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  2. It's there for me, under "Connected Domains": Adding and enabling the filter list you linked to, blocks it (green colour turns to red) ! Screenshot of the uB0 logger with the tracking script blocked: I've opened that actual script inside a private tab and it's indeed nasty...
  3. My 1st computer was a Burroughs B6700, back in '80. My 1st personal computer was an MSX, the Gradiente Expert XP-800, a brazilian clone of the National CF-3000. The 2nd was an IBM PC-XT.
  4. Wow! I was 10 when that came out. I had to look it up.
  5. UPDATE! Some more improvements in scrolling have been noticed after tweaking the two parameters below in the following way: apz.allow_checkerboarding - False gfx.color_management.mode - 0 So, all the versions of the UOC Patch have been updated accordingly. Please update!
  6. Otter v1.0.81[weekly300-xp] uses OpenSSL 1.0.2o, so that fact alone empowers it with support for a plethora of cipher suites (and TLS versions); not only a great number of cipher suites are already enabled by default, you can also add additional ones (out of the many OpenSSL supports): However, the xp (and Vista) compatible package (compiled with QT 5.6.2) uses gstreamer as the media backend; because of patented decoders (h264, aac) licence issues, the distributed binaries lack support for h264 decoding and this is a deal-breaker for me in today's media-rich web; the Win7+ packages are compiled with a higher QT version (5.13.1, requires Win7+) which comes with support for the native WMF framework (present in Vista+), enabling access to OS provided patented decoders; to cut a long story short, Otter v1.0.81 on XP/Vista will load fine cote.co.uk, but won't play the background video... The reason Opera 36/XP doesn't, also, play the background video is quite similar; the browser (unlike Chrome 49) doesn't come bundled with a h264 decoder, the OS has to provide that through WMF; but, as you know already, XP lacks WMF . FTR, Opera 36/VistaSP2 does load the site and does play the background video... Best regards
  7. Even though it has been suggested that it might just be that the restaurant is for discerning customers only, I thought that this site's behavior was very bizarre. I figured that no restaurant would want to exclude any potential customers, even if it only excluded those still using IE11, which admittedly might not be a bad decision. In my mind, this was a fault in the programming of the site. So unless the "missing" cipher suites, that Win 10 supports, are added to Win 7 and Win 8.1, this problem will continue to occur, because lazy site programmers will continue to exist, and will probably grow in number. Of course, those of us who never use IE if at all possible, and instead use a legitimate browser, might never run into the issue, but I think it is still worth knowing about. And I think it would be a good thing if all of the TLS and PSK cipher suites that Win 10 supports could be added to Win 7 and Win 8.1, if possible. TLS Cipher Suites in Windows 7 shows how to select the order of the cipher suites that are used by IE and your OS: ...but I believe that is only applicable to the cipher suites that are already a part of the OS, and to add any that aren't probably requires an update, like what was done with this one - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3161639. I have no idea whether it is possible to add the ones from Win 10 somehow, officially or un-officially, but it would be nice. Of course, if site programmers would just stick with Steve Gibson's cipher suite suggestions - https://www.grc.com/miscfiles/SChannel_Cipher_Suites.txt - that would also solve the problem. I also thank @VistaLover for his testing and reporting his findings. Very informative. Cheers and Regards
  8. Yesterday
  9. caliber, the patch you listed is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would not require restoring my entire system from a backup if it failed. You did not provide a link, so I googled the title: Windows x86 (32bit) 4Gb-Fix (Up to 128GB) [ver.] The search results listed a Russian site. I don't understand Russian. Can you provide a link for the patch?
  10. Caliber said: > now I have both gecko and firefox set to false and > have modified the UA individually for different sites and it seems to work. > but it's a pain of having to manually modify every site one by one... Not every site needs tweaking, only some. And once set, the prob is solved automatically next time. But one can certainly assume there are a lot MORE sites which are happy with gecko/Firefox as without. So personally I'd keep the compats enabled, to save a lot of tweaking, but of course that's bad for Goanna statistics ;-) Caliber said: > how can I solve this issue on Serpent 52 ? Your screenshot shows you've set compatMode.version to FF70. It's no wonder if some servers send you code which really requires FF70... And that compatMode for AppleWebKit certainly affects some sites too. It's a complicated balance which compatModes cause more good and which more harm, but have no own experience there. Perhaps other users of your browser can contribute more insights.
  11. It still affects all the videos on VOD.TVP.pl. Polish national TV provider, might be geofenced. It was reported first time over a year ago by @kitaro1, so won't likely change...
  12. It's not a driver problem as far as I can see.
  13. the gecko mode is active by default now I have both gecko and firefox set to false and have modified the UA individually for different sites and it seems to work. but it's a pain of having to manually modify every site one by one...
  14. Caliber said: > the problem is that in some streaming sites the video miniatures are not displayed > with Firefox mode activated. With site-UA: > it has no effect, the problem persists Most likely either: - the page contains elements from other domains too, which must be tweaked too - or you have a useragent addon installed which disabled the native UA-system, but this can easily be tested
  15. For the Windows File Protection (WFP), go here: https://www.win-raid.com/t5586f45-Windows-File-Protection-WFP.html
  16. tl;dr - All that was going from MS servers I downloaded using Powershell Start-BitsTransfer cmdlet. links in the file I posted, courtesy of everyone involved in collecting them. Rest, so the files located on third-party servers, I downloaded manually, file by file.
  17. Just for the record, on XP both Chrome 49 and Otter 1.0.81 open the Cote website fine without HTTPSProxy enabled. Opera 36 does as well, but again without the background video. My ancient version of Safari for Windows (5.1.7) also opens it, perhaps rather surprisingly, but it's not formatted very well. IE8 doesn't want to know without HTTPSProxy of course, just producing a "page can't be displayed" message. With HTTPSProxy enabled it just produces a blank white page. Thanks for all the research you've all done, especially @VistaLover, I really wasn't expecting all that! I guess it is worth looking into though, as potentially other sites could have the same problem.
  18. Receive full setup. I got my Athlon 4 tweaked to 1,4 GHz with 256 MB of ram, Winfast GeforceMx/Max 400 with 64 mb Ram on AGP bus, K7S5A Maiboard, 300W power supply, FDD drive, CD/DVD-ROM, 40 GB Seagate ATA HDD and 56K modem. system was a dual-booting win 98 and win 2000 Professional. Peripherlials? encore speakers, A4 tech ball mouse with scrolling wheel, Chicony Keyboard and Samsung syncmaster 755 17" CRT screen. If you need any more details, most of this hardware is still in my house, even if not working. PC is still operational, now with windows XP and Modem replaced with 100 Mbit network card, although rarely used. I needed to replace HDD (now 80 GB), and power supply. DVD-ROM is nearly dead, but I have additional CD-R. Keyboard is used to this day in other PC, and I bet you, will I find more of this model anywhere, I'm buying a full supply. I had an opportunity to check multiple Dell/Microsoft/Logitech 'office' keyboards at work and this one beats 'em all, more pleasant to write, more responsive, more reliable.
  19. I made a .reg file for it. I think best place is HFSVCPACK. Greetings font.reg
  20. The audio just died on my desktop recently. This guy apparently stumbled on the same issue: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2238479-windows-10-no-audio-output-device-is-installed Though the circumstances are a bit different. Only one thing is certain; when some state gets messed up on Windows, one is very lucky to be able to find the cure that doesn't involve reinstall. So things are quiet now. I wonder if trying to debug the audio service would reveal anything. Deleting stuff under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices (Capture and Render under Audio) doesn't help, though the entries reappear when getting Device Manager to detect and add the devices again. I deleted them after turning off Windows Audio Endpoint Builder and Windows Audio services.
  21. Sorry, forgot to say that neither "Cancel" nor "Retry" does have any effect.
  22. NETAPI32 from XP: If you replace netapi32 to XP version, we have 2 missing APIS in samlib.dll ->SamGetCompatibilityMode; SamRidToSid SAMLIB from 2k3 have all functions, should be compatible... ESET SMART SECURITY v8.0.319 v2015: I succesfuly installed this version from 2015, but there's 1 missing API in ADVAPI32.DLL: eComServer.exe->advapi32->RegSetKeyValueW RegSetKeyValue its easy to implement. Add this from VISTA 4051
  23. If you want the full 12 gigabytes, and acknowledging any stability issues that it may cause. You have to copy ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe and hal.dll from the system32 folder in the windows install to the folder with the patcher, run "WINXPPAE /ALL" and overwrite the files. It is recommended to do that with a fully updated windows xp SP3 install. according to daniel_k: "You may test the files on a running system by replacing the files from another OS (otherwise File Protection will restore the files).", for ex. boot into a live cd (for instance, Hiren's Boot CD 15.2), load the Mini Windows XP and replace the original files in system32 (and in the DllCache folder, that's where the windows file protection restores files from) with the modified ones by the patcher.
  24. it has no effect, the problem persists
  25. 32-bit: http://web.archive.org/web/20181026103325/https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20758/a08/GFX_Win7_32_8.15.10.2761.exe 64-bit: http://web.archive.org/web/20180202165350/https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20758/a08/GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2761.exe
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