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  1. One more thing I forgot to mention. The windows updates which I integrate with nlite are from a programe called "windows updates downloader". Could one of the updates contain the spyware/adware? Anyone else uses that programe to get the updates for win xp 32bit?
  2. Thanks alot for the replies. Glad its not nlite. I download my copy from softpedia. No i did not install anything else. Win xp + IE7 + WMP 11. I reformated the drive and the popups keep coming back after a new install of windows. Really wierd. I belived formating removed everyhting on a comp. I'm gonna wipe the harddisk clean with kill disk this weekend then format it and install windows and see if the popups are there. These adware/spyware progs are getting more stubborn by the day.
  3. I have used nlite for a long time. And I love it. But recently I keep getting popup windows showing random ads. This happens after i used nlite to process my winxp. I initialy thought It was some stubbon spyware/adware and reformated the disk and installed windows prepared with nlite and no other software added. Going to sites like even yahoo gives me these ad popups every 10 mins. When i install windows directly from the window CD, i don't get these popups. Nlite adds these popups? I really hope thats not the case . Anyone else faced this problem with the recent version of nilte?
  4. I have tried Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image for cloning. They work great to distribute the OS, Apps and settings on the clients easily. But the flaw is having to set the computer name on each client one by one after that as the clone image renames all the clients with the same computer name. Some software don't work when cloned for some reasons. I have to install them on each client after they have been cloned and the computer name set correctly. There are often requests to change some settings or install a new software after cloning I'm the only one taking care of all the computers and takes me almost a week to finish even a simple job if I go client by client. (The hardware is old and very slow and adds to the time taken) Never heard of sysprep or used it before. It clones the clients and renames the individual machines automatically? That will be great!!! 1) But does it rename the computers with its own naming convection or I can set how they should be named? I have a naming convention that I need to follow according to company policy. Maybe by naming a client by checking what its MAC address is against a list which states what name to give the particular computer or something. 2) Yes, I have full admin rights to the master and clients. 3) Yes, I have Active directory as this is a school and each student and teacher has an individual account. 4) Yes, there is a SMS (MS 2003 server) which I have rights only to reset passwords for students and teachers and to change the backup tape.Other then that its out of my job scope. 5) I don't know to write any scripts yet as I'm still new to this job. So a program with a GUI will be better for the moment. Sorry for asking alot of questions. Thanks for the replies
  5. Is there any software which can mimic actions done in a Master computer(User controlled) to 40 or more client computers(No users) which are networked to gather? For example, I want to install a software or change some settings to 40 computers in a network. Instead of repeating the actions on each of the 40 computers, I want all 40 client computers to mimic what I do on the master computer. If I move the mouse on the master, the clients should also mimic those movements. So I will be able to install software from a shared drive or change settings ect.... on all the 40 client computers at one time. I know about VNC but its one master to one client. I also found remote bootup and shutdown software for network computers but can't be used to control all 40 clients to mimic the master. The only one which I found was called "Netbreaker" but its buggy and gives alot of error msgs on the clients and not so reliable. I have tried creating an image of one computer with all the changes and cloning the rest but I faced a problems like all computer names being the same and so on....which gave me a bigger headach then where I started from. 1) Is there a software out there which can do what I want to do? (Will be great if it is a freeware as I have 120+ computers altogather. 40~42 in each room) 2) Please do advice if you know of a better/alternative way to achieve the same results. Thanks in advance.
  6. Me too i get "the underlying connection was closed:An unexpected error occurred". I can't solve it. I tried disable firewall.My internet connection is fine. Does anyone know how to solve it.
  7. Me too i get "the underlying connection was closed:An unexpected error occurred". I can't solve it. I tried disable firewall.My internet connection is fine. Does anyone know how to solve it.
  8. I want to "capture" application setups and personalized modifications there after into a setup package. I hope you guys understand what i'm talking about. I'm fedup of installing all the software all over again and personalizing them one by one after each time I format my comp. I want to create such personalized packages and integrate with Nlite so I don't have to go through so many boring steps. My question is, what is the best software to do it? I have tried installshield, wise admin studio and lately symentac AI snapshot. The 1st two were confusing to use as i'm very new to this and didn't know how to set them up to do what I want, often getting unwanted results. AI snapshot seemed to work but they are using some propriety ways of achieving the results and not the typical exe format. Most of the time the personalized package was twice the size of the original setup package. I only personalized the programs to the way I like them and not add any external files or such which can justify the size increase. Does anyone have experience in this and be able to recommend a good software so i don't waste money on the wrong one. Are my choices fixed to installshield, wise admin studio and AI snapshot or are there better software for this type of job out there? Thanks for your time.
  9. Just to share, I have had no problems with nlite until recently. And after troubleshooting I found out that its the SATA/RAID drivers. Without integrating them everything else works as a charm. I have done it so many times before and no problems. Is it a bug with the latest nlite version? (nLite 1.3 Final) Or is the latest nForce2 system drivers by Nvidia? Anyone else have this problem?
  10. I have a exe file which applies registry entries and I want to be able to convert it to a .reg file so that I can use it with nlte after unattended windows xp install. Is there a software that will capture the registry changes made by the exe file and export the changes to a .reg file? I found a few such programes and only one did what I wanted but with errors when i try to apply the .reg Any help? Thanks
  11. Thats what nlite is for. Have the unwanted stuff excluded that will surely make your OS more lite on resources. You can delete all drivers as long as you know what hardware you have and have drivers for them. You can integrate your own drivers with nlite so that only drivers you need for your system are installed. If I have not understood your question wrongly about having drivers ect on seperate disks, then you should know that there is no diff having it in the OS cd or on a seperate cd. As windows will only install the needed drivers anyway. By removing drivers, you can still install drivers later on if decide to add a new hardware say a modem for example. If you remove the modem hardware support then you can't install any modems at all from that point even if you have the drivers. So its best to know what you have in your system and take precation when removing hardware support.
  12. Did you install drivers provided by your hardware maker after installing the "nilted os" or atleast integrate it in nilte? If you remove all drivers it should still work as long has, you have not removed the hardware support and install the correct drivers for your hardware. The only other thing I can think of is you might have disabled the hardware plug and play service under services in nilte.
  13. I solved the 1st problem. The missing device is the floppy controller. Since I don't have a floppy drive i deleted it but my mainboard needs the driver for the controller to be shown correctly in device manager. Is there a way to run a "patch.exe" file (under unattended install) which is basicaly a consolidated registry patch, by using nlite's runonce function? The above stated method does not work for exe files. I can't seem to find much totorials on nlite's runonce function. Is there a good site which has examples you guys can recomend? Thanks in advance.
  14. So lets say I put the "registrypatch.reg" file inside a folder called "patch" at the same level as I386,DOCS ect... the line I should add to runonce is "regedit /s patch\registrypatch.reg or regedit /s d:\patch\registrypatch.reg? My system spec: MSI K7N2 DELTA2-LSR Mainboard AMD Sempron 2800+ Kingston 2X256MB and Hyundai 1X256MB DDR Rams = 768MB Total Inno3D GForce4 MX 440 SE Asus Hybrid TV Card (I belive this is not the problem as I have taken it out and the unknown device still appears) I have also attached my LAST SESSION.INI Thanks alot for the reply speeddymon LAST_SESSION.INI
  15. Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to this nlite thingy and I really love it. Thanks alot to nuhi for this. My system runs much faster and smoother. But I have two problems which I hope someone can help me solve. 1. I want nlite to run a reg file automatically at the last stage of windows unattended installation. After reading around I belive it can be done with runonce function. But I don't know how to set it. How do I tell "runonce" where is the reg file located and to run it once windows has been installed without any yes/no to continue popups? 2. I have a unknown device sitting in device manager. I removed all drivers in windows and integrated all drivers my motherboard needs and other cards I have in my computer. Is there a way to find out what is the unknown device? (I have removed some of the hardware support which i don't need/exist in my computer like floppydrive, via ide, intel ide, battery and so on) Is there something I should not delete as windows will use it as a generic support for other things? Thanks alot in advance. And once more thanks alot to nuhi for having made such an excellent software and giving it away FREE!!!

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