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  2. Windows XP License

    AFAIK, @rloew and @Destro are correct. The license has to match the version. The SP level is totally immaterial. And as Destro also said, it is possible to change the version of the source you have in order to match the license you have access to. But again, the SP level has nothing to do with that. You might be thinking of the Upgrade discs that were sold, for XP SP2 for example, but the license that went along with that was only required if you were "upgrading" from a non-XP OS such as Win2K. If you already had a licensed version of XP, then SP2 was available for download for free, and would install with the original XP license you already had, as rloew explained. Cheers and Regards
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  4. The Intel message belongs to their CPU microcode updates which are delivered via BIOS updates for several machines / motherboard OEMs. Dont install them at this moment, wait for days (weeks / months - years?) for good working solutions...
  5. Windows XP License

    That's really strange — I always thought they had to match the service pack level. Websites like eBay don't like when people try to sell software licenses, but you can always try this method!
  6. StartIsBack translations

    Hi, excellent french translation, except that the file is not saved using the correct ANSI code. I include a corrected one that is perfectly OK. Thanks. FR-FR.txt
  7. You're welcome! I should also mention that temporarily disabling User Account Control would be a good idea before running the script, otherwise you'll get a prompt for every single update before each one installs, which is very annoying to deal with. To disable UAC: 1. Open User Accounts. To do this, click the start button, type "accounts" in the Start Search box, and then click "User Accounts" in the Programs list. 2. Click Turn User Account Control on or off. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click Continue. 3. Click to clear the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box, and then click OK. 4. Restart the computer. Now you should be able to run the script without getting tons of annoying prompts.
  8. Windows XP License

    The License has to match the XP Version (home, professional, etc.) not the service pack level. The Service Packs are free so you could always upgrade later if you started with older Media. Read the exact License terms on the CD. You may be able to sell the License legally if you destroy all your copies installed with that License.
  9. Windows XP License

    I always thought that the license had to match the installation medium. For example, you can't use a RTM license with a Windows XP SP2 CD. I didn't know about the setup.ini hack however! That could definitely come in handy — thanks!
  10. Yeah,I agree with you about this !
  11. Windows XP License

    theres no difference between a SP2 license and a vanilla license. A license for XP is a license for XP provided that it is not a blocked license due to piracy reporting. Service packs install or slipstream regardless. There is a difference in the media only by changing the pid in the setupp.ini you can convert like a retail disc to accept OEM keys or a OEM disc to accept retail keys etc.
  12. Windows XP License

    Is it on a sticker on a PC? I would say it's not legal to sell, BUT people would still buy it (like me because I'm getting a new ThinkPad that probably won't come with one. I'd say it's probably worth something, especially if it's at least an SP2 license! Most people wouldn't want to bother with anything older.
  13. Thanks, that was a great help!
  14. Hello everyone! I have been using Mozilla Firefox ESR as my main Web browser for the big "social media" which demand all the latest "HTML5" and JavaScript dingledongles and multimedia support. I have just received a notification that the latest update, 52.6.0 ESR, is now available for download. I read the release notes and it says that the update includes a patch to mitigate the new Spectre vulnerability. Before I irreversibly alter my system by updating, I wonder Would this update cause intolerable slowdown to a browser which is tasked daily with loading some of the slowest, most horrible Web sites ever to be constructed, or Would it be stupid to forgo this update because of the security risk, being online, as well as all the other security updates that are part of this package. Thanks, Thomas
  15. Windows XP License

    Licenses like that are not transferable. If it was a new license unopened w/ unused sticker and meadia you could sell a OEM license with accompanying hardware only like a CPU or a motherboard or just a graphics card.. Provided that it is not past some sort of date that MS has set. But if its a old license no. You can only sell that license with the computer it is on. So if you still have the computer like even if it is broken you could technically sell the broken computer /w license.m ofcourse he person who buys such a thing could do anything they want with the lcense at that point but it is illegal to specify that. My guess is there is not a lot of demand for such a thing, and an XP license is worthless pretty much even if its a legit license. I cannot say why that is on here but I think most people just pirate XP at this point and don't care. It's like the person who goes on antique roadshow and thinks they really have something only to find out there are billions of copys of it and is also faked a lot.
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  17. Windows XP License

    I have an old Windows XP Professional OEM license. Main question is if there's a way that it's legal to sell. The machine that it was on has long since failed and I've long since moved on to something else. The language I'm seeing when I search this question is kind of sketchy. Any ideas?
  18. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    After change of KernelEx 4.5.2 to 4.5.2016.17 on my "test system" Ren'py still runs. So probably it isn't a problem of KernelEX. r3muxd, you should start a new topic here in the Windows 9x/ME forum. Or maybe you had expected other tests?
  19. Hello, I bought a licence for Aero Glass for WIn10 10.0.16299, everything works fine, but at Windows boot still appear a well known small window with "Your DWM is incompatible". I think, this is a question for Big Muscle, but does anyone know how to get rid off this annoying window? The "Again" button in this window does not work. In fact, it looks like that: Thank you for help, Peter
  20. Lack of Linux Enthusiasm

    As a matter of fact the point is exactly that (with all due exceptions ) most people here are not "fans" of one Os or the other, they are (largely) "simple" users of it, more or less desperately trying to have the stupid thingy work as it should, in some cases (please read as "often") notwithstanding the efforts of the good MS guys to make Windows (you choose) either Android or an X-Box. You can also whine about the lack of Linux talks here. The worst that can happen to you is that jaclaz would reply with some sarcastic note. Who knows? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Que_Sera,_Sera_(Whatever_Will_Be,_Will_Be) Maybe, just maybe, you could start some Linux related topics and see if there is response in the audience. jaclaz
  21. Just choose the minimum amount available and that will do the job for you. The license is very cheap, you could also consider donating more so that you've extra keys available for you.
  22. If you donate an unknown/unstated but sufficient amount of money to the developer he will likely send you via e-mail a code/file/number that allows to disable the watermark and pop-up, The Author has decided to follow this model which is NOT the sale of a license. You show him your appreciation (by sending him what you believe is an appropriate amount of money to support the development) and he may (if he believes the amount adequate) give you one or more codes/files/numbers, Not that it makes much sense to most people, but this is how he decided to manage the stuff. jaclaz
  23. This sure is a ginormous janfu! In any case, even if Intel gets its act together, I doubt they'll ever release BIOS updates for any processor older than the currenly supported ones (and maybe the latest to reach EoL, that being the 6th gen ones). Every user of any previous processors is on his/her own, no matter what Intel releases. Not very bright as a perspective, but thankfully most of this Meltdown/Spectre talk is FUD, anyway... And may be a heaven sent way to get people to upgrade hardware, provided they come up with something "safe," before eventually crashing & burning for the lack of it.
  24. hi how do you get full version of aero glass 8 without water marks and pop ups please there is nothing on the web page about it
  25. Hi

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  26. Lack of Linux Enthusiasm

    I think there are a fair amount of Linux users on this forum, they just don't seem to talk about it very much, outside of the side comment "I also use this."
  27. Both would do nicely . Use as reference NOT the first post of this thread, but rather the CarterinCanada's guide: After having duly read/understood the: AND the: The last two explain - among other things - why the adapters/converters you found are OK. jaclaz
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