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  1. I think old versions are hated because security exploits. Because security exploits will stole your money, encyrpt all information, damage your computer, burn your house, give your all information and secrets to darkweb, will destroy you slowly, and your family (!). Security exploits are overrated, they can damage your computer but, if you don't download viruses and scan all unknown files, any virus will infect you. You can infect a computer with a lot security precautions if you don't care about security. Anybody can write a "virus" that blocks your input and logs you off so you can lose all your unsaved work. Antiviruses will not detect it because it will use very "innocent" functions. So if you are careful, you can use old versions. And if you aren't careful, you can get viruses with a lot of security.
  2. Good. I started using Windows 7 in 2014, still using same computer. I didn't use any version other than 7 before 2021. I used XP too but i couldn't use it so much. After my motherboard got burned, i started using Windows 8.1. I still use Windows 7 but, i am busy so i couldn't use it a lot.
  3. Waterfox G4 still supports 7. SSE4.2 still required for Waterfox but, Waterfox's purpose is cutting legacy support for more fast experience.
  4. Hi, i was exploring in Windows 8's depths, and i found something: A hidden Aero theme in Windows 8.1. To trigger this theme, you need open Windows 7's installer, then open this help page. Can we bring back this theme to Windows 8.1 with some tweaks? Edit: It was wrong, this was a custom window.
  5. I know about BWC's updates and kernel but XP programs can't stand forever. There are security holes in Windows 2000. In fact, all operating systems have security holes. Programs will refuse to start because, we are in 2021, not 2000. Technology doesn't stop, it moves constantly. So, Windows 2000 in 2021 is a bad idea if you are a very casual user but, you can use even Windows 1.01 if you have some knowledge about how Windows works and you could operate nicely with that version of Windows.
  6. 5/10, stabile, has a good interface, classic and nostalgic but really outdated even with extended kernel, security exploits closed by system's olderness and "The function is not located at (insert a system file)".
  7. I tried the empty SFCFILES.DLL method and it worked. Thanks you for all the support.
  8. I tried using INUSE.exe but it said "WFP enforced". I can change the files only by using a live system which is unpractical.
  9. I need changing Internet Explorer files in Win 2K. Unfortunately, Microsoft thought Internet Explorer should be a system component and put files on System32. So these files are "protected".
  10. Hi, i have a question. I am trying to replace system files, because i am working on a project which i will describe later. Do you have experience or knowlegde about it?

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