
  5. Components of Nero Lite/Micro

    IMHO, For Nero Lite version:Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support) MauSau Audio Plugins Nero CoverDesigner Nero Toolkit: Nero InfoTool Nero Toolkit: Nero DriveSpeed Nero Toolkit: Nero CD DVD Speed Nero Toolkit: Nero BurnRights Nero Toolkit: Nero ImageDrive ...seems well without other components. Having the accompanying cover design software of a burning package is a handy way to quickly perform that process - which is a common part of creating a disc. The audio plugins & tools are relatively small items that can be used to directly enhance the burning process for a user. I'm thinking many people are using any of a number of other available software for digital audio (e.g. wave) editing and video compression/ripping. Thank you Major for all your attention to these releases
  6. How to install Outlook without OE

    Great suggestion, jaclaz. In fact we do have at least one other system here running Outlook XP under the normal condition of having OE installed with Windows. Sounds like the perfect place to start.
  7. How to install Outlook without OE

    Very useful references, thaNX. Being pretty lazy, though, and in line with our original intent - would there be an effective way to analyze the error messages from Outlook when it finds components of OE missing and approach the problem from that end? I know it might be more complicated to acquire the missing files/settings that are not installed than to install OE & then remove all but the files/settings Outlook wants. That is more the approach we'd prefer to take on this, if possible. Anyways, I will look into the INF & OE removal information in the meantime... B)
  8. We know the normal, full functionality of Outlook won't be available w/out OE, but we are looking to install Outlook XP (2002) strictly for purposes of viewing/editing the contacts & calendar data. This is for a WinFLP installation that allowed the OS to be setup without IE, OE & WMP. Installing the Office suite, including Outlook, succeeds (noting errors registering MsRclr40.dll & VEN2232.olb). Outlook will not run, though, complaining that OE is not installed. Again, we are only looking to use Outlook to work with PST files (which OE does not support) and NOT trying to access eMail, newsgroups, etc... ThaNX
  9. Remove Outlook Express

    ...and I started this inquiry looking for an existing "Outlook Express" thread and also didn't pay attention to the specific forum - so, I'll find a more appropriate place to post the question.Sorry for sidetracking readers...
  10. Remove Outlook Express

    ThaNX...Wow, I am not communicating well I gather "using HFSLIP and HFCLEANUP" we wold need to install OE, then install Outlook, the UNinstall OE (using HFSLIP and HFCLEANUP)... We are trying to find a way to ...as OE is NOT currently installed & we wish to avoid it completely. Hopefully we are edging toward a solution here... B)
  11. Remove Outlook Express

    Really? ...to read PST files that OE doesn't even support? K, thaNX for the opinion.Guess the question wasn't properly worded, sorry. How to make Outlook XP run without OE installed & without installing OE. ThaNX
  12. Remove Outlook Express

    We installed WinFLP here without OE, but would like to use Outlook XP (Outlook 2002) just to read PST files (calendar, contacts, etc...). Outlook installed with a couple errors, but wouldn't run complaining that OE was not installed. I know we could just export the data to Excel or something & then set up a viewing scenario with the database, but prefer to do it with Outlook if possible. Uninstalled Outlook for now, but... Any work around...a way to trick Outlook into thinking OE is installed so it will at least run for some functions? ThaNX
  13. Windows 2000 SP5

    Yeah. I was just referring to the option to update 2KSP5 - haven't seen anything about an SP5 release - beta or otherwise - anywhere. I know that some hotfixes for XP just prior to SP2 created system references to it being xpsp2 - specifically @ reg HLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\"BuildLab". Maybe the same will be true of some updates for 2KSP4 & this is one way of avoiding conflicts. Or maybe they're justing getting WUP ready ahead of time... Also on the list is Windows 2000 Pro SP5, of course.
  14. Windows 2000 SP5

    O.K, I've had made a couple ignorant posts lately, but what gives...
  15. SP2 build .2179 <- RTM?

    Nothing in the EULA about 180 days or beta... ...it's not.