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  3. I already think about it. I'll try it today.
  4. The installer will not be able to run until I open up ntdll as mentioned above or I am successful in using offsets to a ntext.dll for the new kernel32 functions. Your only option right now is to install it on a newer OS, then copy over all files (not just in Office folder, but also in Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft (may be Microsoft Shared or Microsoft Office, not sure) as well as all reg entries created including those for services.
  5. There is no Vista section in the driver's .inf file. So it won't work anywhere.
  6. I modified the MS Office 2013-16 installer and slipped the kernel32 / ntdll.dll from Windows 7. But it fails ......... How to install MS Office 2016 in Vista?
  7. oh, I haven't finished it yet (about ~95% done - and when I had access to the test machine I had many other things to deal with, which is why progress has been slow lately). And I'm first doing it with a base SP2 file because my test machine has serious problems with Windows Update that cause updates to fail most of the time. If it works there, then I'll adapt it to the extended kernel's kernel32. I only have a few select files. @burd has the entire patch though.
  8. Don't want to modify registry, would prefer tricking the .exe with hex mods and such. Also, could you link me the Haswell+ Windows 7 patch? Edit: Also, do you know when you fixed those issues? You made it sound like you fixed them, but my Haswell laptop with Vista is still quite f***y with the extended kernel,
  9. Well, I think that once the version numbers exposed in ntoskrnl.exe and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion (including the one under Wow6432Node) are changed to 6.1, it will probably do so, at the risk of breaking other stuff. For Haswell+, that is the intention of the LoadLibraryExW replacement in kernel32 (the patch for a similar Windows 7 issue dealt mostly with modifying that function, so I do believe that would be the culprit). Signtool from the Windows 7 DDK won't sign dlls in my experience, but no doubt it will sign an executable like ntoskrnl, which would allow it to boot with driver signature enforcement disabled. But again, I may as well "crack" ntoskrnl to disable signing enforcement completely (and then fix Ryzen), which would open up ntdll and make things much easier for everyone. I just need to figure out how to do that.
  10. If you can't find a way, you could take a look at modding Steam to think Vista is Windows 7 x64, like think it so much that the 7 x64 CEF is used, no Vista end of support banner, and it shows Windows 7 in system information. You could also try getting Haswell/Ryzen working stabily on Vista. That'd probably require modding ntdll or ntoskrnl, but if you can find a way to fully disable signature enforcement, or add a fake signature, it'd be great, and help with extending the kernel.
  11. Using Fred Vorck's package I modified and eliminated IE from w2k advanced server install files. Gives the w2k pro boot logo, in the registry ProductType is WinNT (as opposed to serverNT) but it sees four cores and four threads. Indicating, once again, that registry declarations are the only difference between server and workstation.
  12. Many things were tried today. Attempts to expand the import table to accommodate ntext.dll would require all import calls to be refactored. In almost all 1250 functions. Tried implementing BWC's version of one K32* function (which doesn't directly refer to any import calls). That tripped ntdll in part of a function (LdrLoadAlternateResourceModule) responsible for MUI support. I even tried forwarding some K32* functions to their predecessors in psapi.dll, which is what ExtendedXP/One-Core-API do. Result: same as above. The overly simplified Windows 8.1 version of the function? BEX. There is one thing left, which is to call ntext and its functions as offsets with the W7 versions of the functions. If it doesn't work, then this part of the project is on hold until I can think of another way to workaround these difficult limitations. Or I'll just hang around other OSes that aren't crippled to the casual modder like Windows 2000 or XP x64.
  13. Lavfilters for XP 0.74.1 (Fork of the latest stable release): https://github.com/3dyd/LAVFiltersXP/releases Haven't tested it on XP but it seems to run fine on ME + KernelEx with Zoom Player so should be OK on its intended target system too I guess.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yeah, we've been using PotPlayer for years now and it's a very good player as it relies on Open Codecs which still support XP. As to unofficial LAV Filters build, there aren't any... at least not that I'm aware of...
  16. Can't help you with this exactly, because I don't download the individual KB updates for Office 2010. Instead, I download the latest updates and slipstream them into Office 2010 SP2 during install. This way, I have the latest version available without having to do anything post-install. The updates are not OS-specific, so you should be able to do the same. Here is the list I use: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdates/update-history-office-2010-click-to-run Just did this the other day to get from February 2020 to July 2020.
  17. bapt

    Beta channel

    Little display bug I ask in case, possible to recover the Windows 10 orb of this version to use it with 2.9 version ? Thanks
  18. Right now I use 20H1 and its being fine, but I have really thought of recently seeing if I can go with LTSB 2015 or LTSB 2016. I had a much better experience with the 10240 and 14393 builds.
  19. A workaround was deployed by hcaptcha.com shortly after I brought it up it on Pale Moon forum. Since then, baseline JIT compiler, which is related to the problem, is disabled by default on 32-bit builds.
  20. Adding SHA-2 support definitely won’t help (in fact will hinder) because there are no updates for “Vista 6.0.6003.” @TigTex said WUMT worked on Vista here. (Un)Fortunately, my own Vista is fully updated and backed up, so I’m just a spectator here.
  21. but how do you find Windows Vista SP2 updates with WUMT ? I've tried everything ... downloaded the updates that immediately started Windows Update (KB3205638, KB4012583, KB4015195, KB4015380) updates for the Windows 2008 SP2 SHA2 (KB4474419, KB4493730) finds nothing!
  22. Yeah, I am not really sure yet, but experiencing something similar with NewMoon 28 in the past weeks (using 28.8.0a1 2019-12-06 and 28.10.1a1 2020-07-04). Not really minutes but more like 10 to 20 seconds. Triggering me to try and close the tab that I suspect is causing it. But then it won't let me. Also windows things like show desktop (minimize all) are then unresponsive for a little while.
  23. PS. In my spare time this week I am having fun theming Linux Solus Mate in this exact same Windows XP classic blue-grey color theme. Started with the b00merang Server 2003 theme as a base. It seems to work out pretty well.
  24. I used three ways together: Usual Appearance control panel to select a classic theme + "ThemeActive"="0" + Tweak UI to copy over some colors to the login. Result is that I don't see any remainder of Luna XP theme anywhere. Neither do I see any default color scheme colors; using blue-grey myself as I find the white and light-grey too bright for my comfort. So AFAIK everything is customized.
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