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  1. Love the sarcasm, always useful. Thanks, I'll give COA2 a try.
  2. Yes, sorry I neglected to say that I replace all occurrences of C:\ with F:\ as well. I stopped using C:\Program Files long ago. The only directory on C drive is C:\Windows, all other programs reside on D. That way I never have to change any links in a fresh Win98 clone, except the few that reference C. I haven't tried COA2 yet. Do you mean use it to automate the substitution of "F:/" for "C:/"? The way I do it is easy -- clear their attributes, then open *.DAT, *.INI, *.LNK in Notepad++, hit replace, save all, and done. Takes a couple of minutes.
  3. jaclaz and rloew thank you both for advice and offers of help. I did not expect to have options to think about. In the Win98 clone I have replaced in SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT (and all relevant .INI and .LNK files) all occurrences of "C:\Windows" with "F:\Windows". So when I am running the Win98 clone it only does business on F drive. Of course I would stop doing that if I set up the HDD with one of the methods you guys suggested, and simply make another self-referencing Win98 clone elsewhere on the disk.
  4. I installed a new slave HDD and set it up as an extended partition (no primary) with 3 logical drives, in order to keep the existing drive letter sequence: Master HDD: C (primary partition with Win98) D E Slave HDD: F (identical clone of C including root sys files) G H Currently I am using the C clone residing on F simply to occasionally run the Win98 clone using a boot floppy with sys files pointing to F:\Windows. It works fine and I am satisfied to have a backup OS. My question is, if the master HDD suddenly fails, is there a way to directly boot the backup HDD? Since the cloned sys files an
  5. Thank you both for the elucidation and links. Leyko's remarks about typical RAM size circa 1998 must apply in this case. The program dates to 1998, and wasn't written with 1 GiB of physical memory to play with. So (if I understand correctly) it lacks some crucial safeguard and will expand a virtual folder much bigger than is possible with 32 MiB or even 256 MiB physical memory to work with, and eventually impinging on the system arena. It does work without a hitch if I stay below the threshold, with no apparent impact on Windows performance. I often use a virtual folder for mixing audio trac
  6. This may be an obscure issue particular to vRamDir but I'm thinking it may also have to do with running 1 GiB RAM, and my SYSTEM.INI settings. vRamDir is a dynamic 32-bit virtual RAM file system driver (VXD) for Windows 9x, it allows to map any existing folder(s) into RAM, which are thereafter readable/writeable exactly as a disk folder, but contents go into RAM instead. It functions in practice like a ramdisk, except that no fixed amount of physical memory is reserved ahead of time for the mapped folders, which instead shrink and grow in RAM depending on contents size. I have been using it fo
  7. Thanks for that tip. I searched and found latest driver for the SiS chipset and it indeed has UDMA. Now installed. Device Manager doesn't say anything about it, but the registry key reports BM and UDMA enabled and in use. That would be very useful for porting chunks of audio to a faster machine for processing, adding reverb and similar number-crunching tasks. The Win95a machine has a 100mbps full-duplex NIC. Can you recommend best method for fastest file transfer between this and a networked Win98se machine? I don't necessarily need visible file sharing, just the quickest way to send files to
  8. Interesting that this thread has come to life again, because just yesterday I began transferring to digital all of my old 4 track tapes, on this same machine. I have followed all suggestions offered, except ended up putting CoolEdit's temp file on a dedicated 8 gig hard drive. So far I have recorded four ~500 MiB files in 32-bit floating point without a problem. My Win95a is super stable, I haven't seen a blue screen in years, but I would like to upgrade to OSR 2.1 if possible, for the DMA and USB capability in moving large files around -- trouble is, I can't find OSR2.x anywhere. My first th
  9. Actually yesterday I uninstalled the WDM driver and installed the Win95 codec instead. I didn't have any use for the simulated "4 channel" audio or the "room size" reverb geegaws. The Win95 driver consists of just 3 files (VXD, DRV, INF), and provides full stereo input/output mixing functionality via the Windows mixer. Works like a charm. B)
  10. Ahhrooooo!! As Inspector Clouseau would say, "The case is solv-ed." I took a closer look at the driver install INF and noted this line: ;;;; DDInstall for C-Media 9738 AC/97 Codec [AC97] AlsoInstall=ks.registration(ks.inf),wdmaudio.registration(wdmaudio.inf) So I checked for the presence of those two additional INFs and sure enough, KS.INF was missing for some reason. Extracted it from PRECOPY2.CAB, placed it in Windows/INF, re-installed the driver and everything works now -- control panel included. The audio device is sharing IRQ 5 with the SMBus. It would be nice if Windows would provide so
  11. submix8c, thanks for replying! Yep, SOYO is no more. And my apologies, I didn't type the full name of the motherboard -- it is an SY-P41 845PE Lite, which is the same as the one you found, except with 6 PCI slots and no ISA slots. The BIOS doesn't have a setting for PnP OS enable/disable. It does have a setting for APIC ("Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller") which is currently disabled. Curiously when I run PCI List (utility from EnTech) it lists among the detected PCI devices, an Audio Device on IRQ 5: VENDOR ID - 8086 SUBSYSTEM ID - 4941 SUBVENDOR ID - 434D DEVICE ID - 24C5 IRQ 5 But
  12. Graphic Design Utilities -- ColorPad 2.7 -- a handy little color picker, dockable, ergonomic, teeny footprint. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Others/ColorPad.shtml
  13. The other Win98se drivers installed perfectly from the manufacturer's CD -- USB, onboard LAN, Intel chipset -- but repeated attempts to install the onboard audio driver result in the yellow ! in Device Manager with the message: The NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver. (Code 2.) However when I manually force-install the provided Win95 driver -- it works, and I get access to the Windows mixer. The Win95 driver provides basic stereo, and control over all inputs/outputs, but no access to the "3D" and "4 channel" functions available with the W
  14. Now using your skin with Opera 10.63 and I do like it. Excellent! Thanks!
  15. None of the clips I tried worked. Thanks, good idea. I already have ResHacker, it's a useful program, you can do all sorts of things with it, modify dialog box sizes, change font sizes (nice for big screen viewing of tiny MS utilities), add/subtract other things.... I used it to make Windows calculator actually visible on 1680x1050 screen. I will do your suggested mods and report back. UPDATE: I can confirm that this resource hack fixes also Flash Player to work on the Mediathek site, now clips play fine. Using Opera 10.63 browser.
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