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  2. Such "revelations" themselves could be fake news. Personally I think Microsoft is doing no less than trying to ruin Windows on purpose. They don't want the responsibility of being in the operating system business any more. -Noel
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  4. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Sure (maybe with a note next to it just as you described). Man! you work hard greenhillmaniac.
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to get the device drivers for a Dell Vostro 3560 (a 2012 laptop) running Windows 7 Pro x64, from the Microsoft Update Catalog (https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx) I'm using the Hardware IDs to search the catalog for the required drivers. However I'm noticing that the available drivers listed there (after my search) are all for "Windows 10 and later drivers" The thing is that if I use Windows Update the WUA retrieves and install the drivers, I wonder if it gets the ones labelled "Windows 10 and later drivers" or if it download other ones from another location.. I wonder if I should use them anyway or if there is a method to fetch the drivers for the same devices released for Windows 7 instead.. What do you think? EDIT: I've also noticed the dates of the drivers, they are all from 2015 onwards.. Thank you!
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  7. How to create Windows PE from windows 10?

    Late reply.. Thank you for the suggestion jaclaz, much appreciated OT: I have a question concerning the "Microsoft Update Catalog" in what section of the forum should I post?
  8. SatirsBack++ 2.6

    Hello! Since SatrisBack updated to the 2.6 version, I have an error and I need help to solve it. Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you in advance!
  9. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    New update spotted on askwoody's KBNew: KB4088874 - CPU usage at 100% when you move files in Windows Server 2008 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4088874 http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/search.aspx?q=4088874 Seems to be a fix for a bug introduced in KB4041995 (October 2017 update)... Should I add it to the repository?
  10. windows 95 on gateway 600yg2

    is there any significance in this patch compared to the other updates that may similarly do the same thing? i guess what i'm asking is if there is any performance differences between this patch and other related ones and just as a patch alone, what functional purpose it has? also is this patch free or cost money and how much space is the patch file or contents altogether? i have found something else that may be similar so far which i renamed to "ultra ata storage 98SE-NT 4.0", so it works on both 98SE and NT 4.0, however, not on windows 95. i have not actually tested it to see if it would change the drive name and provide other functional improvements.
  11. im not even using compatibility mode
  12. It plays fine here with Basilisk 2018.03.06 But I have to press the "play" arrow twice to start the twitter videos (not a problem).
  13. reproducible, but same ffvpx used in bk55 doesn't happen and I've no clue.
  14. Black screen in Windows 10 after logon

    It is not a problem unique to Windows 10, I've seen it happen in other Windows versions. As OP states, it works on one profile but not another. So we are looking at a corrupted user profile, and the easy answer is to create and use a new profile. Basically the issue would seem to be that Explorer is not launching. You can confirm this by logging into the bad profile, then open Task Manager, and then run the new task explorer.exe.
  15. My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

    There's distorted audio while playing this twitter video in Basilisk
  16. Black screen in Windows 10 after logon

    Maybe should been posted in thread: Official - Windows 10 worst crap ever! imho
  17. Hi, I encountered a problem in Windows 10, probably after update. I have 5 new Dell Optiplex computers. On some of them (2) after login nothing appears on screen, screen is completly black, but system isn't frozen. I can run for eg. cmd or task manager. On one comupter problem exist only on user account on other on admin and user account, rest of comupter works fine. All computer have same hardware and software and are on the same net. Can you help me and maybe know what may cause problem? Regards
  18. Nice findings, VistaLover. I figured it was simply a UA string detection that prevented the installer from being delivered to Vista users. They are 'dimwits' indeed I've yet to test the stub installer on Vista, but the latest offline installer offered by FileHippo works just fine on Windows Vista Like you, I don't use Dropbox but since it's a pretty popular piece of software, there's bound to be a few Vista users that want/need to use it so it's nice to keep this stuff documented. I also find it funny how the software refuses to connect to the Dropbox service on XP and Vista, but once you run it in compatibility mode for Windows NT 4.0 SP5 (or, as @burd reports, Windows 2000 works too), it connects just fine since they didn't bother to block OSes older than Windows XP... Forced obsolescence at its finest (although they didn't do a very good job at 'forcing' it if you ask me LOL)
  19. Those dimwits ! They're just performing browser user-agent sniffin' and block you based on the NT 6.0 part of that string; here's my attempt at https://www.dropbox.com/install with roytam1's Basilisk v55.0.0 (2018-03-17) (32-bit) browser; the sent UA string is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.0 Firefox/53.0 Basilisk/55.0.0 and the outcome of my attempt is shown below However, if I create a new string pref in Basilisk55 (or Pale Moon - FirefoxESR 52 does not support per-domain UA overrides, you need extensions to do this there...) like that: general.useragent.override.dropbox.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0 then the "vendor's site" is quite happy to serve me the stub-installer: and then Then the question arises, will the stub-installer work as intended? I have no current need for dropbox , so didn't proceed with the installation...
  20. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MARCH 21-22, 2018: Added UNS tag to and updated information about ShareX: the software now requires Windows 7 or later, but continues to unofficially work on Vista (with modification). Vista compatibility could cease with any given update. Added OpenMPT to "Audio & Music Creation/Editing Tools" section. Updated information about Dropbox on Windows Vista: the software must now be downloaded from FileHippo, as the vendor's site only allows you to download the software if you're running Windows 7 or later. Just to clarify, the workaround that I discovered back in January still works (as of writing this). Increased all section headers to font size 16 for easier reading. Re-arranged sections (again) to what I believe to be the most to least relevant (this is the last rearrangement for a while - I promise! ) Removed ONG tag from Microsoft Silverlight entry; added Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50907.0 as the last version for Vista in "Additional Microsoft software/utilities" section. The software has more than likely been discontinued by Microsoft, as it has not received any updates since June 2017.
  21. Out of curiosity, I decided to download the latest version of OpenMPT (audio/music editing/creation software) to see if it would work in Windows Vista. Upon downloading the software, I opened the installer and was given these options: Obviously, one would normally choose "XP/Vista" if they were using these operating systems, but again, out of curiosity I decided to select the Windows 7 version and, lo and behold: However, I am greeted with this error message every time I open the program, but I can simply click "No" and the software stays open and works as normal, despite the claim that the software "will exit now": After testing the software (albeit not extensively), I found no problems using the Windows 7 targeted version on Windows Vista with SP2, Platform Update, and Platform Update Supplement. After testing the 7 version, I uninstalled it and installed the version meant for XP & Vista, and found no discernible difference from the Windows 7 version, other than the fact that the OS nag error no longer appears when starting the program. Considering I don't use the software myself and only tested it out of curiosity, there may be advantages to the Windows 7 version over the XP/Vista version that I don't know about, however some features may not work on Vista due to missing APIs. For this reason, I will add OpenMPT to the list and inform users that the Windows 7 version appears to work just fine, although the nag when starting the program may get annoying after a while...
  22. Last week
  23. In reality, majority of GPUs handle composition with glass effect just fine. But in the end the choice for the lowest common denominator was there to stay. When you think about the fact that removal took collaboration between 9 departments, then it was re-implemented single-handedly by @bigmuscle. Just wow! And the ability to configure it to one's liking is always a plus. This is strange, the talk about there being no time to implement a flip-switch. Windows 7 actually has transparency switch in Window Color and Appearance panel. Or the thing about boot process on Windows 8+ being so fast there's no time to register F8 keypress at startup. Documentation about BCD setting bootmenupolicy states that in default state, the keypress is ignored. But that's not what they said when they were promoting Windows 8. Seems that larger amount of obvious bugs manage to slip through these days. Breaking something in the code is really easy. Developers always tend to find things that could be done differently, for better or worse, then a buggy update is released and people rant about it on the internet. I know in this case you meant the design decision to remove Aero Glass. For some of these decisions, we're lucky to get a really good alternative. Aero Glass didn't have as much configuration options in Windows 7/Vista, did it? I remember some hacked Windows 7 DWM DLLs floating around that make window frames completely transparent.
  24. @Mcinwwl Only @heinoganda's repacks of these updates are safe. Please ask him using PM. Or refrain from installing these updates entirely.
  25. Hi guys. Is it safe to go with KB4074852 and KB4056615 or should they wait just one-more-month laid off?
  26. UxTheme Signature Bypass

    I ended up patching system files with that method as well. No dependency on AppInit_DLLs and secure boot status, no random blue screens or cancelled logins that may arise when using Aero Glass's CreateRemoteThread method, no issues with .deskthemepack files, works when applying themes via Windows 10's Settings app and the chosen them loads even in Safe Mode. Interestingly, with original files, system just falls back to default theme in Safe Mode rather than freaking out. Also ran the patcher on 32-bit system to get patched versions of 32-bit files, for consistency.
  27. Bit Rot is a type of PEBCAK. :yes:

  28. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    My Win10 Build 16299 install is still going. No apparent data corruption despite the strange errors in Event Log. Windows Update history almost fully clean with one failed Flash Player update which got installed successfully the second time around. How did hibernation file get a size of less than half the RAM amount without touching powercfg remains a mystery, but it sticks after correcting the setting. Found another inconsistency. Using USB tethering to access the internet via Android smartphone and setting *NdisDeviceType to 1 in registry to stop the system from creating and asking for a new network location every time it's plugged in makes the notification area network icon indicate no internet connectivity. Clicking on it does show the Connected status for the device and so does the network indicator on the login screen. UWP apps behave as if there's no internet so can't check for updates. Internet Explorer browses the web just fine. Still getting a bit stuttering graphics with NVIDIA's Windows 10 graphics drivers. The issue goes away with older ones predating Windows 10. Newer drivers for older systems refuse to work on Windows 10. It seems they've made software compositing via WARP slower. Got smooth window animations on Windows 8.1 in safe mode, but they're choppy on Windows 10. And the big UWP app opens after logging in and tells you you're not connected to the internet. Did they forget to make safe mode with networking mandatory? Regarding the Settings app; I don't know if things are better in 2018 when it comes to stability. Back in 2017, it would almost always crash on me when going through the settings A - Z, somewhere in Privacy section. They've also changed auto accent colorization change to quick and abrupt from smoother variant (eg. when the desktop background changes). The background change is still animated and the AnimationDuration setting in registry respected. Maybe the swift accent color transition is meant as an optimization? Smoother version does spam application windows with more WM_DWMCOLORIZATIONCOLORCHANGED messages, but looks nicer. Now what rough edges may the RS4 bring?
  29. Yes, this is the 64-bit version of the software so it's located in Program Files.
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