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  2. I'm really sorry to say that I excluded an important detail , which is I actually tried installing Vista first with an iso of vista business sp1 x86 and I got the errors. Any more suggestions to get it running on my laptop?
  3. well i dont have x86 vista , but the people that do say that it works flawlessly , graphic drivers are not available for Intel HD 520 probably an issue with x64 vista
  4. Because of your question I assume you have a single partition for your Win7 and maybe also a first little (150MB) hiden partition for the boot files/folders. You can do an UPDATE install on same drive location. Verify first if your HD is MBR or GPT (for UEFI) formated. If your drive is encripted desencript it now, if you used a HD password on the Bios/UEFI, remove it. If yor actual system is booting fine. I recommend to first fully defragment your HD before put the HD on new hardware, or you can do it from a WinPE on the new hardware before installing or reinstalling the OS, and make sure therere is enough space for the new install on same drive. Easier way is put your HD on new hardware, open the Bios/firmware and select CSM if your HD is MBR formated or UEFI if it is GPT formated. You need to be very carefull with this. Make sure the OS to install is compatable with the new hardware and if there are drivers available for it. Boot from from your 7, 8.x or 10 DVD or USB (it has to be same architecture x86 or x64 as previous install), and select UPDATE during install (no matter if it is same OS as previous), on same OS previous drive/partition location (without formating it), the install will put all old system isolated into a folder (Windows old) on the root of the drive and make a new fresh install on same partition, (no need to change name), keeping intact all your documents and almost all programs, of course you will need to activate it and maybe reinstall or update some programs if they are not compatable with new OS installed or hardware. NOTE: during install use same user name and password to avoid troubles with protected or encripted files (by Windows) on your documents folder, or they will not be accesible latter. alacran
  5. are there logon or service failures or any such things on vista x86? and are graphics drivers available? and are there any errors during preinstallation environment like the ones I encountered?
  6. according to many people out here it works properly compared to x64
  7. Where did you obtain the download? I could not get Paint.NET past version 3.51 to launch on Windows XP or Vista
  8. I managed to get to the beginning of setup both within Windows and outside Windows but within it, this "Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this hardware" error popped up after a couple of minutes. And outside, I was stuck at the load drivers screen that always popped up sometime after the EULA appeared. Further guidance would be appreciated and if this whole thing is impossible, I'll keep using 7.
  9. Hi siria. Thank-you for the information. Couldn't get any release of read-easily*.xpi successfully modified for my RetroZilla either. Glad it works for you with the @roytam1 build. Feel free to post on the RetroZilla Community Edition thread, including a download link to your modified extension. Please specify it's for the @roytam1 build to avoid future confusion.
  10. Well obviously , it cant load the needed drivers to install ,0x0000007B means it cannot get a disk to install on , the only way would be to get the AHCI drivers working somehow or change to IDE/ATA Mode , this issue doesnt happen in Vista and above ofcourse due to Microsoft having inbuilt basic drivers.
  11. will this also fix the issue where random services dont start? example Windows Audio , Superfetch and even explorer.exe i wonder
  12. Tried it with just SP5.1 integrated and also SP5.1 + two different drivers integrated separately. It loads devices much faster with WinSetupFromUSB but I still got a BSOD with 0x0000007B.
  13. so, do i "split volume" or "resize volume" (using acronis disk director)
  14. Yesterday
  15. The last version of Paint.NET I ran on XP was v4.0.6
  16. VMware Workstation 10-12 installers (and possibly earlier) will need the original Vista kernel32.dll. If they try loading with mine, then they proceed to call all kinds of absent ntdll functions. But 11 and 12 still do not install because the Windows Installer is apparently too old for them (do they need 5.0?). So it appears that a LoadLibraryExW replacement is needed to solve the Haswell+ logon bugs. The hotfix substantially changed the structure of the function beyond the changes between Vista and 7; these changes were carried over to all later versions of the function through at least Windows 10 1809, it seems. But as a such a crucial function to the OS, it is rather complex. Indeed, a full implementation of it as in the W7 hotfix would require two new functions (BaseGetProcessDllPath and BaseReleaseProcessDllPath) that in themselves are quite complex. So I tried substituting them for two functions imported from ntdll plus several other differences. This caused the OS to reboot several seconds after the boot screen had faded out (so before the orb appeared). So it looks like I'm going to implement the Windows 10 1809 version of LoadLibraryExW since it doesn't call those two functions. But it asks for LdrGetDllPath and RtlReleasePath, which do not even exist in Windows 7. RtlReleasePath is quite simple, but LdrGetDllPath is extremely complex. So I need to look for a suitable replacement for LdrGetDllPath. So far I haven't been able to do so (I tried RtlGetFullPathName_U), as I've only been able to get the cursor to appear before automatically rebooting.
  17. it needs to be a different partition , then on the same disk is possible , which i am doing currently , triple boot vista 7 and 10.
  18. I have two laptops that are working fine with the update. I just had to adjust the touchpad for the task view issue though since I updated that one to V. 2004
  19. Wha, wha wha wha what? ! Tell me, are you a cyborg? Just curious.
  20. Odyssey client gives up connecting to my network at all, now about boingo is that it takes some time to connect to my network (including hung ups and time outs)
  21. Hey! i am jimsmith. i have already introduced myself on another place. But could i ask you a question? from which you are>?
  22. My name is jim smith and i am from pakistan. After 2 years i finally i think i found a forum for fun and future use
  23. Nothing actually. CosmoDreamy just made a remark about Microsoft, that they should take a look at the Windows version that was current in the year 2004, so Windows XP, and take it as an example when working on Windows 10, in terms of quality and such. 2004 is indeed the latest stable Windows 10's version number, but looking at the number itself, you can quickly make a connection to the year 2004.
  24. Remember a while ago when we were talking about 0patch and I said that I was wondering whether to buy it or not? Well, I bought it a month ago and it's been working fine so far. I also just received three new patches today. I didn't notice any incompatibility either so far. I think this is the closest thing we can get to the Microsoft Premier Support and its extended updates without paying an eye and a leg. https://i.imgur.com/1Y87o5D.png
  25. so heres the problem, my hard drive is full of stuff and now i'm gonna get new Motherboard, new CPU ... so obviously i need new installation, but because the issue at hand, i cant format the drive... i know in past windows could be installed again on same disk just another name (Windows1) or smth can win7 do the same ?
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