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  2. > speedtest with NN 3.04 If NN is Netscape Navigator, how did you speedtest with it?
  3. With: map --mem (hd0,0)+1 (hdn) you are in theory mapping the first partition of hd0, i.e. (hd0,0) to a "whole" disk (hdn) So, the first sector of (hdn) would be the first sector of (hd0,0), i.e. a bootsector (or PBR/VBR) and not a MBR. whilst with: --map --mem (hd0)+1 (hdn) you map the whole disk hd0, i.e. (hd0) to a "whole" disk (hdn) In theory the first one shoudln't work , but grub4dos automagically (I believe this may depend on the specific version, I seem to remember that it was added somewhere in 0.4.5c, but I may be mis-remember) does a few things: 1) copies the MBR from the source disk to the mem disk 2) writes to the MBR on memdisk a new single partition entry (with an offset of 63 sectors, normally) for the volume, 00ing all the others (if any) partition entries 3) copies to mem the actual volume 4) corrects (if needed) the sectors before in the BPB of the volume I am attaching a couple of screenshots that should help explain the above, I am mapping, for the sake of the example to two different mem disks to show the differences. Everything is fine and dandy . jaclaz
  4. I dont know if this post will be read again but man, i got a asus laptop with a mobility radeon X700. I try your solution but i may fail, i find catalyst 4.11 but not sure its a good one. I had this : "RADEON X700 Series Secondary " = RV410_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_0940103C&REV_00 "RADEON X700 Series Secondary " = RV410_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653 but i looked in the inf there is no RV410. So i looked to the xp version and the model is : "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700" = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_11B21043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5652&SUBSYS_18811043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5652&SUBSYS_19621043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_11221043 SO i make a copy of the catalyst driver 4.11 and i add the last line. Well its worked but i got limited to 2 color and 16 color and the c panel for ATI no want start. I edited the xp driver with making a copy of all the register files, ini and inf than i rename from C2 to C9X. Then again drivers is taken but not possible to install the ati software and use it. The color is still limited to 2 or 16 color. If you read my message can you help me or make me a package with your driver for this graphic card ? THanks you
  5. R410 is obsolete, so I update the driver to 431.98. Now I can play Quake II RTX demo at 20 FPS. FurMark test result: http://www.ozone3d.net/gpudb/score.php?which=825921
  6. Thanks! I don't need it yet but I want to be prepared for when these changes hit stable, just incase my manifest workaround stops working one day
  7. It is always worth the five minutes it takes to try and change the major/minor OS in the executable. A number of executables are perfectly fine running in XP BUT they are compiled with a "default" setting targeting 6 (Vista). This results in the error "This is not a valid Win32 application". Get CFF explorer: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=388 Open with it the (copy of the) executable and select "Optional Header". Then change: MajorOperatingSystemVersion to 5 MinorOperatingSystemVersion to 1 MajorSubsystemVersion to 5 MinorSubsystemVersion to 1 and save. No idea if this applies specifically to Inno Setup executables, though. jaclaz
  8. 1) You will need to read "dictionary" as "directory". jaclaz
  9. It gave some better performance on my Pentium M laptop, heavy sites load better without hanging the browser :)
  10. The task manager shows not only the memory consumption, but also virtual memory, the swap file. Therefore, applications can use a lot of virtual memory without consuming RAM.
  11. Patch download here: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2018/01/windows-xp-ram-patch.html Instructions found in the 7z archive: 1. Place contents of the "For System32 folder into C:\WINDOWS\system32; Replace .exe and .dll files in System32 2. Enter "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers", copy contents of "For Drivers" folder (all .sys files) to the dictionary 3. Enabling PAE Click the start menu, then run (alternatively pressing win + r). Type "C:\boot.ini" then add "\PAE" at the very end of the last line of text. SAVE the file! 4. Reboot and enjoy up to 128gb of ram on your Windows XP installation ;) I understand the instructions, except for the word "dictionary." Is the patch author using the word "dictionary" because of this definition for the SYS file extension? "SYS is a file extension for system file device driver or hardware configuration file format used by Microsoft Windows. A SYS file also houses system settings and variables for the drivers that enable Windows to talk to your hardware and devices." The patch download is actually two 7z archives: 1. WinXP128GB_PAE_PATCH_Dibya.7z 2. Windows_XP_128GB_double_pae_addon_final_byDibya.7z Number 2 is found inside number 1. Do I extract everything in both archives? I'm confused.
  12. Thanks for the information deomsh, your suggested proxy is fantastic. Now i won't have to reboot for file downloads. Lots of work-arounds to keep Windows 98 functional.
  13. Hi. KB3244476/KB324446(5.0.3900.xxxx) based on Windows 2000 "SP5". It breaks some compatibility. So, I does not recommended to use it.
  14. Very nice setups, hope you still have them despite the technicalities.
  15. There were a couple before these ones, but I don't count them due to various technicalities. In 2010 I received an IBM PC 300GL type 6564-S8U. a PIII-500 with 256 MB PC100, 8.4 GB HDD and a Diamond Stealth S520 (S3 Savage4). It was running XP SP3 with realtime AVG, so it was unbearable. I downgraded to a Windows 95 OSR 2.1 + Windows 2000 dual boot. I must say it felt like a breath of fresh air as I was getting bored with Windows XP after several years of 9x/2K withdrawal. It's presently running NT 4 and now has a DVD-RW drive and a GeForce FX5700 LE; since I installed the latter, I was finally able to install the USB supplement for Windows 95! The next year I was gifted an IBM ThinkPad T41 running a spartan Windows XP Professional, with a Pentium M-1.6, 512 MB DDR, 40 GB HDD and an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. I ran a few games here and there and wasn't very computer literate then so it was the best-performing XP config I ever had. And SimCity 4 + mods + cities > 100 000 ran far better than on my Kaby Lake disaster. I still use it, trying out everything from 9x to NT4 to Warp 4.51. The sweet spot is win2k/XP of course.
  16. ... CPU-Z wasn't causing any issues for @sukistackhouse , though...
  17. My first computer was the Commodore Vic 20 back in the 80's, still have this and in working order, except 2 broken keys. Second was a early 90's $4000 one, that ran Windows 3.11, 486SX, 33 MHz to 66 MHz, 1 MB to 4 MB ram, cannot recall if it was 40 MB or 120 MB hard drive, dialup modem, do not recall video. Sadly got rid of it many many years ago.
  18. Just for completeness, CPU-Z 1.90.1 also installed and works fine on XP for me. I'm afraid that and Partition Wizard are the only programs on your list that I have installed.
  19. While there's no doubt the ESET v12.2.30.0 range of products had been officially released on Oct 2nd 2019, as per @Vistapocalypse's link above, the second link of his only gives access to 64-bit builds (under the "Early Access" category, submitted on Sep 27th 2019 ). OTOH, the official ESET support site, when searched for older versions of ESET products, https://support.eset.com/en/download-and-install-eset-offline-or-install-older-versions-of-eset-products lists as latest v12 version the one, where indeed an official download link for the 32-bit flavour is present: E.g. the direct link for the Antivirus product is The plot thickens by the fact the downloaded installers don't display a v12 file version, but a v10 one (!), e.g. file eav_nt32.exe from above link is of version (a fine mess, if you ask me...); so, if anyone has official (/unofficial?) links to the 32-bit setups of ESET v12.2.30.0 products, do share!
  20. Yesterday
  21. the installer run and install in W7 W8.1, but in windows XP show IS NOT A VALID W32 APPLICATION. in this pc Im testing Posready 2009 (coreduo 3 ghz, 4 gb ram), I choose minimal install 770 mb installed after drivers and the Windows Update until april 2019 included NFWs and Visualc included 2019. Maybe is missing some component Only virtualbox, minitool PW and WondensaharePdf has this issue. Posready minimal install boots and perform fast and is stable i wiil try to find a solution.
  22. ... Makes sense; the installer is of the Inno Setup v5.5.7 type; I downloaded and unpacked the installer for MTPW 11.5 Free via Universal Extractor 2, but I kept logs for the process; here's an excerpt: ... so I'm not sure what's awry in @sukistackhouse 's case... Might be the fact the installer is only SHA-2 code-signed (but then why would it work in @Dave-H 's XP system?) ...
  23. @jaclaz Thank´s for posting. I did as you asked. Can´t post pictures anymore, so here is the full screen "written-down" (except txt after hex). Not sure if you only want the partition-table of the Memdrive. I can upload full MBR-dump's of the Memdrive and/or the USB-bootdrive - if needed. Booting command-list Found 1 USB devices. Device Num: 0x80; floppies_orig=0, harddrives_org=1, floppies_curr=1, harddrives_curr=1 FAT32 BPB found with 0xEB (jmp) leading to the bootsector probed C/H/S = 64/255/63, probed total sectors = 1028160 00000001BE: 80 01 01 00 0C 01 01 40 3F 00 00 00 41 B0 0F 00 ; 00000001CE: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ; 00000001DE: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ; 00000001EE: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ; 00000001FE: 55 AA ; Can you elaborate please what you ment with your comment: "maps the first (primary) partition to the whole device (i.e. it should be a superfloppy), unless there is something else going on , the (hd0,0) reference should not be valid. It should be: map --mem (hd0)+1 (hd0) to map the whole disk." I am afraid I don't see the problem, why "not valid"?
  24. Hello, I have noticed recently that when I check taskmanager, the RAM usage shows as if it were using more RAM than I even have installed (1GB). Although it shows such high usage compared to what I really have, my computer still seems to be responsive and fast. I have also noticed that after a restart, the ram usage will be back to normal, but when it is left on for a few hours the RAM usage gets a lot higher than it should ever be. I have run multiple virus scans with Malwarebytes, superantispyware, and spybot with a clean report. So why is taskmanager falsely showing such high RAM usage??? Replies are appreciated! Check out the picture I have attached.
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