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  2. Actually, I've got four copies of that DLL on my win2k system. Three of which are in the New Moon/Serpent binaries. So copy it from there (preferably the x64 binary) into your Iron folder and try. Also try running Dependency Walker to see what else you could need (it has an x64 version).
  3. Native UEFI + GPT is possible with Vista SP1 and above: But it wouldn't surprise me if the newest implementations didn't work well with the Vista EFI bootloader. His posts do indicate that legacy boot (CSM) is available on his machine though.
  4. @Vistapocalypse Is there any way to get Iron 70 (fork of Chrome 70) to run on Vista? I use New Moon on W2K, but unfortunately I need Chrome for a few things. Iron is literally Chrome minus the privacy invasions. Otherwise it's the same browser. I use version 70 on newer versions of Windows because it's the last version of Chromium before the UI/UX was completely screwed up with no option to go back to the old UI. I tried installing Iron 70, the 64-bit version, which is way above the equivalent Chrome 49 version. The exe installer didn't work. Surprisingly, the MSI installer did, and so I thought I could be smart in getting it to work. Unfortunately, once I try to launch it, I get "The procedure entry point TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll' I copied kernel32 from Windows 7 to Windows Vista and renamed it kernel33. I hex edited chrome.dll, iron.dll, and chrome_elf.dll to change all kernel32 references to kernel33 Now I get "This application has failed to start because API-MS-Win-Core-RtlSupport-L-1-1-0.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Is there any hope? Can I hex edit my way to Iron 70, or is this a hopeless cause???
  5. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1994102.html What do you want to set it ? :3
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  7. What's the status on this script? Does it work?
  8. another tool to use would also be PowerRun which allows running an app as SYSTEM user/account.
  9. the problem is that the OP did not mention the computer or motherboard that uses the Intel I5-9600K cpu. some modern PCs & motherboards are UEFI class 3 only (no CSM, no legacy boot/bios option) and can't run Vista/Win7 at all and only Win8.x & above UEFI + CSM mode is only available on older machines with UEFI class 2, which may be possible to install & run Vista on only those types of machines. again, since OP did not tell us what kind of computer he uses, it may not be possible at all to use Vista on there if his machine has class 3 uefi
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  11. After reinstalling the program, just open a file explorer window and any modern app (like the Settings app). When this happens, the program's symbol download module comes into play and downloads all the symbol files for you to the "symbols" directory in the "AeroGlass" folder. (Picture 1) If you don't have a download like this, put the file below into the AeroGlass folder and run it for forced download. sym_load.cmd
  12. Now you see the real reason these people are so hot and pushing for RT to join their "Branding Efforts" So they can slip this kind of stuff in his and other people's work without anyone really noticing untill it's nearly too late.
  13. Using a full theme here too, hate to lose it. Cant' see why it couldn't be reversed like nearly every other change they've been making to reduce features.
  14. Welcome to MSFN RetroFan, and thanks for the missing link. Our link for Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 Stable seems to be broken. Can you find that also? Just below Vivaldi in the list, our link for Yandex Browser v17.4.1.1026 always times out on me, but https://browser.yandex.com/ seems to correctly detect Vista and offer that version these days. I have paid attention to my friend @VistaLover's posts about Yandex and had been meaning to try it for some time. Last week I found that I could no longer sign in at Apple Support Community with Firefox ESR 52, so I decided it was time to install Yandex. It did enable me to sign in at Apple Support on Vista; and even though this version is based on Chromium 57 rather than 58 like the portable version that VistaLover now advocates, it does display YouTube's Polymer v2 layout by default (hence will retain YouTube functionality longer than other browsers that are commonly used on Vista and XP, as VistaLover pointed out in a February 6 post). While impressed by the browser's functionality, I was not very happy with the installer. The first thing I noticed was that it did not create shortcuts in the standard user account that I always use for web browsing, which is no major issue (just create them yourself) - but I quickly found that the executable was not in Program Files, but rather in the administrator's AppData folder!? I decided to try an offline installer from a third party (after manually removing Yandex, which needless to say will not uninstall in the usual way), but that was no better. Perhaps this is why VistaLover sought a portable version in the first place?
  15. Yes, that will work in Windows 2000 as well. That also disables the condensed menus.
  16. Don't have a 2000 system handy at this time, but on Vista one disables the "Use personalized menus" setting under the classic Start Menu customization settings.
  17. And 0patch's patch is for free... but no XP edition I mailed them if that's feasible. Looks like that we have first real vuln for XP after POSReady patch went away. Well, I can discard IE8 on my machine, but WMP will be a bit of a chore...
  18. And on Windows XP Serpent can open https://tls13.1d.pw/ too saying: "Successfully connected TLS 1.3 OK;" Unbelievable!
  19. I'm roughly 99% certain that is the case, but it has been a few years since I last used vanilla Firefox. I know for a fact that RT builds Basilisk for IA-32 on a weekly basis, though. I never really have much to say, but I do enjoy reading about your adventures with Windows98 ITT . Great work, and keep it up.
  20. @roytam1 : I want to raise your awareness to upstream UXP issue #1446 : Only allow extension class add-ons to use the dual-GUID system Now, Moonchild has tagged this as "App: Pale Moon", which means, for the time being at least, they'll only be enforcing this on Pale Moon... In NM28 I'm currently using a native Full Theme (Dark Moon 2.4.1), but it's possible other members here are using Complete Themes made for Firefox originally (so these will stop loading if/when #1446 is merged into NM28)... However, on Serpent 52 I'm using, since very long ago, an "originally-for-Fx" Complete Theme, FT DeepDark (v14.3+slight local modifications); the following two upstream commits Only allow extension add-on types for Firefox compat mode Only match extension add-on types for target applications were pushed into the upstream master UXP branch (i.e. platform-wide), which, IIUC, is "mirrored" in your own master UXP branch and then selectively merged into your custom UXP branch (the one used to produce the UXP forks); IOW, I harbour some slight trepidation that, if due diligence is not paid here, suddenly my FTDD complete theme will cease working in a soon to be released Serpent 52.9.0 build... Thanks for your consideration on this matter, huge gratitude in fact for keeping your projects "going" despite adverse real life conditions ... Take the best of care!
  21. Now that I have some free time I have done a test to check the CVE-2020-0674 vulnerability in my I.E.8. I found the test file thanks to 0Patch: https://blog.0patch.com/2020/01/micropatching-workaround-for-cve-2020.html To make the test after the creation of the HTLM file I had to make 2 changes: but the result is unexceptionable: I.E.8 is vulnerable. I urge users to consider disabling scripts on I.E.8: F12 - Disable script and the block of executables via trick 1803: I don't use I.E.8, so I've also enabled a rule in OSArmor for total browser blocking.
  22. Thanks, my vigilant friend! I guess I need to use report button once more...
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