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  2. Thanks for info. Im not sure, but rLoew(RIP) maybe also had some encrypting software for Windows, but im not sure, bad i have bad memory and of course it would be compatible with modern OSes.
  3. I suffer from this slowness with Yahoo mail since January 2019.... I have even tested it under 360 EE or Maxthon but the problem persists. However google Gmail is pretty fast and smooth with any browser.
  4. Can we separate discussion about Roytam's browsers from your comments on MCP and their boards. Sorry fr being a don in the monger, but once y'alll be trying to find any relevant info in this thread through all that ot...
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  6. I am using roytam1's great browser builds and I am always wondering, why are they running so slow when using XP. The same browser build used with Win 7 (32 or 64 Bit) runs much much faster. Ads are not the problem, neither is the agent string used. Even if there is nothing I can do about it, I am interested in the reason. Here is one site which is free of ads and shows up pretty quickly in Windows 7 with roytam1's KM-Goanna, Basilisk and PalemoonXP, but won't even load completely in Windows XP: https://www.binance.com/de/trade/BTC_USDT PS: No discussion about crypto's please.
  7. Yes it does. Personally, I think if the broadcasters mandate DRM (as appears likely at this point) it will merely ensure the new standard never becomes the dominant one. DRM would require anyone selling a 3.0 tuner to figuratively sign their business's life away to get a key. Only the biggest TV manufacturers (Samsung, LG, etc.) will be able to afford to do so. TiVo will be the only DVR maker that can do so. SiliconDust, maybe (they managed it for CableCard access), but you can forget about any $40 3.0 tuners, as the 1.0 world now enjoys. And of course the tuners would have to use HDCP, so say goodbye to component video; and the TiVo recordings would be encrypted, as they are for (some) cable recordings now (depending on what channels your cable provider flags with DRM). So we'd be paying more for equipment that does less. And for what? Higher resolutions than most folks can even see? "Interactivity" (which failed with ATSC 2.0)? At best, it sounds like ATSC 3.0 might become a niche market for videophiles, like HD Radio became for audiophiles. OTOH, maybe the broadcasters will force the issue, by (say) lowering ATSC 1.0 picture quality back down to SD and/or dropping some of the subchannels you've come to enjoy. You want to keep what you have now? Then you must "upgrade" (and put up with all the DRM restrictions).
  8. Just a guess on my part but Pale Moon/UXP support will probably continue on Windows 7 for as long as Mozilla supports it and by the looks of it that's going to be a while. 68esr is good until next September and then 78esr for another year unless they break it in the next four nightly versions, highly unlikely. Windows 7 is still being supported by Microsoft if you pay (or install a hack and get the updates for free) for three more years so it's going to be another POS Ready situation.
  9. Sigh .... no I'm not trying to get kudos of any kind, and my running Windows 8 was just for full disclosure that I personally had no fight in the game. So don't like my posts then. :(
  10. The legal way to get the POSReady '09 updates also required payment (for POSReady '09). I suppose a distinction could still be made: if the POSReady '09 XP hack wasn't published until after POSReady '09 was no longer available for sale, then the hack could be considered not stealing since you couldn't buy it from M$ anyway. But it does seem like a rather fine line we're not crossing. At any rate, perhaps a more acceptable route would be to do what POSReady '09 did: spoof a different Win 7 version, perhaps Server 2008 R2. It would be more challenging than the XP registry hack - I think you'd need to hook GetProductInfo, so it would require some programming - but sounds prima facie doable.
  11. ... Adding to what my friend @Vistapocalypse posted, MCP dropped Vista support in Pale Moon with the release of v28.0.0 on Aug 16th 2018, a mere 16 months after Vista's own EoS (end of Extended Support by vendor, which was Apr 11th 2017); so yes, XP diehards shouldn't be moaning over this... Would I have wanted official Vista support to have continued past Tycho (v27.x.x) (and that would've been at a minimal cost, considering how much similar Vista & 7 are, both NT6) ? Of course yes ... But when MCP started developing UXP (forked off FxESR 52, both XP/Vista compatible), Vista had already reached its EoS, so, in his own words, he didn't want to implement support for a "dead" OS in his "new" application platform... https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=134148#p134148 Addition: In a now hidden () GitHub comment of mine, my own view on the matter: Just for the sake of clarity, Moonchild's response(s):
  12. Me thinks a Windows 8 user accusing Moonchild of hypocrisy in the XP forum seems like an easy way to gain kudos, and indeed TechnoRelic seems to have liked your posts, but I don't. Microsoft's EoL date for Windows XP was April 8, 2014. According to Pale Moon - Release Notes for Archived Versions, that was soon after version 24.4.2 was released. Did Moonchild "steadfastly" rid Pale Moon of Windows XP support by the end of the month? Absolutely not! Pale Moon 25 and 26 continued to support XP, and version 27.0.0 wasn't released until 2016-11-22 - more than 31 months after XP's EoL. If Moonchild ends support for Windows 7 before August 2022, then Windows 7 diehards would actually have something to gripe about - and btw support for Windows 8 might also end at such time...
  13. Doing a little research it seems Notepad++ 5.9.1 (ANSI) is the last version to support Windows 9x/ME as per user PeterJones on the Notepad++ community forum. you can find version 5.9.1 here be sure that you download the bin.zip or bin.7z version... the .exe installer only has the Unicode version which doesn't work on Win9x/ME.
  14. There's different ways of doing it and the -no-remote -Profile method is how I've done it with different thunderbird versions.. If you're using a portable on flash drive another way is to download a portable FF version then swap the App/firefox folder with a renamed basilisk. Works just as good and doesn't require a profile.ini either.
  15. You could also try petrus's suggestion: That idea should work with any FF-derived browser (NM, Serpent, Navigator, etc.)
  16. I haven't read the topic (registration required, and it's not a big enough deal to bother registering) so I'm just guessing that they're following Google's timeline for Chrome, rather than M$'s timeline for Win 7 itself: As to Win 8, it's interesting that it's newer than Win 7, but also hit EoS earlier (since everyone was "supposed" to upgrade to 8.1). So if/when they do stop supporting Win 7, they might just set the minimum required version to 8.1 and we'd all be out of luck. But it may also have to do with programming. Another guess of mine is, it's not really any harder to support Win 7/8 than it is to support 8.1. If so, MCP may not see much advantage in cutting off Win 7/8 support in terms of removing code from the product. The chance to remove code and make the browser package smaller seems to have been one of their motivations to drop XP support (less sure about Vista) back in the day. You were perfectly clear; that's why I said you probably wouldn't like my solution! FF 52 doesn't support SSUAOs (at least, not without considerable tweaking), so an extension like "Good Twitter" is needed to send Twitter a different UA (so their Web server will use the old interface). However, this also causes Twitter to send the audio that @roytam1's built-in support wouldn't have handled correctly, but since you're (of necessity) using Primetime with FF 52, it plays fine anyway. As for getting it to work in NM, his built-in support is probably getting the sampling rate wrong somehow. Unfortunately I don't think anyone yet knows quite how to fix it.
  17. The way I run it in portable mode is to rename the basilisk folder firefox and also basilisk.exe to firefox exe then swap that with the App/firefox folder. You can put your profile named "Profile" in the data folder. Edit: should have mentioned that this requires downloading the portable firefox version then swapping the renamed basilisk and basilisk.exe with the portable firefox version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Ed./
  18. They probably figure since they're doing the work to maintain it the inconsistency is just fine. Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla can be just as inconsistent at times and they will always find ways to justify it. On Windows 7 I'm using this version since it restores many of the features they've removed so either way I'm glad the support is still there and hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.
  19. Hi How do i run this browser in portable mode? because everything i run this on a different computer, i've to set everything from scratch! Any command line context?
  20. You run the proxy on an XP or above host and then point your old machines to to it. The modified Firefox browsers I posted were intended for your Qemu test, not on host Windows 98. They can be found here: https://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/home.html For 2000 with BlackWingCat Extended Kernel Seamonkey 2.39 and 2.49.5 works
  21. VirtualBox 1.5.6 is the final version officially supported for vanilla Windows 2000, but VirtualBox 2.0.4 is the final version using a modified kernel driver made by BWC. But, if you use the extended kernel and core, you can use VirtualBox 4.1.22 (and possibly up to about 4.1.32 - 4.2 introduces driver incompatibilities). However, you must manually install the kernel/networking/USB drivers from the "drivers" folder in VirtualBox's program folder using the included infs. USB 2.0 passthrough seems to be broken, just like in 1.5.x.
  22. I guess we'll see how it is handled. This website indicates it is in ESU: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search?alpha=Windows Embedded Standard 7
  23. Well there is always a way. We'll see what the ATSC 3 tuners end up supporting. My guess would be that they would want to couple the DRM into the HDMI spec. Will we get set top tuners that will still have composite on them? Even my modern 1080p tuner still has a coax out on it. If the DRM ends up only on 4k content (and even so) it may not be an issue if you pass it through an AVR first. Only time will tell.
  24. Oh I agree that Matt's co-operation with the crew here is tremendous. I just hate when people are disingenuous in any manner.
  25. title.. Help can't find the option. got startisback++ 2.9
  26. (MAT) Mat A Tobin (PALEMOON affiliated programmer = Borealis Browser , more) is now supposedly supporting to contribute to BRANDING activity with regard to RT's Browsers (WinXP OS). But to be certain , for MAT , the goal is also to minimize annoyance to MAT (PALEMOON) too. Which actually , Mathwiz did PULLS to fix the HELP URLs active in the RT Browsers , to aim at RT websites. That was done via no prompting from MAT either. So , not sure what that means for MAT or PALEMOON. But , Mathwiz sees an upside to working with MAT on BRANDING of RT's Browsers , same here. As to IF that anything will actually come of it (RT BRANDING and MAT) , not sure. But at least there is a notion to listen to MAT. Rather than to freeze out MAT over past friction events. As to "flip-flopping" or even trolling (?) behavior based on "bugs me" , actually FINE here. JT replied below --> "Matt's co-operation with the crew here is tremendous." ... NOT quite sure what "crew" that you mean it. And RT (himself) seems somewhat underwhelmed by BRANDING notions , but okay. JT replied below --> "I just hate when people are disingenuous in any manner." ... The INTERNET is a big place.
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