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  2. Portable modes: I've always liked that K-Meleon can be switched to portable mode simply by adding or removing an empty file "profile.ini" in the root folder. This doesn't just mean that 1 specific profile must be called, instead the whole "profileS" package with possible multiple ones is placed either in- or outside. Is that what the "-Profile" or "--no-remote" commandlines do for other Mozilla browsers? But: I've also always wished this KM-method could be done with a more intuitive method, since only insiders are aware of this "hidden trick". For example in KM1.5.4-TLS1.2 this file is missing out-of-box, which is a killer trap to mess previous profiles once created with higher KM-versions. At least this is very misleading for average KM-users who always differentiated portable+installer versions just by seeing the ending "7z" or "exe" The most simple and intuitive method from user-view would just be: Place a browsername.exe and a browsername_portable.exealongside in the root folder, out of box. With the portable.exe being just a little file calling the "full" exe, after telling it to look up all profiles inside the same folder. That can't be so difficult to create?
  3. actually i never done a update for windows 3.11 never to 95 never to 98 but at some point i moved to windows 98 se i never made any update to windows 2000 one time i switched from nt4.0 to nt5.0 but i rather call that a new os update the first updates i ever made where on XP for example the move to IE8 at some point in installed win7 because with windows vista i had no good experiments in 2015 i downloaded win7 from ms server and see there what it got ? windows 7 with IE8 at this time i long installed google chrome, firefox and opera but always when chrome, firefox or opera showed something not currectly i started up the IE8 and looked from there and see there the IE8 in 2015 + showed the website rightly , instead of chrome what had 1 title not showed and i got confused by the view now the end being called in 2020 raise questions
  4. I cannot make Serpent Basilisk.exe default browser because links and pages.HTMx will bypass -profile context while executing .EXE I also hate loaders.exe Why Basilisk.exe cannot have option to save and first read settings from Basilisk.INI (as portable mode detection? something that MPC-HC does?)
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  6. Thanks for the input. Personally, I don't care about my security (I don't do anything on my computers that require security), I'm all about getting the best performance on my computers. I've noticed that it isn't usually a huge drain on performance to have JavaScript enabled on Firefox 2.0 era browsers, but it will still lower system resource use. When it comes to the UXP and Tycho based browsers RoyTam1 maintains, I've noticed enabling JavaScript is a horror show on resource use. What I do is open 2 web browsers of my choice, 1 of them is for websites I use that requires JavaScript to work properly (YouTube and possibly a few others), and another browser with JavaScript disabled to handle the rest of the web sites I want to load.
  7. It all depends on how you want to use the portable. If it's on a flash drive then downloading the portable package works good for that. If it's directly on the hard drive the basilisk.exe -Profile method is preferred. I use them both.
  8. Perhaps that is the reason why Microsoft has made the Windows 7 ESU process different, seemingly more complicated than just changing a registry value.
  9. Do you really think they (the broadcasters) are going to be putting DRM on everything? You think it will be at the transmitter itself and the DRM isn't tied to the actual programming, similar to Macrovision for VCRs? Let's say they do decide to do it for PPV or On-Demand (as the article says) and let's say they put it on all the 4K transmissions. If a broadcaster's ATSC 3.0 devices are DRM or nothing, I can't see them bothering to keep those extra channels that just show Bonanza or Green Acres all day, or bothering to put DRM on the shopping networks or the religion commercial channels.
  10. It seems your WiFi card is too old to support WPA2 or 802.11g networks. It will only work with networks that are 802.11b and WEP/no-security only. http://ftp.tekwind.co.jp/pub/asustw/beta/p4bg-vm/Lan/WIRELESS/GUIDES/Adapter/2011B/intro.htm
  11. That's still disgusting to make users read huge unnecessary FAQs. Having this Portable option in Installer itself is Anytime better then making users ask here IMHO edit: I do respect your work BTW
  12. Depends on what tools they use. Original mingw and mingw-w64 compile working executables for 95+ and NT 3.50+ without any extra hoop jumping except for using dwarf and win32 threads. Visual Studio 2017 work for 98+ and NT4+ with some workarounds. For web stuff you shouldn't have javascript run anyway except when needed since other than Roytam1 browsers the browsers are not being patched. You'd think they would target as many systems as possible but in practice in most cases they are taking advantage of a specific vulnerability. If you were too write malware you would want it to hit as many boxes as possible so use the same APIs that exist in all versions of Windows but mostly they are lazy so usually they end up only working on the most popular operating systems. Security through obscurity shouldn't be used since there are exploit packages that can be bought or acquired with all the vulnerabilities that currently exist.
  13. And they're gone again. uBlock Origin is disabled on this site for me. I'm not sure if I had any since switching from 2003 back to 2000.
  14. Latest changes: Slight changes to update the text HTH Cannie
  15. I need to uninstall StartIsBack and reinstall it via SimpleClassicTheme. When I attempt the uninstall I get this system error message: "Exception Exception in module StartIsBackCfg.exe at 0006851C. TTaskDialog requires themes to be enabled." Can you please tell me what I need to do to enable themes?
  16. Awesome! This works Thanks a million
  17. Any program made by Mozilla natively supports portable mode. To do this, create a cmd file with the string: basilisk.exe -Profile "User" or add the -Profile "User" parameter to the shortcut. The folder User will be created in the program folder. Instead of "User", you can write any word.
  18. Mozilla browsers are terribly unoptimized out of the box. Hence why they run so horribly. Use the UOC Patch and Enforcer, it will make a difference. Depending by your hardware setup, you might get the fastest speed with a patched Serpent/Basilisk 52 according to the tests I have done in the latest version which I still have to release. On a very old Asus L3000D laptop with an Athlon XP 2500+ and a SiS Real256 IGP (DirectX 7 only graphics chip), patched Roytam1's Serpent 52 scrolls incredibly fast and smooth, on par with Internet Explorer, making it my browser of choice on that laptop. Which patched browser will run faster, depends by your hardware configuration. As always, YMMV. Meanwhile you can use the currently public build, N2M.
  19. Thats disgusting, why Roytam1 wouldn't think of adding portable option in the first place I don't like this type of workarounds if it was up to me, i would put entire settings on cloud and load it using cloud sign-in
  20. I only started caring about using older Windows versions when I dug up the older computers in my house for nostalgic reasons (October 15th 2016). When I used Windows 9x in 2017-2019, my web browser of choice was Firefox In that time, I went from seeing the occasional error message to being blocked from almost 1/2 the web. IME, there wasn't much of a problem with TLS 1.0 connections until mid-2018 at the earliest. It makes me sad knowing a lot of web browsers in upwards of a decade time span are becoming effectively useless due to TLS 1.0 deprecation, and knowing the browsers I used in my early years (Firefox 1.5.x and 2.x) are among those being locked out of the web. Fortunately RoyTam1's web browsers are still an option...
  21. Do you think it's possible that doing "security related tasks" with an old OS and browser will get more "secure" over time simply sue to the software (old OS and browser) becoming harder to program for?
  22. Isn't it ironic/cheeky they still mention Vista SP1+ as a supported OS, though? ...
  23. ... ESU start dates for Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded POSReady 7 are Oct 13th, 2020 and Oct 12th, 2021 , respectively; only Windows 7 Pro for Embedded Systems entered ESU period on Jan 14th, 2020 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4497181/lifecycle-faq-extended-security-updates
  24. Too funny. But, um, just how much "relevant info" are you expecting to find? I personally don't see much of any herein - *ever*. No offense, but let's not kid ourselves. People requesting issues be fixed that also exist with "upstream" -- irrelevant. People requesting an Opera build -- irrelevant. People requesting people not use CAPITAL letters or using too many quotes -- irrelevant. People having problem with HTML5 but not following guidelines already set forth -- irrelevant. People having problem with a site they never visit but it was flagged so now they think the site should work for them -- irrelevant. People following the Lemming over the cliff over the newest security hype -- irrelevant. But I digress...
  25. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend slipstreaming .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 using the HFSLIP 2000 FullPack, as it breaks Sony Vegas Pro 10 with a "failed to initialize script runtime" error. I removed the slipstreamed .NET 2.0, ran the standalone installer and now it loads. Everything else has been running smoothly on my main machines though.
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