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  1. thanks, i try basilisk but sadly is not working in a website i use every day https://es.wallapop.com/ Is impossible to login (newmoon or official palemoon neither) Yes, thats why i need to have firefox 52, i dont want to waste HDD space, but no choise Thanks for test, what version you use? thanks
  2. Sorry, im using New Moon not basilisk. I will try basilisk anyways, maybe is time to move on from newmoon thanks for help
  3. 52ESR type error Thanks for your answer, sadly already tried dom.messageChannel.enabled tip, no luck For example, i need to use this web every day for work. They change the login some days ago, and palemoon stop working https://www.genei.es/ In this website is easy to see, just try to login in "Identificarse", and is impossible to do the recapcha... Thanks
  4. Hi! a question please. I realize in a lot of websites, the "Im not a robot" check is not working. Do nothing the recaptcha In firefox 53ESR works well
  5. Thanks a lot! tested in XP x64, and works great, no problem for now I have a question, there is any way to switch resolution when watching videos on fullscreen? flash videos works great, for sure is using video acceleration, but html5 is slow like hell, and only solution is to switch to 640x480 and then goes fullscreen.. Thanks a lot for your great work
  6. theelf

    Shantae Half-Genie Hero

    Hi, i cross compiled in XP x64 cygwin. Just renamed cygwin dll to avoid any posible conflict I can compile in a native enviroment, but don't worth the time just for a game (anyways is 1.5GB, dont care bout 2 extra mb). Faster dont think, i tried the game in same machine + win7, no difference in speed I tested reactos dwmapi without success, in fact i always keep some dll from reactos, wine, etc just to try first. I did not know Xompie, looks great, thanks for advice
  7. theelf

    Shantae Half-Genie Hero

    **sorry my english ** Hi, the other day i get this game, just to get "surprised" did not work on XP The game ask for some functions in the library dwmapi, (dwmGetCompositionTimingInf, etc) that are Vista+ only I tried to hex edit the executable to remove the dependencies, but no luck. It seems the game really uses this functions Using wie source code, i made a dwmapi compatible with XP (maybe windows 2000), and now the game is working great. Just copy the 3 files in the executable folder of Shantae, and enjoy. Tested in XP SP3 http://www.akihabara-online.com/Main/PC/shantaeXP.zip I just finish the game, no problems, just a little slow because my hardware, but is not a XP problem
  8. Hi, I compiled sudown to support 64bits windows some years ago, because a HDD crash, i lost the sources, and I decide better to share or maybe one day this executable will lost forever... I only tested in XP x64 Is just the sudo. exe executable, need a "sudoers" group with admin level. I change this: - native 64bits - Close after execute a application. The 32bits version remains in ram (at least in XP x64) www.akihabara-online.com/Main/PC/sudo.zip I share because for me is something i use all time,I think sudo is the best way to work on windows, runas is crap Hope will be useful to someone Thanks
  9. theelf

    Native 64-Bit software List

    Oh Oh, im so sad to hear about Palemoon, is the web browser im using right now... The problem of palemoon is if you want to compile yourself, they only provide VS 13+ solution, then at least is necessary have Windows 7+Viual 2013 to build
  10. theelf

    What can I do with this old XP computer?

    Im still running a P4 3.4ghz, no complains here. Sure the P4 are not good CPU at all, but i think is not soo bad neither The funny thing is that i removed the fans inside my USFF 280, and this machine is running without any fan since 5 or 6 years ago... jeje still working good
  11. theelf

    What can I do with this old XP computer?

    wow, i get really touched by this post... specially about thr word "paperweight"... ....because my main PC is a optiplex usff 280 I never feel the need to upgrade, and for now, works great for everything I need, specially programming, that is my main activity
  12. Thanks jaclaz, this Zotac look good, like a powerfull thin client or a netbook without screen, looking at the AC adaptor, i think will be maximun 35W, for sure less, 15-25W I will add to my "watch list"
  13. Thanks, but my idea is to use less power, not to dry my battery faster. Using my Dell is not a option, i was checking and some of this small mini PCs and they need less than 10W vs 140-180W of my Dell, big difference Most of this new atoms, are similar to my C2D 1.6ghz in performance, is not a problem abot performance Still looking, is not easy sadly
  14. Hi guys, apologize my english Right now, my computer is a Dell USFF 745, Dual Core 1.6ghz, 4Gb ram, SSD 128GB kingston, runing XP x64. runs great, i have no complains at all But this year i want to change all electrical system to use only solar power (im so tired of pay electrical bills ). Im forced to change all my electrical stuff to a low powered ones, to save battery Mi idea was one of this small computers that look like a pendrive, runing windows 10, and install XP x64. They are easy to buy, and cheap... But for what I see, the latest intel generation supported in Xp x64 is the 3rd one, true? Any ideas of some small low power computer, i can found easy and cheap on ebay, that i can install XP x64? Thanks
  15. Hi, greetings I bought a Tablet with windows 8.1, and im trying to make this windows usable. One of first thing was disable everything that looks like a resource hog or found intrusive But im stuck with Windows Resource Protection, in 2000/XP/2003 was easy, but I never use anything over XP until now, and I get totally stuck I already try the SFCDisable registry hack wihtout luck, and im not looking for the "take ownership" stuff. Im looking more in the "disable and erase dll" side Please, some advice? how to get rid of Windows Resource Protection? Thanks