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  2. I don't have 5-8 on my XP system, but I don't think I'm missing anything. I think 10-13 replace 5-8.
  3. I don't think it adds any features; just bug / security fixes
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  5. The Microsoft link to the Format Converters file indeed doesn't work, but that file and all the others are in the packages @actinium has pointed to in the second post of the thread.
  6. seems possible, will have a look later. This is most excellent news! Once again, really grateful for such stupendous support Addendum: Relevant GitHub commit: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/f4af0a7
  7. Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability: May 14, (CVE-2019-0708) Microsoft have issued patch updates for this, including for older now unsupported OS, like WinXP SP3. Update can download from this MS webpage at the moment. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4500705/customer-guidance-for-cve-2019-0708
  8. alright it works. new Saturday binaries will work with 1.3 compat mode.
  9. some of those links when following goes to M$ website, but says this is No longer availible Could someone pm me a place I can get the 2007 &.or 2010 Office downoad
  10. Sorry again for the late response @actinium. Yes, it was indeed a .rar file, sorry for the confusion. I actually repackaged it as a zip file myself! The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack.rar file wouldn't actually open with my old copy of WinRAR, it said it was corrupted, but it does open with 7-Zip. Thanks very much again!
  11. I don't often come across docx or xlsr files most i ocme across are still in old format i quite agree there is No gains from one to another all i see it as it is a update/upgrade for the sake of it to make more money
  12. @Mathwiz @DrWho3000 The Compatibility Pack should work with just a base install, but there is a SP3 update for it (KB2526297) plus many other subsequent security patches. See this thread where @actinium has kindly given links to a repository of all the necessary files to install the pack, both for installation and updates until EOS. As an off-topic aside, I never managed to get the Windows 98 installation beyond base level, SP3 would not install on Windows 98.
  13. What about the inability to run Jupyter Notebook? Is there anyone who could provide a clue about it?
  14. Did you have to install any kb updates for this Compatibilty pack to work (I know where to get them in the windows catalog) or was it hust a simple install I found this compatibilitypacksp3-kb2526297-fullfile-en-us also this OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu with XP 2002 I'm sure I only had the 1 installl disc (which is AFAIK a full one), but have seen there is a upgrade ro it with a 3 disc I seem to have 3 folders here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared Office Office 10 11 and 12 all withe the mso.dll dile I Still have ALot of the old 95 A & B ,98, 98SE official install CD's
  15. I would like to know what programs should be deleted in the section where the options for deleting files by name are found. for example I would like to leave XP and Windows 2003 as a base. That is to say. I want to erase all the programs that come in these systems. I just want to leave the default support. and the essential libraries. someone could make a list in txt, with everything that should be removed. Including images, help files. Programs and tutorials. eth
  16. seems possible, will have a look later.
  17. @erpdude8 Ouch! Sorry that happened to you. As of right now, I'm only installing the IE10 and Flash updates. My security-only updates stop at November 2017, but that will change at the end of the year. I figure when I update to the next Firefox ESR (or whichever browser I move to), I will also install all of the security-only updates since then (except for the Spectre and Meltdown ones from a year ago).
  18. KB4499171 May 2019 Rollup & KB4499158 May 2019 security-only updates available May 14. --- aww gosh darn it! After installing KB3191565 (WMF 5.1) using the batch file, rebooted then uninstalled the April 2019 rollup (KB4493451) and the existing Realtek HD audio driver and rebooted, my aunt's Win8.0 pro PC ended up going into a Win8 "Automatic Repair" loop; guess I'm gonna have to either do a "refresh PC" repair using the Win8 DVD or do an overwrite install of Win8.0 from the DVD (almost a "clean" install), either way I'll have to spend a few days fixing the mess I created (which kinda sucks) - perhaps after re-installing Win8.0 from scratch I'll leave out WMF 5.1 since I didn't really need it anyway
  19. The KB4494440 cumulative update has been superseded/replaced by KB4505052, which includes the gov.uk fix for v1607 like KB4494440, KB4505052 also requires the KB4498947 servicing stack update anyways, I'm using LTSB 2016 on some of my older PCs
  20. (From another thread, but relevant to the topic of this one) I don't think the situation is that awful. Not that it's good; but there are differences among those nations: AIUI the Chinese government requires all Web browsers made available in that country to spy on their users, while Western agencies (e.g., NSA, MI6) prefer to concentrate on hacking, cryptanalysis, and massive data collection. So I can't discount @Bersaglio's concerns about Chrome 360 so easily. Not sure where Russian browsers stand, but American-authored browsers wouldn't seem to be riskier than those from other nations just because the NSA does what it does. But I do worry about Google; like many privacy-conscious Internet users, I have a love/hate relationship with them. They really do have the best search engine (still), and if you avoid Google Sync, I don't think Chrome is significantly worse from a privacy standpoint than other browsers. Yet their data collection overall would make the NSA blush. "Why don't you use our 'free' email service, 'free' online appointment calendar, and watch a few 'free' videos in your 'free' time?" I avoid Google (even Chrome) if reasonable alternatives exist, just to send them a message that I disapprove of their business model. So where does that leave Chrome 360? Well, to me it seems more Chinese than Google. It replaces Google Sync with its own accounts, so I see no risk of the data it collects being Hoovered up into the Googleplex. It will, of course, be Hoovered up into China, but I'm personally less worried about what President Xi might do with my browsing habits than with all the unnecessary Internet traffic it generates. (Methinks my Internet connection might take a performance hit if my browser insists on connecting to China, or even a local proxy, every time I click on a link.)
  21. i wonder how you could make SSD-drive working on your P3! cannot install on GA-7N400Pro2 and on Asrock Alive-Dual eSata2 had to attach on second channel using a different chipset.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Didn't mean to imply otherwise. But I figured it was worth a try anyway....
  24. Yes; I think what happened (@Roytam1 can either confirm or correct me) is that after the crash was reported @roytam1 reverted to NSS 3.43 and re-uploaded the 20190427 builds. Thus I think all NM 27 builds on his Web site are crash-free. I think both the original 20190427 and the previous 20190419 builds were based on beta builds of NSS 3.44, but there were changes between the two; presumably one of those changes accounted for the NM 27 crash.
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