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  1. Hey all, I a am created a compilation of the latest NVIDIA drivers for my household PCs. I adapted the batch file from my XP Unattended CD to run various component installations one after the other. This works fine, but i was wondering if anyone knew a way of turning this into a something more like a RunOnceEx window which can be achieved on an XP CD? Anything I make has to autorun. note: I do not want these installers to run silently before anyone suggests it on viewing my batch Here is what I am using. autorun.inf [autorun] open=install.cmd icon=nSphere.ico install.cmd (batch file) CLS @echo off TITLE NVIDIA Drivers Installation CD (Build 1.01 for Windows 2000/XP) ECHO. ECHO Installing NVIDIA TNT/GeForce Graphics Card Drivers (version 61.76) start /wait setup.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing NVIDIA nForce Motherboard Drivers (version start /wait nForce\setup.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing NVIDIA System Utility (version 1.08.5) start /wait NVSU\setup.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing NVIDIA 3D Stereo Drivers (version 61.76) start /wait 61.76_3dstereo.exe ECHO. ECHO Installing Microsoft DirectX 9.0b start /wait dx9b\dxsetup.exe ECHO. ECHO Process complete, please restart your computer. ECHO. pause EXIT This current file works no probs, just like any ideas on changing this process to a nice window like I mentioned. Any ideas?
  2. Yay, FreshDownload is working so far I'll leave it going the rest of the nite, see how it fairs, cheers for the link Time for me to get some sleep!
  3. Cheers, the link works, now DAP is throwing up the error "you are only allowed two concurrent connections" as DAP has the habit of running 4 at once. Cant seem to change this, looking to see if FreshDownload or CNET Download Manager will work
  4. Its a bril game! Had it a few days now, downloaded the 1.1 patch to make sure it ran smoothly. Its the most demanding game I've played, I cant run it on the very top settings, and i am keep AA settings low as well as the PC groans to cope after hours of play. Playing it on high settings really does show off the lovely graphics, best yet I think. Also the AI is real clever for once, making it unhealthily addictive as you relentlessly persue the enemy. Out of all my games its definitely the hardest! Keep getting stuck for a while after being killed over and over, even on easy mode. The checkpoint idea is fine, but not having the option to save when you want is really wasting my time right now! Cant wait to try Multiplayer on broadband, bad news is it isnt installed til end of November . The Crytek engine will sure be popular after this performance, a great game overall , well worth £25!
  5. I just got my new GeForce FX 5700 Ultra graphics card. I have had 3D Mark 2001SE for around a year now, but want to download the latest version so i can compare DirectX 9 performance on my cards. The prob is, I am using a dial-up modem, running at 56k, and so the 178mb is a challenge. Using DAP, i was planning to do dl sessions. Unfortunately, all the download or mirror sites use coded download links. This means that IE can get a download going but gets cut off after a few hours. When i use DAP, it either cant open the link, or demands a username and password. When this occurs, my site membership passwords are rejected! Anyone know a straight URL to download from? Anyone kind enough to burn me a CD for money? I am after the free download version of 3D Mark 2003 Build 340, which as i said, is 178MB. Cheers
  6. I use NIS 2004. I got it OEM for £19, so the retail price as you can see is a bit extortionate. It has given me a few probs, it blocks everything at first, it auto-configures program acess to the internet, but the user has to change settings to get LAN to work properly. Also, when I play games such as American Conquest, I sometimes get a nasty warning telling me that either NIS or the integrated Norton AntiVirus has been tampered and needs to be re-installed. This is often solved by a restart, but is iritating and could be a problem if you are playing online. There are a number of large program updates though, some of which might be bug fixes etc. I haven't had any recent problems and the included LiveUpdate software can automatically downlaod and install updates. Otherwise, a great program, includes 1 year free AV update subscription with Symantec. Overall, very good, and if you buy the OEM version, not to expensive. (Norton Internet Security 2004, Win XP Pro with all available updates)
  7. Hi all, broadband should materialise in my area within the next year, and I propose to instate my own server with web facilities etc. First, an overview of the services I will want to use: IIS (HTTP and FTP, will also want to install MySQL and PHP) Windows Media Services Remote Access Remote Storage (if this can be done over the net) Second, Operating Systems. I have a full copy of 2000 Advanced Server, but would rather use 2003 Server. I currently use a trial copy to get used to the basics. Anyway of getting a dirt cheap license for Standard edition or am i better off using 2000? The main issue is i need links to getting it all working! I haven't a clue about getting PHP or MySQL to work properly, I have no idea about configuring my domain name to my future IP address using DNS or whatever else. I can use most of the features I want to use however. Finally, this is the spec I will use, I hope it will be good enough. I would expect so, as I am currently running my trial on a Pentium 2 350Mhz. Duron 1.8Ghz, 256MB DDR, Int. GF4 MX 32MB, 10GB HDD (may later be upgraded), 2000 AS or 2003 Standard. Any links or direct advice is warmly welcomed.
  8. I also use WinINSTALL for my own MSI files, but have not yet attempted modifying them as you have described. Thanks for the examples, I will have to give it a go .
  9. @ killerbee On a previous attempt i had removed the lines but left no spaces. This caused errors reading winntbbu in ResHack itself. I did as you said, single spaces in place of the text - and sure enough, it works fine. Good to have a pro on the site
  10. I need some help I have made myself a bitmap replacement which I replaced with ResHack. This works fine. The probelm is when I try editing the String values to remove all the text telling me how good XP is supposed to be. The first time I did it, The "Installing Windows" caption disappeared because I had removed the corespnding value by accident. I tried again with a fresh copy of the file, for some reason all the list entries above it dissapeared? Can someone plz tell me exactly waht strings should be removed successfully to keep the list yet remove the pointless rabble?
  11. Is that Res Hack as in Resource Hacker available from http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/ or is this something else? :/
  12. I always think of avatars and signatures of bein a way of expressing some induviduality on the forum, so thats where all my stuff came from - "from the heart" almost!
  13. I don't think this thread is totally redundant just yet. The idea was to give some basic info on the OS. If you want to use 2003 Server or try it out , do what I did and get onto your national MS website and order some trial copies. I got the Standard and Enterprise editions trials - so thats 1 years worth of free Windows Server for me! When my time has run out, order the next trial or back to the aging Windows 2000 Advanced Server. UK ppl click here for a trial copy
  14. This is a simple way of silently installing FreshUI. Good for batch install on unattended XP CD. (File Type: Inno Setup) Switch: /silent Full command: frui.exe /silent

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