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  2. Well, this specific version of the driver is on the Lenovo site described as 7 AND XP and I checked a couple files they have 5.0 or 5.1 as Major/Minor OS version. I also tried running (on my XP SP2) the "ETDDeviceInformation.exe" and it runs just fine (of course doing nothing), "EDTmag.exe" runs and works just fine, etc. As well the .cpl runs just fine (itr is all empty as it is not installed, and there is no hardware connected, of course). jaclaz
  3. Hi dedwot, I can't reproduce it here, maybe it helps if you disable multi core feature introduced it 4.0. [Options] UseMultiCore=0 Maybe it related to x86 version, if possible always use WinNTSetup_x64.exe.
  4. I know its a bit late for an April Fools joke, but I was busy with my new website version (nothing “new”, just dark mode added and a few JS tweaks). While I was doing that I thought of a good April Fools joke: ”KernelEx released for Windows 3.11!” LOL.
  5. How come I didn’t knew about this guide? It would possibly make Win 10 bearable for me in certain situations. I might try it when I reinstall it again some day.
  6. Hi alacran! Thanks for the update! bookie32
  7. You need only the application itself, the indexes and the Elan touchpad package. That's less than a GB. All my systems at home are 32-bit only and SDIO works just fine. I already told you that in newer versions of this driver the applications are compiled for Win7+ (NT6), why do you insist on using the latest ones? Since you've unpacked the Elan driver pack from SDIO, just go through the folders and try starting one of the included applications. If you get "not Win32 program" error, then it is too new/ not for XP. Find a version where you can run the programs, install that driver properly and try configuring it with the app/cpl. Just start it from the source folder to see if it works.
  8. I have an old Windows XP system a family member bought back in the day. I tried converting it to a W98 machine, but it had problems with games not working right. It also wanted constant access to the CABS files for drivers. Don't remember much about the errors, but they were weird. I have a list here for the hardware. Motherboard: Intel D845BG CPU: Pentium 4 (don't recall which one) GPU: Geforce MX4000 at 128 MB on PCI RAM type and amount: 1 GB DDR Has a 3.5" floppy drive (don't think it works), CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. Hard Drive Size and Speed: 60 GB EIDE Drive Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 SB0100 PSU: 300 W Case: Big, Metallic, and Beige I also took a look a the games I have. One game, Outrun (yes, I own the Sega Saturn & Switch versions), is outside my range of games (1996 - 2003) released in 1989. Don't think I can get it to run. What I truly desire is to run everything on one computer instead of two. If I stick with this computer, I will want to upgrade the components in it. See, the bulk of my games have been released in 1996 and 2001 with other scattered in between. I acknowledge what Goodmaneuver has said on finding working hardware in 2020 being a challenge. My question is should I stick with the hardware I have or go with a completely new build?
  9. To be able to set the opacity to 100%, please? Also how to add the (applicably bought item.key) to the registry, please? Thank you for the GUI, BigM! I would like to know also how to increase the transparency of everything in the windows, too? I would like to know a lot. Please.
  10. Pnyx


    I can't find any information regarding StartIsBack All-Programs refresh. Adding or deleting shortcuts does not register until reboot. Is there another way? Thanks!
  11. Yesterday
  12. >>Lastly, where do I obtain the QUARTZ.DLL Only place I find it mentioned is problemchyld's unofficial 98SE service pack Yes the service pack has it or the one I gave here https://msfn.org/board/topic/153566-windows-98-as-high-quality-video-player/?do=findComment&comment=1173681 The link a direct download from Microsoft still working I just checked. It is direct download http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3-19990518/cabpool/WindowsME.Windows98SE-KB904706-DX9-x86-ENU_3120a22628e0848051a2449a878677f.exe I can not find it in the SP either now yet I found it yesterday, it was in unofficial Direct X update I think.
  13. Ok.. some news. I tried cleaned drivers which services same behavior. I tried to disable audio devices in Device manager same problem. With XP KVM machine its running fine. VBEMP with 128 card, it completly crashing Qemu when i try to reboot, but i never i tried it with other card.. it could be there with any real physical card. I will try WinME..
  14. Back to step one: added the MSVCR and MSVCRT dlls to registry and kernelex directory, but no changes. Jumper's newer UXTHEME.dll is already included. When I launch MPC-HC 1.6.8 and 1.7.5, I no longer get an error of pins not working. But, the program gives me an error saying "Invalid file name." Lastly, where do I obtain the QUARTZ.DLL Only place I find it mentioned is problemchyld's unofficial 98SE service pack. EDIT: I realized a super dumb mistake I made. It seems I mixed up MSVCP90 and MSVCR90 with the 70 versions. I have MSVCR70.DLL in the registry. I also have MSVCRT90.dll still...I originally included these versions to make CoolReader 3 launch. They did make it launch successfully, albeit very slowly. After fixing this, MPC-HC 1.6.8 still won't open a video and gives an error claiming the name is invalid. I also replaced MSVCRT.dll from my Windows XP SP3 dual-boot.
  15. Windows ME uses the same exact video drivers as Windows 98SE, meaning that if the card would work on Windows ME, but not on 98SE, this would mean that there are no problems with the card, the drivers, or your PC. I've already seen from my experience things that worked on Windows ME, but not on 98SE. Testing on Windows XP would give us nothing as it uses totally different drivers. Also, does VBEMP work fine on that card?
  16. Yeah, the point isn't necessarily that it's usable as is, but that it shows progress, and eventually, a working solution (plus maybe a fork of 24.x, such as, say Pale Moon 25 or 26, modified to be somewhat more 9x friendly) can be possible. I agree that broken js is a dealbreaker, but if the bulk of the UI and rendering engine works (as it appears to), then there's some hope that js can be made to work or mostly work, eventually. c
  17. @Goodmaneuver, I stand corrected on quartz.dll, it does a lot more than I thought
  18. I mailed to them, and they replied they: If they ever release anything for XP, we would first need to verify how it works together with POSReady patches.
  19. Nice, you're lucky with such a board. But doesn't seem SATA to me, in Windows drives will NOT run in MS-DOS Compatibility Mode. I took a look to the 815T chipset, P-III isn't it? I found boards that has ICH2-Southbridge with a 100MB burst mode. I doubt BIOS-hacks are possible (and as far as I know MSFN wouldn't like that on their forum). In this thread I used copy speeds in MS-DOS as a sort of benchmark to compare with Windows' MS-DOS Compatibility Mode. I am not aware of good speed-testers in MS-DOS. In all my tests I copied the same 496MB file between two hard disks and recorded the time with my sons stopwatch.
  20. You can get a copy of the Extended Kernel 3.0e here: http://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/04/windows-2000-extended-kernel-30e.html?m=1 Or here: http://i430vx.net/files/Win2k/
  21. I am more than happy to attempt this despite the great danger you mentioned So, I am modifying the Kstub822 file to include these stubs Although I can not test on WinME, messing around with stubs shouldn't be needed in case of MPC-HC 1.7.5 and with SHLWAPI.DLL from IE5.5 or higher. The unresolved dependencies I showed you are harmless in my case. Please delete stubs in core.ini and try again. The right registration of Jumper's UXTHEME.DLL is more important, together with the right way to substitute MSVCRT.DLL
  22. >>I also tried to mess around with stubs. I analyzed the application with ImportPatcher, then just added whatever functions appeared to be missing to the Kstub822 file. The result was MPC-HC causing an error and closing immediately Make sure there are no duplicates that are already catered for in KernelEx already.
  23. kernel patching is rampant on 32 bit windows is usually the cause of system wide crashes with unofficial components designed for their official version 32 bit windows. An xp component patching 9x kernel; that's gonna cause panics. That includes MPC HC and others. Changes to 32 bit kernel memory needs to be observed and may prove my theory. Having KernelEx cater for kernel patching would need lots of testing because the kernel is the core of windows what the kernel says they system does!
  24. Due to Millenniums protection the need to restore could be an unsigned kernel patching component that might not cause that error in 98se.
  25. Zoom cloud meetings 3.5.53922.620 will install without problems or necessary registry fakes on w2k exkernel. Download link (I had to spend some time until I found it out): https://zoom.us/client/3.5.53922.0620/ZoomInstaller.exe It will install in documents and settings\*user*\Appdata\Zoom\bin. Then we need to hexedit cmmlib.dll, XmppDll.dll, zVideoApp.dll, search for 3.5.53922.0620 and change these entries to the final version, now 4.6.19253.0401. Then the autoupdate function cannot replace the files with the newer ones which wont work. It should also be possible to install msi file with switch to diable autoupdate. The Application works, there is only one bug left: screen sharing will not work. It produces Error message 105035 "please try later". I also installed the program on Wxp32 and 64, there the screen sharing function works without error. My knowledge about screen sharing differencies between xp und 2kexkernel is not the best, perhaps some people here can help. I begged also blackwingcat with XP last version, but he did not answer. What I did yet: there are no missing dependencies of the files in this version (only mpr.dll), except cpthost.exe is missing dependeny I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID (known to be buggy if added in exkernel). Patching cpthost.exe with wrapper rpcXP4.dll from winxp32 has no effect, error still present. All files of zoom are digitally signed, but the signation ist not valid any more because of the time (certificate ended 2019). I consider this to be not a problem, because no other errors. Any thoughts or comments appreciated! Greetings Joe
  26. winntsetup 4.0-4.1 have a same bug, winntsetup 3.9.4 - works fine
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