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    That's the problem: I wasn't stating my preference... what I was is called being ironic! Why is it almost no folks nowadays are able to even detect irony? And no, please, don't answer the above question: it's just a rethorical question. Now, what is literal is that the next post about renaming @roytam1's forked browsers in this will be deleted. That's way off-topic and totally pointless nowadays. So, please, stop. Do stop. Resist useless posting.
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    Firefox 52 shipped with TLS 1.2 default with optional Draft 18 spec TLS 1.3 support. Even 52.9.0 ESR still only supports up to Draft 18 TLS 1.3. The first UXP browsers to support the RFC 8446 TLS 1.3 spec (final) by default are: Mypal 28.3.1 (Feodor2) Centaury 0.0.3 (Feodor2) New Moon 28.3.0a1 (2018-12-21) (RoyTam1) Serpent 2018.12.21 (RoyTam1)
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    I do think that needs to be done, specifically for vmx86.sys. I don't have version 15 handy, but the file from version 16 is missing a lot of functions (an ntoskrnl update should fix that, but it will take awhile for that to be done). And there's the VMware Authorization Service issue which also needs to be dealt with somehow.
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    That test page is no longer valid, as pointed out by its webmaster himself: (and IIRC, that matter has been reported in detail previously in this thread; I just don't have the time at this moment to find that post...) Just use another test page to verify h.264 browser support... I don't think the CDM is downloaded automatically anymore, one has to download and install manually; some differences may be present between Fx 49 & Fx 52; just consult again, being perhaps more attentive, first post of this thread... Others may chime in with more current details, if any...
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    Netflix is working good here with XP x64 and MyPal 28.4
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    Thanks for the reply @ClassicNick. Then in roytam1’s 12-21-2018 post it was “Update NSS to 3.41” that introduced support for RFC 8446. I somehow missed that development at the time.
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    Hi @all! First, big thanks @roytam1 for all these builds! Personally, I'm using NM27 (because it's a way faster than NM28 on single core machines with many [over hundred] tabs) since Pale Moon support for WinXP was deprecated. My website (soggi.org) links to this thread in the misc/tools/browsers section, because I recommend using NM27/28 on WinXP. I just have been a reader here for several years (not just on the "New Moon" topic; much longer). Will there be the possibility to have working language packs in the future again? I'm OK with English, but German would be fine, especially for my relatives. I would keep the solar system topic (planet/satellite/planetoid/asteroid) and maybe would call it Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Io, Callisto/Kallisto, Triton, Ceres, Juno, Vesta...something like that. But "Sweet Sweet Gwendoline" would also be OK. kind regards soggi
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    With great respect, we aren't/shouldn't be doing that here... TL;DR: Previous upstream unofficial branding name for Pale Moon forks: New Moon Updated (by upstream) unofficial branding name for Pale Moon forks: Browser
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    And I would prefer mine called "Gwendolyn", so what?
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