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  1. The Best anti-virus

    I switched over to F-Prot. Lowest resources, fastest scanning, and good database.
  2. Registry Tweaks

    No. It's commented because it's a comment. You can just delete it, though I don't think anything will happen if you uncomment it.
  3. Force Delete of Install Folder

    Pff, just delete it when you're done installing
  4. EDIT: Argh. I confused GuiUnattended with GuiRunOnce. Heh heh Got my cd working great though, thanks msfn!
  5. Thanks for the new key Astalavista! Works great! OK, bad joke.
  6. Is it pointless to run SFX silent installers from the cd? They still have to extract to the hard drive right?
  7. Help with '/dir='?

    Is it possible to specify the directory for any silent install using '/dir=', or is that switch installer specific?
  8. Truly unattended install

    Usually its "FileSystem=NTFS". You just forgot to specify what file system you want to format as.
  9. Runonceex.cmd questions

    1. Yes (I guess you could split them half and half if you felt the need. . .) 2. I don't understand what you are asking. Both start.cmd and runonceex.cmd will copy to the hard drive and run the install from there unless you specify them to run from the cd. 3. You are right about this. The reason there are increments of 5 is so more software can be added later without having to renumber all the following installs.
  10. Java Runtime Environment

    Edit: EEk! I R ST1L L3RNING B0\/\/t switchz!
  11. Heidi Eraser

    Thanks Totoymola. I r lurning Asta, this is all information overload for me at the moment !
  12. Heidi Eraser

    Anyone know the switch for the the freeware app Eraser? Eraser