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  2. Thank you for detailed answer. I assume in terms of features and HTML, JS, CSS etc technologies supported: Serpent 52 has nothing from FF53 or later? Serpent 55 has nothing from FF56 or later?
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  4. I've tried to use it, but it takes forever to scan and update the databases, and on top of that, it chews up my CPU. I think I'm not using it right
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  6. > clamwin, which doesn't seem to any good Out of curiosity, what do you find not "any good" in ClamWin? It's freeware (not sure if open-source), updated regularly (daily, actually), i have been using it for years, and have never had a problem with it. The package is relatively small (as these things go), and it claims protection from 7,658,820 viruses (today's update). I believe v0.99.1 is the last that works on native Win9x, but if i'm mistaken, someone please let me know. Not that an anti-virus application is all that crucial to 9x anymore, but i just like to be safe anyway. - Doug B.
  7. I can confirm: => Works as expected, though, in "classic" style...
  8. I use Norton Antivirus 2002 with virus definitions from 2008 date. there's no need to use a newer versions. The system no longer support any updates and no new viruses are created.
  9. No. It doesn't have enough functions for BWC's kernel32.dll (so it can't boot with it) and his extended kernel doesn't have enough functions for New Moon/Serpent either.
  10. ... That's good to know... I have not ever been myself a user of ABL or other members of the AB family of content blockers, last thing I remember reading was how much more resource-greedy they were compared to uB0 (and RAM/CPU consumption should always be a consideration on those old hardware setups where NM27-sse is being deployed...). Resources-usage aside, the crux of the matter here is the following question: Does current ABL address successfully the very issues/reasons that forced uB0 to drop PM27 support? As detailed in the previously linked GitHub PR comment, uB0-legacy now needs ES6 support in the browser itself to tackle the removal of certain classes of unwanted content ; does ABL handle such content in a different way? If not, then existing users of uB0-legacy in NM27 should probably stay put at that version (sadly no longer updating ) and face some random/occasional breakage in their ad-removal... It'd be like Chrome 49 users on XP/Vista, who are now confined in using uB0 v1.16.18 for good... Unless something new crops up?
  11. Thanks, for your response. I am aware there is a setting to make a restore point with every start up, but that is not what I am trying to do. I need to set task scheduler to create a restore point every 3 days.
  12. The Start Menu items addition and removal routine now works perfectly! I re-enabled the "cover" function, but it doesn't appear in ETDAniconf.exe and even when set to "1" it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not quite sure how "covering" the touchpad actually works anyway, if I put my palm down on it the icon graphic just shows a four finger click. Maybe it works with different hardware, but not this hardware.
  13. MSFN members who use these versions of the Roytam1 browsers can also use AdBlock Latitude which is compatible with version 27: https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/adblock-latitude/
  14. Ah, they are in the form of cab archives. But still, the 2003 office itself, like XP, accepts updates only in its own language.
  15. ... which, sadly, removes support for Pale Moon 27 based forks, like @roytam1's New Moon 27.x.x (whose sse builds are very popular with our members running pre-SSE2 CPUs): https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/pull/239#issuecomment-651090892 https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/blob/3524cbc34b30d9555eb7e9089aa4a5ea91465741/platform/firefox/install.rdf#L47-L54 https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/commit/990daae
  16. I wanted to react to your June 2020 post, but I cannot find it. AFAIK, the “googlebot” agent solution was first mentioned at MSFN by UCyborg in a June 22 post.
  17. Some news (pretty much unuseful, but still news). I have definite proof that the good guys at Elantech use a couple of dice, a random number generator and possibly also the I-Ching to number/name things. The flash video/demo I posted a link to earlier: is actually (as the name implies) an index/intro video, made to cycle between each of the 9 (nine) separate videos corrsponding to the 9 (nine) items in the roll-up menu at the bottom, that consist in 12 (twelve) flash videos, according to this table (items numbered from left to right): Item Filename Title/Contents ? pa01.swf ?/One Finger gesture Edge Scrolling ? pa02.swf ?/One Finger gesture Edge Motion 1 pa03.swf 2Fingers Tapping/Two Fingers gesture Tapping 5 pa04.swf Magnifying glass/Two Fingers gesture Magnifying glass 2 pa05.swf Rotate/Two Fingers gesture Rotate 3 pa06.swf Zoom in/out/Two Fingers gesture Zoom in/out 4 pa07.swf Scrolling/Two Fingers gesture Scrolling 6 pa08.swf 3fingers Tappng/Three Fingers gesture Tapping 7 pa09.swf Switch Window/Three Fingers gesture Switch Active Window 8 pa10.swf My Computer/Three Fingers gesture Show "My Computer" 9 pa11.swf Swipe/Three Fingers gesture Page Up/Page Down ? pa12.swf ?/Palm Gesture Cover Of the three items with a question mark: last one is actually interesting, even if it doesn't show in ETDAniconf.exe, it may work if enabled, and the corresponding action (currently %RETURN_TO_DESKTOP%) : ; Cover ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",Cover_Enable,%REG_DWORD%,0 ;#HKLM,"%ServiceRoot%\Elantech\SmartPad",Cover_Func,%REG_DWORD%,%RETURN_TO_DESKTOP% may actually be changed to something else jaclaz
  18. Bk52 (the browser, as test application) was initially built by upstream on top of a fork of the Mozilla ESR 52.6.0 platform code; the derived platform is named UXP. Since then, both the original official Basilisk 52.9.x upstream project as well as roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0 fork have significantly diverged from that starting point, but have also diverged significantly between each other, too... IMHO, stating that Serpent 52 is "based on FF52 code" is no longer descriptive of the current situation... Bk55 (the browser, as test application) was initially built by upstream (Moonchild Productions) on top of a forked Mozilla Nightly 53.0a1 snapshot platform code, with very few 54.x and 55.x code elements merged in; the platform that was produced was named Moebius; the app (browser) built on top of it was named Basilisk and was given an app version of 55.x.x, for (if you ask me) sensationalistic reasons ; much of the initial Moebius code, hence, can be described as a pre-53 Firefox snapshot... Serpent 55 by roytam1 was forked off Bk55/Moebius; that upstream project was abandoned in favour of UXP (and Bk52/UXP); since then, St55 is being infrequently maintained as a code melting pot, merging bits of various other upstream projects (e.g. UXP, tenfourfox, Mozilla and even code from IceWeasel 53.x). TL;DR: Current Serpent 55.0.0 has extremely limited affiliation, codewise, with stable Firefox 55.0
  19. Out uBlock Origin Legacy v. (July 4, 2020): https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases/tag/firefox-legacy-
  20. Name of the update within the previous rar: "KB2726929 mscomctl_db27762575a6d9acc7d3f213a16b8dfbcf400830.cab"
  21. Office 2003 has a language binding, the correct update names include themselves and the language, for example: office2003-KB2726929-FullFile-RUS.
  22. All Office 2003 updates ordered by date: https://mega.nz/file/018DwaKR#zwilrZkk6WxhHV2hbcb-qupNKV9gSue64L2_aQSxoEY They are from an Office 2003 in Spanish. I don't know if they are valid for any language or only for Spanish. They do not have a language identifier in the file names.
  23. Run Fullscreen 0.1.0 for FF45, 47 and PM27.9.7 in OpenGL https://ca-archive.us.to/storage/631/631630/run_fullscreen-0.1.0-fx.xpi KM76.2.1 - very good, extension not needed
  24. Yep, but until we find out how to delete the added .lnk files, creating a folder would only mess it up. Creating the folder should be however straightforward (maybe), something *along the lines of*: [Optional_Elantech_Folder] Name="ELantech", 0x00000004 but of course you are right the given MS page essentially, says: you can do 53 different things with this directive, here is an example on how to do the first one (the simplest and more straightforward one), go figure yourself how exactly the other 52 can be made. We need a couple of .inf examples using this approach (I believe rather uncommon as most programs that install and create shortcut, etc, use a dedicated program installer/uninstaller and not a .inf). I'll see what I can find, but don't hold your breath. About the gesture, no further ideas, did you try with both the two and three fingers settings? The (wrong) textual instructions (which are the same on the Flash video) seem to me like two fingers related more that to three fingers, but you never know. P.S. Just found a nice thread by ricktendo here, probably the subdirectory is created automatically when creating the .link file , and the deletion seems like using a completely different syntax/set of flags , 0x0000000A,22 : https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/1904-tutorial-exotic-inf-profileitemsshortcuts/ P.P.S.S.: Maybe here is the answer, Yzöwl uses 0x6: this last snippet seems like it could be easily adapted to our problem, as: 1) it creates a group/folder (subfolder in start menu) 2) it creates two items in it 3) it deletes the subfolder and items in it on uninstall ... ProfileItems=Optional_ETDgroup.Add,Optional_Elantech_Mag,Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation ... [DefaultUninstall] ... ProfileItems = ETDgroup.Del ... [Optional_ETDgroup.Add] Name = "Elantech", 0x4 [Optional_Elantech_Mag] Name="ETD Magnifier" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDMag.exe SubDir="Elantech" Infotip="Allows to magnify an area on the screen" [Optional_Elantech_DeviceInformation] Name="ETD Device Information" CmdLine=16422, %TargetDir%,ETDDeviceInformation.exe SubDir="Elantech" Infotip="Shows senseless info about the stupid touchpad device" ... [ETDgroup.Del] Name = "Elantech", 0x6 jaclaz
  25. I corrected the IDA Tips and Tricks. Also, does New Moon or Serpent work with WildBill's NTDLL?
  26. I wouldn't go quite that far. If you were Tim Cook you wouldn't be in pursuit of patching an OS from 2007, you'd be too preoccupied depreciating one from 2017 Fair enough, I didn't take into account the x86/x64 subsystems. It's easy to forget x64 NT 6.x is like 2 OSes.
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