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  1. Yahoo in these days updated security when accessing their mail from unofficial or non-Yahoo apps. This just to confirm that the mozilla snippet for 0auth2 authentication of Yahoo mail recently provided by Sampei.Nihirna and implemented in MailNews by our developer works fine. Thank you to folks at Mozilla, Sampei.Nihirna and roytam1.
  2. @roytam1 FYI: The new sept. 12 version of IceApe-uxp does not work on my two systems (XP and Win7) and return the dialog "Couldn´t load XPCom". Thank you for your hard work Edit: in the IceApe-uxp sept. 12 zip archive mozsqlite3.dll is missing. If copying the missing dll from a previous version into the iceape-uxp folder all works well
  3. For me icedove-uxp works when - for yahoo and incoming - using IMAP, normal password, port 993, SSL/TLS, imap.mail.yahoo.com and - with my gmail account as outgoing and using my gmail password and username - smtp.gmail.com, SSL/TLS, normal password and port 465. Username on Yahoo and Gmail is the full email address PS: for Gmail it probably is necessary to allow less secure apps to access Gmail https://devanswers.co/allow-less-secure-apps-access-gmail-account/
  4. It is sad Matt's Interlink sources has vanished from github. A beautiful mail client and a corresponding nearly perfect web site in which a lot of talent and effort have been invested over time. Icedove is minimalistic and also beautiful in its simplicity, where a major difference between the two clients is Interlinks (or MailNews) compatibility with many add-ons (Ambassador, Lightning, and if slightly modified G-hub pro, FoxClocks etc.) where I not yet have succeeded in installing add-ons other than Hyperbola's own in Icedove, even after adding the lines <!-- Icedove-UXP --> &
  5. @ TechnoRelic The pc–tools “SetBrowser” is another utility associating a specified system default browser with the correct registry entries http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/
  6. A Twitter button, a Box.com button and Gomita´s ScrapBook for Iceape-UXP Iceape-UXPextras
  7. A few toolbar buttons for test iceape-UXP seamonkey (gmail, Google keep, Google calendar, Facebook, Yahoo mail) iceapebuttons.zip iceapeaddons.zip
  8. The iceapeaddon zip file for the test iceape-UXP seamonkey-suite now include: fireftp-2.0.31@iceweasel.xpi flipclock@iceweasel.xpi InternetProtection@360safe@iceweasel.xpi metal_lion_silver@icewasel.xpi nicereader-1.4@iceweasel.xpi password-backup-tool@iceweasel.xpi pinball_theme-2.53.1@iceweasel.xpi quicknote-0.7.6@iceweasel.xpi reminderfox-2.1.6@iceweasel.xpi seatab_x_2-0.3.3@iceweasel.xpi standalone_seamonkey@iceweasel.xpi uBlock0@raymondhill@iceweasel.xpi user_agent_switcher-0.7@iceweasel.xpi xpfe_classic-0.1.4@ic
  9. The roytam 1 test Iceape-uxp is a hardened / crippled version of SeaMonkey sporting a modern and maintained UXP browser instead of SeaMonkeys default browser based on Firefox 52. Only very few add ons will work with iceape-uxp where those in the zip file below does for me: standalone_seamonkey@iceweasel.xpi – Allows to use SeaMonkey as a standalone e-mail client by opening links from Mail & Newsgroups in a an external web browser instead of SeaMonkey. seatab_x_2-0.3.3@iceweasel.xpi – Adds a close button to each browser and mail tab nicereader-1.4@iceweasel.xpi – A web page t
  10. Im sorry to say when testing the latest test binary of iceape-uxp on my XPsp3 this error message is returned: Xul runner Couldnot load XPCOM
  11. @ Vista over – thank you. The iceweasel-uxp-ublock-origin-legacy extension install without problems on the test win32 build of iceape-uxp. Using your advice i could modify and install the (Pale Moon/New Moon) Password Backup Tool extension on iceape-uxp and in this way import passwords exported as .csv from New Moon. password-backup-tool@iceweasel.xpi
  12. With respect to Roytam's test win32 build of iceape-uxp suite (based on sea monkey): I find the browser, email-client, HTML editor and the address book all works OK except for a single flaw (IMHO). The browser will play Youtube videos, the mail client recognize Yahoo and Gmail IMAP accounts and the address book import contacts from other applications.The (Kompozer) HTML editor is handy if maintaining a basic home-page. The only drawback: unfortunately I have not found a way to install extensions, e.g. legacy uBlock origin
  13. @jaclaz - the bootup logo after booting the disc looks as if could be a Win 10 (CE) logo.
  14. Hi on MSFN, great to find other people spending time on this deep operating system.I myself is fond of my IBM XP Thinkpad sporting a perfect keyboard, where regular disk imaging and restore from time to time has kept the operating system in a very good order. AOMEI generously offer AOEMI PE Builder for free. The program works on XP and is intended to burn a bootable CD/DVD for "hard metal" disk image backup and restore.Based on Windows 10 CE the build comes with AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant plus a DOS prompt. Booting the Windows 10 CE disk may take some time while stuff is
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