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  2. Sorry for the delay; it's been a busy week. I can understand MCP removing Primetime support, since the Windows versions they support have WMF and thus don't need it the way XP users do. I can confirm that under Win 7, Primetime works on Serpent 52.9.2019.11.15 (with media.ffvpx.enabled & media.wmf.enabled both set to false) just as it does under Win XP. And Widevine is visible, although I still have v1.4.8.903 for some reason. (See attached thumbnail.) Unsure why it never updated to v1.4.9. Not sure it matters now, since one needs 1.4.10 now and AIUI 1.4.10 isn't yet compatible with Serpent/Basilisk. I'll recheck with 52.9.2019.11.22 tonight, but I expect you're right: Primetime and Widevine will still be visible but Primetime won't work. IIRC @dencorso originally installed Primetime because the built-in support (media.ffvpx.enabled) produced distorted audio on some sites. I asked about this issue not long ago, but Serpent users were getting around it by just setting the Firefox compatibility settings in about:config (apparently some web sites use an audio codec Serpent/Firefox can't handle if they don't see Gecko/Firefox in the UA). BTW, thanks for the "FT-DeepDark" theme link! Only problem I see is that the "Tab Tally" drop-down menu has very low contrast with it. Know of a way to fix that annoyance?
  3. Hello and welcome to the MSFN forums May I ask where did you retrieve an UNSIGNED version of the Kill Sticky firefox extension? This is of the Web Extension (WE) format and, as such, it can't be found inside the CAA addon, while ALL versions of it currently hosted on AMO are SIGNED BTW, the latest version there is 1.6, not 1.4; both claim to be Fx 52 compatible (but we've known from past examples that this is not written in stone, Mozilla may be - and have been - wrong, I'm convinced no-one of their staff manually tests released WEs with older - unsupported - Firefox versions ). Now, although Serpent 52.9.0 has retained whatever limited WE support was originally present in the UXP platform (contrary to official Basilisk 52 which has ditched WE support altogether ), Serpent 52 is NOT ON PAR with Firefox ESR 52.9.0 when it comes to WE support; several WE APIs were removed upstream (by MCP) from Serpent, so telling us that a certain WE addon works in Fx52 but doesn't in St52 isn't something conclusive... I decided to investigate myself, and Kill Sticky v1.4 is an id-less extension, a type of WEs that is not supported in Serpent 52.9.0/UXP out-of-the-box; if you've made the common mistake of transplanting an existing dirty Firefox 52 profile onto Serpent 52/UXP, then it's no surprise the extension got disabled... When changing browsers, always start with a new, clean profile! Trying to install Kill Sticky v1.4 in a Serpent 52 new profile, you'll be met by failure: As already mentioned, this is because it's an id-less WE; but you can patch the XPI file yourself to add the missing id, e.g. edit its manifest.json file like below: { "manifest_version": 2, "name": "Kill Sticky", "version": "1.4", "description": "Kill off the annoying floating things blocking the website you're trying to see", "icons": { "32": "icons/32t.png", "48": "icons/48t.png" }, "background": { "scripts": [ "background.js" ] }, "permissions": [ "activeTab" ], "optional_permissions": ["tabs"], "browser_action": { "default_icon": "icons/32t.png", "default_title": "Kill Sticky" }, "applications": { "gecko": { "id": "kill_sticky@mozilla.org" } } } Of course, that way you'll invalidate the extension's signature, so you can also remove directory META-INF! Have you reached so far yourself? Is this what you mean by an "unsigned" version of KS 1.4? I have no trouble installing my patched version of kill_sticky-1.4-an+fx.xpi in a clean profile of latest Serpent 52.9.0 (2019-12-06); its button shows up in the address bar, the addon is listed as ENABLED in the AOM, and it doesn't get disabled after several browser restarts : Slightly OT, but if you want an extension that can remove "web page overlays", then the legacy extension Behind The Overlay v0.1.6 (via CAA) works nicely in my St52 profile... I personally believe this is not "extension blocklist" related, but deleting a blocklist would only offer a temporary remedy, as the browser will automatically re-download it and place it within its profile... Best regards EDIT: Apparently, boolean user pref extensions.blocklist.enabled (defaults to true) controls the blocklist implementation; there exist several other extensions.blocklist.* prefs, one of which is extensions.blocklist.url; I guess by modifying its current value (string) to an invalid URI, you can stop the browser from fetching it... But I stress I don't believe myself the OP's issue is blocklist related... (but i could be wrong, once more... )
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  5. OK, but I deleted the blocklist and the addons were not included it anyway. More disabled addons:
  6. Maybe do a New Hardware search from the Control Panel.
  7. Believe me, that is really appealing, and I've tried the hex-editing trick en masse to try to run the games that come with Windows 7. But none of the modified W7 DLLs could be hooked and it went nowhere. You might be interested in this program used to automatically redirect APIs, ExtendAPI: However, the missing dependencies are in files such as ntdll and kernel32, which could make things difficult (you will temporarily break ntdll and kernel32 if you mess with it using extendapi). We could then add XP's files and keep hex editing and hex editing our way to... who knows.
  8. I'm behind NAT, yeah, so I'm not sure this is much of an issue in that case. So why not add the missing dependencies? That should be easier than conflicting DLL dependencies, right? By the way, this is my first post from Windows 2000 on this site. I got it all set up just right and I even have all my email accounts in MailNews, now. Only thing I can't do on W2K at this point is work with encrypted files, and since this is in a VM right now, sometimes there are audio issues after a while until reboot of the VM.
  9. Means full version name for 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 for clarity but may have just been confusing.
  10. You may prefer the slang builds (sl) with brighter colors. The installers should work with Windows 7 or later (so adjust Windows 7 SP1 in kernelex). https://invisible-island.net/lynx/ http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 ftp://ftp.invisible-island.net/lynx/
  11. Potplayer v.191211 (21093.0) is out: http://potplayer.daum.net/?lang=en
  12. Actually, I can start KM74, but it runs only if I disable Javascript. Otherwise it crashes without even being able to type an url to load. The only browser that I left on my Win98SE VM is the MS one (IE6.0), because I am still searching for the "chosen one". Strong candidates are SeaMonkey and RetroZilla. Hopefully RZ's developer can update it enough to almost match the experience I have with Win2K and New Moon/SeaMonkey. Opera is an outsider, but non-presto engine builds probably don't work well so the only way it can win is a fork of an old Opera version with updated stuff, no vanilla old Opera versions can play Youtube at the moment. I uninstalled KM after that, because of that and because I disliked the UI. I like the SeaMonkey UI and (maybe) the New Moon UI with a Netscape theme. Back in these days, the Netscape was my number 1 browser until its sad downfall. I had switched to Firefox later and before I could even start using Chrome I switched to macOS and Safari, and never looked back again. Chrome is a no-no for me since it eats RAM like a monster.
  13. Try adding the FullName : https://www.windowscentral.com/how-add-your-full-name-local-account-windows-10 EDIT: found where I read about the issue: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-10-1903-login-screen/ce270499-fa3f-4c6c-9e50-bdf852f05501 jaclaz
  14. What switches in about:config did you use to connect to sourceforge with retrozilla? There is an Issue about it at github: https://github.com/rn10950/RetroZilla/issues/37
  15. @JFX Sorry I didn't know it is already applied on WinNTSetup. @wimb It was only an idea trying to avoid the need to boot in Safe Mode, and yes it is a good practice the way you do it.
  16. UXP has different blocklist than firefox.
  17. Curl and associated files go in the same folder as the AWGG executable. AWGG has no help file but is pretty straightforward to use. Curl has built-in help which can be displayed by running it using using the --help argument. AWGG runs with default KernelEx settings and curl requires 2K compatibility mode (with KernelEx 4.5.2). You can set curl as the default download engine in the AWGG options (original default is wget I think).
  18. > I think Retrozilla 2.2 will not be able to negotiate 1.2TLS with sourceforge > and github nowadays, at least here I'm not able to do so. Just a quick little test, those pages are refused in KM1.6 but work OKAY with my Retrozilla: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/releases https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/files/k-meleon-dev/ (SF: and after loading must kill styles to unhide the file list and links) My current Retrozilla is Roytam's 2.2 version, just because I got it first and it works. Some day will try the original authors younger 2.2 version too. The forum comments sound like it probably contains yet more ciphers, and has that additional aboutconfig trick mentioned above. > K-Meleon 74rv:38.9 for winnt 2000 runs stable on my Windows 10, but not on Windows 98. > It freezes like I mentioned before for Firefox 23.0. So I'm not sure what I'm missing, > maybe some additional Servicepacks or dll files, that I don't know. You're mainly missing that it's build for Win2000, not Win98 ;-) Luckily it runs anyway, but with some killer bugs. Just curious, have you tried if your better system has the same bugs that I mentioned above? Freezing in general: of course I'm blocking javascript wherever possible, or would constantly run into freezes too. Perhaps that's why Lynx works better for you? (PS: where can I get that updated version?) But even with blocked JS my KM1.6 and KG74 freeze temporarily while loading heavy new pages. Not all, not instantly, only a bit later. There are hints it may be related to loading external resources (images etc.) after the main document was already downloaded and "Ready", just not finished with parsing yet.
  19. Well i remember in some early reinstall of WIndows 98 i got the two devices listed in the driver list but since i deleted one it never got back even after some reinstall. I should propably make a full new install with a WIn98SE without unofficial patch for get it back. Maybe do you get a tips for reveal it.
  20. Multiple reasons: 1. Trying to preserve HDD's boot sector avoiding repeated (re)boots. My machines have always run 24/7. 2. The 98SE machine doesn't have enough power to run any higher OS decently. 3. The XP machine came with XP already installed and didn't want to mess it up. 4. The notebook is relatively too new for 9x, most drivers are probably unavailable; original 1TB HDD had Win10, replaced it with a 250GB where there's Ubuntu and Mint already. 5. Other reasons...
  21. Hi jaclaz AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Administratör Description=Fördefinierat administratörskonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Administratör PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-500 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\DefaultAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet. Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=DefaultAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-503 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Gäst Description=Fördefinierat gästkonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Gäst PasswordChangeable=FALSE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-501 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Ingrid Description= Disabled=FALSE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Ingrid PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-1000 SIDType=1 Status=OK AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\WDAGUtilityAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet för Windows Defender Application Guard-scenarion Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=WDAGUtilityAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-504 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded Can't see any problems here... bookie32
  22. Hi siria, I think Retrozilla 2.2 will not be able to negotiate 1.2TLS with sourceforge and github nowadays, at least here I'm not able to do so. K-Meleon 74rv:38.9 for winnt 2000 runs stable on my Windows 10, but not on Windows 98. It freezes like I mentioned before for Firefox 23.0. So I'm not sure what I'm missing, maybe some additional Servicepacks or dll files, that I don't know. Maybe someone can give me a hint. All the acceptabe browsers regarding TLS and certificate handshaking are freezing here and are unuseable, or midori doesn't show up at all. The only working browser is lynx for me, but e.g. it isn't capebale to use javascript and therefore the SF file browser isn't working. Also it doesn't acceptz copy and paste from other browsers address bar for using deep linked downloads etc. I'm testing the browsers on my Windows 10 Virtualbox Host-Computer before I decide to try to install and run it on the Windows 98 virtulahost client, because testing all browser versions by trial and error and see THEN, that they don't cope with sourceforge.net and github.com is way too exhausting.
  23. Opera 12.18: > Apparently - it was even mentioned on MSFN forums somewhere - You cannot, but you can use > some files from the 12.18 install on 12.02 install, like Opera.dll and gstreamer folder, I think. I know what you mean, but nope, that turned out a dead end. Just recently was also confirmed in that topic. Had just wondered if it might be possible anyway in your heavily updated 98, since you can even start KM75.
  24. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog-6.1#v0 "Linux host: Drop PCI passthrough, the current code is too incomplete. Not useful." So the dream of GPU passthrough from Linux host to Windows guest (like XP) on a dual GPU system ends here. The code was incomplete and bugged and has been like that for years, but rather than improving it, they dropped it. This marks 6 years of unsuccessful project. Congratulations Oracle... -.-
  25. Apparently - it was even mentioned on MSFN forums somewhere - You cannot, but you can use some files from the 12.18 install on 12.02 install, like Opera.dll and gstreamer folder, I think. I can't find the link now - I am on the move at work now. But I expect it to be a troublesome experience. I will just "cheat" and change some parts of the Windows 2000 (boot screen, logon and shutdown banners, and some other places I can't remember now) to show Windows 98 branding. That will do for now. Unless roytam1 or someone else comes with a magic browser supporting HTML5, CSS3, TLS 1.2 and running on Windows 98... Web developers need to ditch jQuery - you definitely DON'T need jQuery in 2020. They need to go back to vanilla JavaScript (yes, I know jQuery is nothing more than a JS framework), at least a very basic JS experience is enough. Most of the things you needed jQuery to do can be done with CSS3 now. I for one can understand the Netscape's very early developers reluctancy to use scripts in their browser back in late 90's, before they were sold to AOL and switched to a Mozilla fork before its death. "Why do you need scripts to run a website?"
  26. Yes updating inf would be good if driver worked. Forcing the install is all that is required to test the driver. As you know, update driver, and choose manually the driver to try from within the install list. I think that some laptops used two different GPUs, one for the screen and the other for the VGA output. One was in chip IGP and the other was external graphics like the ATI driver. This would show up in Device Manager I would expect though as two separate display adapters. I wonder if plugging in an external monitor would switch off the laptop screen? Have monitor plugged in before powering up the laptop to see. If it does then this is worth a try to use the VGA output and try the driver.
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