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    Yes, in fact here is screenshot for proof https://ibb.co/kMh6cpw
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    The latest version without a timebomb is
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    So, you have Flash installed in your system, but not in the browser? Why keep it then? Just to fill a few MB on your drive? No, the most "dangerous" software to use on your PC is Windows10. It hijacks your whole system, and you're even happy for this, lol... I want to play my flash games, screw "unknown vulnerabilities"
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    Virtualbox 6.1 is running fine on updated vista install. Maybe he didnt have platform update installed?
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    All right. Flash Player is the most "dangerous" software to use on your PC. It is the ideal platform for an exploit that targets a known or unknown vulnerability leading, to remote, OS compromise. Even when the latest version of FP is released its development, including security patches, will stop while unknown vulnerabilities will still be targeted by malware writes. Probably no later than 3/6 months from the end of the support.
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    OAuth2 + Yahoo authentication works with MailNews because I provided the code to Roytam1 and our developer applied this patch. A benefit for us all. You can find the code on the previous pages of this thread.
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    Thunderbird 52.9.1 cannot work because the Yahoo + OAuth2 code was entered by Thunderbird 60. Also interesting is the use of the new version 5 of POP Peeper (email notifier) which allows OAuth2 authentication with your default browser. Pop Peeper 4.5.3 work with I.E.8. Yahoo authentication was possible. Because the Yahoo Mail web page can be reached with I.E.8. But other OAuth2 authentications, such as Gmail, are impossible because they don't work with I.E.8.
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    nice catch. will be fixed in next build.
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    @roytam1 FYI: The new sept. 12 version of IceApe-uxp does not work on my two systems (XP and Win7) and return the dialog "Couldn´t load XPCom". Thank you for your hard work Edit: in the IceApe-uxp sept. 12 zip archive mozsqlite3.dll is missing. If copying the missing dll from a previous version into the iceape-uxp folder all works well
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    Yes, I would appreciate it too so it will be released when it is ready. Current status is that it does not work correctly yet. On the other side, I doubt that someone needs to upgrade to new builds immediately when it is released, especially when some needed software is not compatible with it.
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