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  2. No one has ever read the instructions for K452stub and used it correctly. Its time has passed so I'll delete it. When apps start then stop, enable api logging and monitor the kex debugger.
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  4. Can't you go back in time to this point? If you can have 1366x768, the VGASAVE with acceleration level 5 should be bearable, as a secondary OS. Try also: http://qres.sourceforge.net/ https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/multi_monitor_tool.html or NIRCMD setdisplay: https://nircmd.nirsoft.net/setdisplay.html jaclaz
  5. Way back in 'ancient' times (cannot remember the date), i downloaded the following list from the Intel website. Intel was recommending the following general installation order: IN WHAT ORDER DO I INSTALL MY DRIVERS? To build a new computer or reinstall your operating system, Intel recommends installing the drivers and software in the following order: 1) Windows operating-system service packs or patches available from Microsoft (for example, Service Pack 3 for Windows XP). 2) Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility. 3) Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or later. 4) Video or graphics driver (for example, Intel HD Graphics Driver). 5) Intel Application Accelerator or Intel Matrix Storage Manager. 6) Sound or audio drivers. 7) LAN or network drivers. Note that item #5 above would only be relevant to certain Intel chipsets. Yes, include IE 6.0 SP1 (even though you wouldn't want to use IE) as part of item #1, since IE SP1 updates a number of system files. Then, after i install all my main apps/drivers, i eradicate IE with IEradicator (from the makers of 98-Lite). I would consider U98SESP3x and 98SE2ME musts. (U98SESP3 contains an updated DirectX 9.) I would also definitely install Revolutions Pack 9.7 -- it reportedly offers greater system stability in addition to way-cool enhancements to the 9x desktop. If i remember correctly, it needs to be installed after KernelEx. In order to reduce potential interrupt issues, we generally recommend installing 98SE with the following switches: setup /p i Keep in mind that a critical question to ask is: What will be the ages of the various hardwares? Much newer stuff no longer has Win9x support (drivers). Have fun, good luck! - Doug B.
  6. Microsoft/Rovi EPG data expired on the evening of April 2. Attempts to Get Latest Guide Listings fail, producing an error message never seen until recently: This might really be the end of Microsoft's EPG service.
  7. Oh, thank you so much for correcting me. I didn't realize my error until I searched up the version again! I am amazed 3.1.2 portable apparently works, but earlier versions are glitchy? I do not think the KernelEx stubs I put in the KernelEx folder have any effect on compatibility. I could not get the stubs working with the command (for K452stub) jumper provided.
  8. Hello all. I've been coming to this part of MSFN.org since about high school (about 6 to 8 years). This website has inspired me on wanting to build my own W98 PC for years ever since. My interest has picked up significantly in the last month and I have been researching everything I could look up. I don't have a hardware list yet. Still trying to figure out what to get. Main reason is for retro games. My games list is from '94 to '04 , but most are dated in the middle. Going to use W98SE as the main OS. Don't know about a dual boot yet. Thought about using ME with MS-DOS restoration briefly until I came across 98SE2ME. I read through the guide and it is dated to 2013 from the last update. I know the Unofficial Service Pack 3.64 went to 2018. The guide recommends a fresh install of the OS first. So would installing this on top of the Unattended Boot CD install be a bad idea? Next, it recommends all the "latest" updates (in the following order) for DirectX 9.0c, IE6 SP1, WMP9, system add-ons, 98SE patches, USP 3.64, and finally 98SE2ME. If I took it further, there is the 98MP10, the NUSB (USB drivers), Revolutions & KernelEX (found more recent versions of both), and all PC drivers. To add to the drivers, I came across Rloew's history and his patches. Massive respect to him for pushing the OS! I got 12 drivers I believe I will need. I plan to get a form of memory I can cold-swap to save the entire OS to my laptop if something goes wrong. 1. Is this overkill? Yes, but I love the concept of doing it. 2. Which should I install 98SE2ME on top of: a fresh install or the UBCD? Should I install it at all? 3. Since the USP 3.64 continued to be updated long after 98SE2ME, are there any known conflicts at all? 4. Does the USP 3.64 have every official and unofficial update need to make 98SE more stable? Trust me in my lack of understanding of looking at the website's list of files. 5. If not, is there a central source where I can download every single update needed for W98SE? Is this even needed? 6. Is the recommendation of the order of how everything should be installed for 98SE2ME still relevant for today? Again, I do not have the yet the hardware to test this with. Do be aware there is still so much I do not know from this era! If you have any recommendations, let me know!
  9. Are you sure you tried 3.1.2 and not 3.2. 3.2 is the latest and has that Direct2D dependency but my installed 3.1.2 doesn't. Apps that require Direct2D can't be made to work with stubs if they exclusively use it for drawing their interface as appears to be the case with SumatraPDF now which seems to have no GDI32 dependency anymore, only D2D.
  10. I personally use Haihaisoft PDF Reader. It's not glitchy like Samutra (1.2 and later) with the settings I used. I just tried opening version 3.1.2 with the KernelEx stubs, without success. I get the message "D2D1.DLL" is not found. Edit: it looks like adding the stub files might have broken something. KernelEx would not set compatibility modes again until I restored the original core.ini file without the stubs.
  11. I am using the latest 24 updates and registered MSVCP90.DLL and MSVCR90.DLL to my known KernelEx DLL's. I also have the unofficial 2008 runtime installed and replaced the stock uxtheme.dll in the KernelEx folder with another one provided by jumper. I did not yet added the MSVCR70.DLL file or KEXT stubs. When I tried to test MPC-HC later than version 1.5 (even 1.5.2), the video would not play in any of them.
  12. The NVMe drive now in use is an Intel Optane SSD 905P Series SSDPEL1D380GAX1. Other updates include an EVGA 980 Ti video card (by way of Matt's Repository) and a Silverstone SST-ECU04-E USB 3.1 card (been so long I've lost track of where I found the driver). There is no need to involve other OS (such as Windows 7) in the XP x64 installation, so post 1 has been edited.
  13. Confirming you are correct: the 980 Ti card works fine using the same driver sets from BWC.
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  15. Which version of KernelEx are you using? And are you using MSVCR70.DLL renamed to MSVCRT.DLL
  16. Why use SumatraPDF 2.2.1 when you can use 3.1.2? Works fine for me both as standalone and as plugin for Opera 12.
  17. This version requires Kext and at least msvcrt.dll of ME, better msvcr70.dll.
  18. I tried downgrading multiple versions. Version 1.7 does not launch regardless of which mode I choose. 1.6.8 launches (XP SP3 mode only), but does not appear to work. The unofficial Visual C++ 2008 is what allows version 1.5 w/ the latest KernelEx updates to run. But 1.6.8 and later are built off visual studio 2010...and KernelEx's limit is when Qt 4 starts having 100 in its dll's instead of 90. The image below IS playing video in MPC-HC in 1.5, but faststone screen capture cannot capture the video playing itself. Also, attempting to set compatibility later than XP SP3 results in an error. There is a beep, but the program does not actually launch. Furthermore, it appears SlimBoat is very close to working. It's Qt-based and I found a version using the 90 dll's. But the message "DBGHELP.DLL" causes the program to close.
  19. that even happens in win2k exkernel. Try 1.7.5 since that works good on my win2k.
  20. Okay, I tried testing the latest version of MPC-HC (portable) with after replacing the uxtheme.dll file with the one here. I now get this error. It's going forward because it's launching, but just won't function.
  21. The processor is an AMD A4-1200 APU, with 4GB of RAM. It's actually a 64 bit machine, but I'm only intending to install 32 bit operating systems on it. I can't see any great advantage in using a 64 bit OS as the memory can't be physically increased as it's part of the motherboard, not a plugin card. Thanks for the offer, but I'm really not that wedded to having to have XP on this machine, certainly not in a virtual machine. I don't see any point, the only advantage would be to have another XP system to compare with the XP system on my desktop which can help diagnostics it something goes wrong. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what the second OS is, although I will stick with Windows.
  22. You might install debian instead and then use XP in a VM on the laptop. In case you want to try that, do PM me 1st, so we can chat about it some, before you actually start doing some major machine changeover. Since this is off-topic I stop here. BTW, what AMD processor and how much RAM are in the machine?
  23. That does sound rather a big undertaking, with of course absolutely no guarantee that it will be any different. If the driver cannot communicate properly with the hardware at a fundamental level, as seems to be the case, I really don't think it will help. I'm starting to think the unthinkable here now. I only want to dual boot the netbook because I like having dual boot systems, so I might as well dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 8.1. Don't worry, I wouldn't be abandoning XP completely, I still use it as my main OS on my desktop machine! I just think that struggling to get XP working when there's no real reason other that nostalgia for it to be XP, is pointless. I also can't find a driver that works for the touchpad, which is driving me mad because I can't disable the "tap to click" function. I've tried a few drivers, but even those that apparently install OK there are no settings available in the interfaces, they're all greyed out. I think maybe the time has come this time to say this is never going to work properly, so let's look at alternatives.
  24. Well, in my case it's all even more complicated. In part of image carousels pictures are displayed properly - in some other image carousels pictures are blank (white boxes). And there are some mixed cases - some of pictures in image carousel are displayed, but some others are invisible, and that's really confusing. Let's say there's image carousel made of 3 pictures - and I can see first 2 of these pictures, the last one is blank. Video carousels all are blank. Ugly scroll bars appears also in other elements - like the collections of Story on the account main page (if there's a many different collections in it). Videos in carousels still can be watched through Page Info > Media > Video link.
  25. Most of my sound cards were faulty and would not work on a moderner OS. A cheap USB sound card, one that has 3D written on it near the USB plug, I bought several of these and they all worked. Sound is good.
  26. Just to now confirm, "carousel" still images still display, just with spurious ugly scroll bars. Carousel videos also have the scroll bars, and also just display white boxes.
  27. bummer Better see into making a clean separate install of XP for testing.
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