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  1. Ok, wrong .ini file !!!!!!!! Attached the last .ini, applied to Vista Premium SP2, Windows cannot connect automatically to wireless protected router Last_Session.ini
  2. did you remove the network diagnostic package with dism? also did you keep wlan support? - Network diagnostic removed with vLite. - I keep wlan support. - Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) was not removed. - Quality of Service (QoS) was not removed. - EAP was not removed. - NAP was not removed. - Network Explorer was not removed. Any ideas ?
  3. dead0, i dont remove EAP+protected storage and the problem persist!!! Any ideas? Ps, when I open the windows with wlans detected, the protected wlans dont show the lock!!!
  4. more than likely its EAP Thanks Dead0, I will try right now.....
  5. Hi, I have a problem with WLAN: Network and Sharing Center can not connect automatically to a Router protected with password (don't show the window asking for the protocol and password, only give a error), I must connect manually especifying the parameters. If the router is not protected, Windows connect correctly. I attached my preset, i think that problem is related to EAP or Protected Storage ? Win7.ini
  6. Dead0, I always remove Media Player and Media Codecs because I use KMPlayer. Removing WMP+Codecs gain about 100 MB
  7. Well, i have dual core processor e5200 that support 64-bit, but I don't change to 64 bit OS yet.
  8. I have 2 GB of memory, and always used a 32-bit SO. Actually I have Seven 7229 x86. With only 2 GB, do you recommend me install Windows Seven x64?
  9. I don't think that both are equal. Server OS are optimized distinct that Desktop OS
  10. Dead0, files from DriverStore folder are link to files within WinSxS, why you delete from DriverStore?
  11. Is a tedious work because one package/feature can have many folders into WinSxS. And if you delete by mistake one folder tied to a package not removed, then Seven Setup can fail. I don't delete folders within WinSxS, I nullify their contents. But Dead0 delete the entire folder.
  12. If install Ultimate: all folders that contains "starter", "premium", "profesional", "homebasic" , "enterprise" If you removed: - Media Center: all folder that contains "ehome" - PowerShell: all folder that contains "powershell" - Printer drivers: all folders that contains "prn" - Fax: all folders that contains "faxc" - Sound Schemes: all folders that contains "soundthemes" - Scanner driver: all folders that contains "wia" - Themes: all folders that contains "wallpaper" - ... ... ... ... Man, it's a tedious work !!!!!!
  13. Well, I thought that deleting the folders break Seven Setup! With this in mind, I'll add a new feature to Nullify: search folders with wildcards and add their names to a batch file. Then I can match yours [DISM batch file+vLite ini file] with a batch file that delete folders tied to removed packages Example (running Nullify in a cmd prompt from WinSxS): Nullify /s ehome games prn starter profesional premium wallpaper Will collect all folders names that contain these phrases in their name and add it to a batch file with "RD /S /Q" in front of each line Then, other users can reduce their install size very easy without remove folders manually into WinSxS What do you think ?
  14. Well, how do you manually remove it? Delete the entire folder or nullify the folder content? vLite remove drivers from WinSxS?
  15. Dead0, your last batch file remove only 49 packages!!! Did you tried removing Printer Drivers with vLite? It's a heavy package (about 500 MB) and DISM doesn't remove these drivers from WinSxS, you must remove it manually. Nullify can help, but are many printer driver folders !!!!!

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