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  2. Definitely NOT what was expected., and I'm afraid my brain is too foggy for the moment to come up with an explanation. I'll definitely have to think about that for awhile. Care to point me in the right direction, or do I need to suffer for my sins for awhile first? To change the subject a bit, and I'll start a new thread if more appropriate, I've started playing with Powershell. I'm having a devil of a time calling an external program, 7z.exe in this case, from my powershell script, and passing parameters to it and having them interpreted correctly. I know the parameters are correct, since I can call 7z.exe with the same parameters from batch and they are executed just fine, Same if I call a batch routine from powershell which then calls 7z.exe - works just fine. But if I try to call 7z.exe directly from powershell, I get the response "Command line error: Unsupported command:" and then it prints out the exact command I sent, the exact command that has been working for me and others for years, but now it doesn't like it. I tried to simplify the command to a ridiculous extent, even copying directly from the 7z documentation the simplest command I could find, just to see if I could get it to accept ANYTHING as a valid command, but no luck. It is absolutely driving me crazy! Maybe some sleep will help with both problems. Cheers and Regards
  3. I replaced the version.dll in system32 with the one from Windows XP SP3. Unfortunately, it still gives the same error. I get a Save As dialog first, but when trying to save I get the same message.
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  5. Thanks @LoneCrusader, that's interesting about versions above 4.04 being incompatible with Windows 98. As I said earlier I always used version 4.00, and I do have that installation file labelled as being the last one that works OK on 98. I'll try and get a copy of 4.04 now I know that should be OK too, in case I have to revert to one of my spare motherboards which is an AC97 one.
  6. no. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predication_(computer_architecture)#History
  7. The bootice/visualBCD are about the BOOTMGR menu (\boot\BCD). The .iso's, etc. should be on the grubdos menu (menu.lst). When you are shown the duplicate entry, try pressing "c". If you get to a prompt like "grub>" it is the menu.lst (or another .lst file). These can be edited with *any* text editor (please read as Notepad). jaclaz
  8. Mostly just a quick note to siria regarding Google search result issues with Dillo. Finally got Cygwin-lite running okay on Windows 98. When Dillo is launched through Windows, the Google search results do not display properly, also not clickable. When Dillo is launched from a Bash terminal, a new Dillo user profile gets created in Cygwin's home directory. From within Cygwin, Dillo displays proper, clickable Google search results. Don't know why, seems like an issue with porting Dillo to Windows. Dillo also can't copy to the system's clipboard, from Windows or Cygwin, definitely there are Dillo issues. Believe jumper indicated there were two other Dillo ports for Windows 98. Will probably investigate further or may just use old SeaMonkey as a sole browser. Dillo's so blazingly fast though. Might even try your beloved K-Meleon.
  9. Thanks. While the FAQ seems contrary to what you said: Q: I'm getting 0xC000001D error when starting Serpent/UXP-ia32 browser! A: your processor does not support CMOV instruction. VC2015 IA32 build requires CMOV instruction support. here is a list of processors with CMOV instruction support: - Intel: Pentium Pro or later Is CMOV a SSE2 instruction?
  10. UOC Patch + Enforcer Hope i can ask here since this advise is unclear: "One thing to watch out for: the file names are different (e.g., UOC_Patch_38.js vs. UOC_Patch_45.js). So besides copying the _38.js files, you also need to delete the *_45.js files you copied earlier; otherwise NM 27 will load both and the result will probably not be what you want!" Since i installed Newmoon, KM-goanna for the first time with installer(patch enforcer installed beforehand) i dont know why i should have copied *_45.js files. pls tell me what to do next. Normal instructions are clear. we discussed.
  11. too, here. But Zenmate or Browsec proxy extensions are not related nor similar to TOR ... Maybe these don't work cause the old age crisis, who knows
  12. Fresh Install of Windows 10 version 1909 on internal SSD is working OK for Capture and Apply using 4.0 RC2. After Windows Update of that version then Capture and Apply results for me in failing logon of Windows 10. AFAIK the problem is not related to the program, but is caused by Windows Update of version 1909.
  13. In SSE https://www.youtube.com/html5 is working again after an interruption which i documented. this will come: https://www.youtube.com/supported_browsers " You're awesome! That's right! Your browser is up-to-date, which means you can use YouTube's latest features. Enjoy!" Get the latest Edge by Microsoft Firefox by Mozilla Chrome by Google Opera by Opera 2. and could finally download and play locally only (webM-file)youtube videos(the beatles) with ant video downloader always beforehand but didnt play. complete youtube saver nonworking since a long time. its a webM-file for local playing nonworking in WMP. Must open a seperate question about that since it may be caused by a wrong association. Behaviour on admin-account was different. DL was only possible in one account(restricted or admin)
  14. - it works sometimes on Ogg/Theora last video ... (it's not downloading here...) Good working on 3 videos quirksmode.org capture from Feb 08,2019 here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190208172243/http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html Edit: hmm no more problems with your link, sorry
  15. Thank you for these links! First link of HTML5 check (by YouTube on WaybackMachine)) works very good! - but direct Tek Eye video tests are dead: all videos have "No video with supported format and MIME type found" inscription. Here you have working Tek Eye tests - links on WaybackMachine: From Jul 27, 2018: http://web.archive.org/web/20180727134732/http://tekeye.uk/html/html5-video-test-page From Aug 07, 2018: http://web.archive.org/web/20180807035203/http://tekeye.uk/html/play-video-in-html5
  16. Hi Drugwash, thanks for your reply. Your AutoHotKey script sounds great. I reviewed an AHK tutorial, looks ideal for Windows 98. Wish i learned something like AHK or Visual Basic before. As it sometimes takes a lot of hacking to get an extension modified, shame most of these become custom one-offs. Just daydreaming about an organized central Windows 98 repository full of hacked goodies. Everything seems so fragmented now. For anyone getting started with extension hacking, this is something that worked well for me with old extensions that install out-of-the-box. First install the original extension, then just unzip the extension's *.jar file in the user profile chrome directory, hack away, re-zip into a replacement *.jar file, restart browser and test the modifications. Only re-zip everything into a proper *.xpi extension when it works to your liking. Much faster than un/zipping and formally removing/re-installing the entire *.xpi extension for each quick test. Maybe this helps someone save some time and hassle. Reviewed Windows 98 minimum system requirements, though probably slow, crazy it runs on a 486 with 16 MB RAM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_98#System_requirements Kudos to those who still tune and tweak this OS and/or use it as a daily driver.
  17. Where does it say that? I installed the AC‘97 for VIA. Maybe it‘s wrong? I‘ll try the A3.52 version when l’m back from work.
  18. 1. Well, you can check it, of course. Something *like*: FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=ABCDEFGHIJHKLMNOPQRSTUVWZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" %%? IN ("!%1!") DO ( SET CMB=%%? IF NOT "!CMB:~0,1!"==":" (SET DlP=ERROR&ECHO !Dlp!&GOTO :EOF) ) would do. 2. Sure, use SET DlP=!%1:~2! instead of SET DlP=!%1:~2,254! the 254 was only an attempt to limit the length of the path, considering that maybe a backlash was needed and leaving a few characters for a sub-sub-sub ... directory. 3. That is the "clever" part , and you should think about it and answer yourself the question . 4. Not necessary a "fatal" error, one can change the code at will, as said it is a simple assumption that the path needs to start with a drive letter and a colon, the issue may be with those cases where you use relative paths (i.e. .\ or ..\) or - and this is one of the show stopper, UNC syntaxes and similar good examples might be: DIR \\?\C:\ or: DIR \\.\C:\ but if you want to recognize that, you will need to add complications and the simple backslash replacement won't work anymore "as is" (and of course introduces the ? as a valid character - in a fixed position - in a path) 5. As said the treating of double quotes is correct, double quotes cannot be inside a valid path AND can only be, matched, outside it and enclosing it, i.e. EITHER no quotes OR quotes enclosing it tertium non datur: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_excluded_middle Having a path ending with a single backslash is correct. <last character is a full stop or period Looking for illegal characters, is - obviously - legal, if there is an illegal character, then the path is not valid (it is illegal), so yes, if any of the no-no characters is found the only possibility is to have a fatal error. Point being, what if all the checks performed till now are not enough? If the path is an existing path one could do, with the "as sanitized as possible" path variable a further check, *like* CALL :is_expanded_path !%1! GOTO :EOF :is_expanded_path IF %1=="%~dp1" ECHO Path %1 seems fine IF NOT %1=="%~dp1" SET DlP=ERROR&ECHO !Dlp!&GOTO :EOF that might help. And now, for the fun of it, try to visualize the results of the following batch before running it: @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION SET _Dir="C:\*" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! SET _Dir="C:\/" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! SET _Dir="C:\*/" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! SET Head="C:\ SET Body= SET Tail= /" FOR /L %%? IN (1,1,12) DO ( SET Body=!Body!? SET _Dir=%Head%!Body!%Tail% CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! %%? ) ECHO . SET _Dir="C:\|/" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! SET _Dir="C:\P*/" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! SET _Dir="C:\*a?*/" CALL :is_expanded_path !_Dir! GOTO :EOF :is_expanded_path ECHO %2 "%~dp1" anything unexpected? jaclaz
  19. Well I come for give some news so im still stuck by the same trouble. I tried SciTech Display Doctor but the drivers never wanted take over the microsoft driver so i wasnt able at all to use it. So I actually give up find a working driver for the Radeon Moblity X700 under WIn9X. I use actually the driver VBEMP who work perfectly except still no 3D accellerate. I tied to use mesa3D with but for the game i tried (Unreal) its not worked properly i will try the inject plugin in. FOr conclude, most of the game i wanted played get patched or some tweak make them working under xp. So i will stick to xp for this old laptop but i will still keep my partition under WIndows 98 in case someone find the solution to this ATI Drivers problems. Event the DHModtool in all version could solve my trouble but i dont find the drivers requiere or its not working at all with Win9X.
  20. @Nomen Yes. BTW, these keys conflict with each other: For XP Embedded (no longer supported and should be removed from registry) and for POSReady 2009 (still working on WU/MU, the only proper one nowadays) These keys are obsolete and should be removed also:
  21. no luck for skylake? unfortunate , the original intel xhci would be which one? is there a link? i dont mind usb 2.0 speeds as long as it works
  22. normal UXP builds require SSE2, while IA32 builds don't require it. please checkout FAQ in 1st reply in this thread. search "c000001d" and read the answer.
  23. Sir, I am S.Kasinath, I am using windows10 pro in my desktop,installed in my first hard disk. I have downloaded WinsetupFromUsb1.9 64 bit version and used it to add macrium reflect rescue media iso files(using UBCD/winbuilder option) and Clonezilla 32 bit & 64 bit & feren OS linux live iso using (linuxISO/other Grub4DOS compatiable iso option). In case of Win PE isos(macrium reflect recue media isos) it shows the menu entries correctly when booted the USB. But the the boot menu shows FerenOs entries twice(duplicate) 1) As FerenOS iin partition 0 & 2) As ferenOS in partition 1. The partion 0 entry does not boot ,but partition 1 entry boots correctly. There is only one ferenOS iso file is available is iso folder. I tried the methods given ine FAQ for removing duplicate menu entry using bootice & visualBCD, I could see the menu entries for winPE iso entries only .I am getting the menu entries for clonezilla & ferenOS menu entries. kindly help to solve the issue kasinath
  24. What is the difference of them? Is the latter only for intel CPU?
  25. @Dylan Cruz As I said, it appears that the OS isn't properly providing write privileges to the encrypted Word file. Given that this program is intended for XP (and using XP's crypt32.dll), it's probably expecting a different routine. But the version.dll in XP seems to be fully compatible with extended Windows 2000. Version number is 5.1.2600.5512, so the original SP3 version should suffice.
  26. This is what I've always used: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WindowsEmbedded\ProductVersion] "FeaturePackVersion"="SP3" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\WEPOS] "Installed"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\WES] "Installed"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 I last used that a few days before the supposed end of the update support for XP (July?) while creating several new master XP installations for several motherboards and it worked fine. But in any case - can I get an answer to the question -> is WU still updating XP-POS systems?
  27. Unfortunately this does not work. I get the same error as in the screenshot. But keep in mind that I have installed an update that adds TLS 1.1 and 1.2 for Vista. Perhaps it breaks something, and an older version of the secure connection will work (although this is unlikely). Also note that I installed .NET FW 4.8 using the MSI method, which is more simplified than the one recommended here. Perhaps it leads to an error. Although most likely, the fact is that the latest version of the .NET Framework was not tested for Vista and old network stack. This means 2 options: either all applications of the .NET 4.8 do not have access to the network, or the applications of the same author (AniView, DeadPix) are written in such a way that they work incorrectly under Vista. I recommended these applications just because they do not run on a version of the .NET below 4.8 without additional modification. And if the application started, it means the Framework is working (at least the basic functionality - the applications start). And any incompatibilities are expected, due to the fact that none of the Microsoft developers tested such a bunch (Vista + .NET FW 4.8). I would like to find .NET application (targeted at version 4.8) that tries to connect to the network through different types (versions) of encryption. Then it would become clear what limitations the .NET 4.8 has on Vista. Maybe the .NET Framework 4.8 is trying to connect via TLS 1.3? We need more testing...
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