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  3. >>I have no opinion using MSVCR80.DLL as a MSVCRT-substitute. Do not overlook this version 8.0.31113.25 distributed in Framework v2.0.31113 available in LongHorn 4047. Members should look into my findings and report back for other members or they are not serious about 98/ME. Using KnownDlls is the same as renaming the file, the registry is loaded very early.
  4. Accessing XP remotely though does not count as working with 98/ME operating system.
  5. Intel core duo can bench higher with PhotoWorxx - much higher. Also Opera 12.02 seems to be faster. AMD dual core does not bench with PhotpWorxx any higher than single core AMD. 1994 - 2004 is a wide range of gaming and I recommend having too separate machines for this because an ATI Rage graphics card is best for old games while a Geforce > 7300 is best for newer games and besides CPU slow down software may not be desirable. I just tried to get some used motherboards from eBay and all failed with some hardware faults. So obtaining good hardware is the challenge and the motherboards have to work 100%.
  6. KMP using EVR uses EVR.dll & Dxva2.dll when selecting Enhanced Video Render +3D Texture + Bicubic and does transform to different aspect ratios. I said I can use more KEX modes with KMP but not entirely true, only 2K minimum, the options preferences crash in my case.
  7. Thanks. that is much better. About amber, I did have (in the good ol' days) a Toshiba T3100 and I have to say that the amber (plasma) screen together with the (very sharp) Toshiba OEM font made it a very, very readable device. For *some* reasons most of the images you can find of it nowadays don't make justice, they all seem a little out of focus and/or the background is too much lighted up/invasive, in reality it had a very good contrast/clearness. Ahh, the good ol' times, when a byte was a byte and a very good text processor/edtor was q (Qedit by Semware, 46,160 bytes of sheer editing power): https://www.pcorner.com/list/WORDP/QEDIT215.ZIP/INFO/ jaclaz
  8. OK, let's see if I can help, since I'm already in this mode myself a bit :) It depends, but I think a Pentium 4 would offer somewhat better forward compatibility, with SSE2 and such. The AMD Athlon was a popular substitute during 1999-2004 because it tended to be a bit faster than most early P4s, but earlier versions lack SSE2, and later P4s eventually outsped them. Of the two, the Pentium 4 will be much more compatible with Windows 9x, particularly early ones from 2001-2003 or 2004. Stay away from Core2 Duos unless you plan to dual boot with Windows 2000 or XP, as some devices may not work properly due to a lack of driver support or a hardwired 9x-hostile configuration. You can do that, though you should install the RAM patch even with 512 MB to ensure stability. 9x should handle a DVD-ROM drive just fine. Worst case is it'll treat it as a CD-ROM. A 3.5 inch floppy is good, but make sure you have a motherboard with the proper interface (virtually all motherboards I know of from the P4 and C2D eras do (aside from some "legacy free" designs), so this shouldn't be an issue). This is where my knowledge gets iffy, as I've never tried installing/booting 9x from an SATA disk, but you should check out Rloew's SATA and AHCI patches, as I believe they are meant to make that possible. I can't say for sure, but I just read in another thread that someone recommended a GeForce 6600 GT, so that might be a good way to go? I'm currently using a Radeon 9550 in my P4 system, and it works OK too. I think the 6600 GT is supposed to be among the fastest-performing 9x-compatible cards, which I'd guess is good particularly for later games which can take advantage of it (I'm not a gamer, so I can't say for sure due to a lack of experience). Slot type will depend on your choice of motherboard, but I think you should try for an AGP card for maximum 9x compatibility (as far as I know, PCI express is a bit hit-or-miss). Plain PCI is okay too, but probably too slow for most newer games. Something like a Sound Blaster will probably offer the best compatibility sound-wise, and any standard ATX PSU ought to work as long as you make sure it's able to supply enough power for your chosen components. Setup /p i disables ACPI support, which can help ease some of the problems that can occur when trying to install 9x on newer hardware, such as a Core2 Duo-based system. I hope you find at least some of this useful! And anyone else please correct me if I've made any errors! c
  9. Even VLC web site warned against using Msvcr71 as a system file. If KEX setting of Win98 is to be used then you should do as Jumper described in the Core.ini. "Add experimental mode to Core.ini that inherits from NT or XP and specifies anything you want from the other."
  10. @Dave-H Yep, it is strange that the original driver, missing the hardware ID, installs nonetheless, maybe there is some "comparibility hardware" setting that acts as a sort of "catch all". However, quoting myself: Let us assume that: 1) you have the described Registry structure 2) that what the (not working) options tab does is in a nutshell: a. change some settings in the Registry path b. make the driver re-read the (changed) settings What happens if you change a setting in the Registry and EITHER: 1) disable and re-enable the driver OR: 2) reboot ? jaclaz
  11. I have devised a cheat, which I recall has been mentioned before. I am "running" roytam1's build of Firefox 45 ESR on Windows 98 by accessing a Windows XP VM on my MacBook Pro via Remote Desktop. Fonts are weird looking, and it's kinda slow and choppy, but it works! c
  12. Funny you should mention this, it reminded me that Rudy once mentioned that I had made some DOS-scripted thing I was working on (FIX95CPU maybe..?) written less readable by changing the default color from Red to Blue.. After reading your post and looking at the page for a while, I wasn't really happy with the blue (or dark purple visited links) myself. ...So, the "readability" fix is in. Just for you, jaclaz. Had to dig deep back (20 years! ) into my old Starfleet Academy "Romulan" days to find a more suitable shade of blue that we used back then on our page. Not a fan of amber myself, but it may show up somewhere later, simply for the fact that it is viewer-friendly.
  13. Well, if the card would work on Windows ME, then it would mean that there is a problem with Windows 98SE, not the motherboard, or the GPU.
  14. Thanks, I'll try it.
  15. >>Quartz is not a renderer, my understanding is that it just loads the file and pass it to an appropriate splitter. Quartz.dll 6.3 versions work but are an earlier release than, I did my tests a while ago and later XP versions did not do everything they were supposed to do. Look into advanced filter info. Mine is 6.5.1 but not as recent as 914. Where can be obtained, is still downloadable and specifically for 98/ME. The Video Mixing Renderer7 (Windowed) is the rendering output I have chosen in KMP for this post.
  16. >>no registry setting is going to change that. I was referring to CometBird 9 or FireFox 9. There is a narrow blue line above your post Loblo viewed in IPS -theme. No gone now. If you go straight to the web address it is easier on the browser than going through Google. cc333, MSFN forum is an easy site to load what other sites work, have you had any stalling? The proper install of the Service Pack seems to be the way to go, but with ME changing to a different machine; it would not happen.
  17. None, other than whatever the unofficial Service Pack 3.64 package installs. I don't think so? All I did was install Windows 98 SE, all the regular drivers for my hardware, IE6 and WMP9, the unofficial Service Pack, and the unofficial universal USB package for mass storage support. Then I installed to that the old KernelEx 4.5.2 package, and then I updated it using the 2019.24 update package. That was the key, as I only can run up to Firefox 10 with the old KernelEx. I'm afraid not c
  18. I am using the last official Intel driver for 4965AG, yet apparently no WiDi features, maybe too old network adapter. Is official driver the only hope?
  19. Try to dig out some old Intel WiDi driver from before they scrapped the thing "because M$ added it to Win10". Not sure if one exists for XP though.
  20. Is it possible to install a program or driver in WinXP to support Miracast protocol (or WiFi direct, screen mirroring, smart screen, screen cast , whatever synonyms)? As cast source (client), target (server), or both? Is there any hardware barriers (Intel 4965AG)?
  21. I checked some drivers in SDIO and indeed the newer ones are compiled for Vista+ despite what the .inf file header claims. But there are older ones which run or XP. Did you try any of those? Notice the version numbers in the tooltip.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I mean it is superseded by POSReady updates. I randomly picked one so I could not remember which one. I am a user of POSReady and cannot understand the logic to update XP after SP3 but exclude POSReady. So I'd rather not bother to find it out again.
  24. I am more than happy to attempt this despite the great danger you mentioned So, I am modifying the Kstub822 file to include these stubs and removed HeapQueryInformation (kernel32.dll). I also have MSVCR71 replacing the original file in system. Did you use the installer version? I am using the portable version! EDIT: I think changing the stubs somewhat broke my Windows ME installation. Windows will freeze after booting and not properly load services. I booted in safe mode and now Windows works fine. It's always a good idea to dual-boot Windows 9x with XP or a lightweight Linux distro; then files can be restored from other partition. But MPC-HC gives me this error, then breaks Windows ME from properly loading next boot. But, going into safe mode will restore everything. I also tried to mess around with stubs. I analyzed the application with ImportPatcher, then just added whatever functions appeared to be missing to the Kstub822 file. The result was MPC-HC causing an error and closing immediately.
  25. Run the included registry file that's only in the "For KernelEx" folder. Running the file applies adding a few dll's to KernelEx's known library of dll's. I am testing my own system and every file appears to be working. No errors or issues have popped up.
  26. Just a quick update. I looked in the INF files for the driver, and ETD0108 was not listed there, so I added it and uninstalled and reinstalled. No difference. If I look at the tab added to the mouse Windows Control Panel applet, the Elan tab says it's a Standard PS/2 Mouse. There is an option to disable it and enable it, which apparently works, but the "options" button, which presumably should bring up the settings control panel, is greyed out. It's showing all the symptoms of not recognising what the touchpad actually is. If it did recognise it correctly I'm guessing that it would show the appropriate options for it. Device Manager now shows it as an "ELAN PS/2 Port Smart-Pad", but whether that's actually what the touchpad hardware is, I have no idea!
  27. I started to do myself modification of Windows 7. Problem what I got is when I add updates, security patches, drivers and some software's into WIM, after creation of ISO. I seen the size of ISO is too big. The original ISO of Windows 7 (x86 & x64) all edition and the original size was 5.71 GB. When i customized and converted to ISO then the size was 8.23 GB. Please Help me!!!!!!!!!!, How can i reduce the size of ISO without removing any stuffs from the ISO. I tried to compress with the help of 7zip, Winrar, PowerISO, Magic ISO and etc. But, I am unsuccessful. I am Awaiting for your replies. Please Help!!!!!!!
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