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  1. For some reason ever time i download MSDBuiold.exe it is corrupt and it does not work, i can not get the cmd files or inf files extracted is there anyway to jsut donwlaod them manually?
  2. My own personal test suggest windows 7 is better than xp, when comparing i used the exact same machine and compare witht he same progmra everytihng suggests windows 7 to be about 10% faster than xp. i wont go down to say what the gap between xp/7 and vista is its more than 60%
  3. the MSDBUILD download file is corrupt, i have tried to download it 5 times on 3 different computers, ever time it downloads it only 2kb and 7zip says the archive is corrupt any way to get this other than the downloader
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know how i can merge the two 2003 server installs disc i have into single dvd so when it installs it does not keep asking me for disc 1 or disc 2
  5. To be hones ti very doubt many people will sit and read all that there far to much there, the error could be anywhere. I only read the first 1st of a page and gave up. BTW it should be winnt.sif
  6. The reason you are haivng problems is you are using the integrate method as well as svcpack, if you do it fully svcpack it fine but when you use integrate problem arise i have got both working just took a lot of tweaking
  7. cool thanks for that, if you have a link to hus poost i will be grateful otherwise i will search
  8. that is what i am thinking just wondering if it can be done oh well
  9. OH right that is cool, means i can use any motherboard that has xp drivers that suits what i need. thanks for that
  10. does anyone know if you can use nlite to extract the contents and then slipstream etc and make unattended without any hassle on 32bit machine, i tried the manual way and i got telling me it could not copy a certain file so not sure if it possible or not.
  11. Ok i know this is probably dum but i thought i best to check. I was told by a technical support person today that i can use xp drivers on 2003 if there is no 2003 driver in both 32bit and 64 bit. the 64bit might be more possible since xp64bit is basically 2003 64bit. I just want to know if this is true? cause i am plan on getting a motherboard and hope to install 2003 server on it. i am more curious of 64 bit as i prefer to go do this line
  12. Doesw anyone know any motherboards that wilkl work with 2003 server? just seems msi ones dnt not sure if the motherboard is comable with 2000 will mean it will work on 2003 though
  13. you could try making a cmd file that automatically does it for you not 100% sure off the top of my head how oyu do it but you need some sort of check to mske sure it does the right one it could also set teh drive letters etc for oyu to if they wher ebeing probmatic
  14. Following on from greenmahine original post, hre are teh june updates switchs kb951376-v2.exe /q /n /z /o /b:sp3gdr kb950760.exe /q /n /z /o /b:sp3gdr kb898461.exe /q /n /z /o kb915865.exe /q /n /z /o /b:sp2gdr KB923789.EXE /Q kb950759.exe /q /n /z /o /b:sp2gdr [ProductCatalogsToInstall] KB951376-V2.CAT size 497,162 kb950760.exe 488,176 kb898461.exe 536,888 kb915865.exe 555,072 KB923789.EXE 8,914,472 kb950759.exe 605,224 kb951376-v2.exe all can be found on microsoft update catalog

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