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Making custom cd's, windows PE, and unattended ins


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I have a lot of experience making custom cd's, windows PE, and unattended installs.. If there's enough interest i can post guides on making custom unattended cd's.

One cd i've made has xp home, xp pro, win2k pro, win2k server, win2k adv server all on one 700 meg cd, all unattended.

Another cd i've made has xp home sp1, xp pro sp1, and winpe on a 700 meg cd. The nice thing about this cd is you can install XP home or pro unattended or regular (you type in the serial and everything).

I haven't seen anything on this site on winpe. Winpe is the future, which is obvious now that longhorn uses it to install.

I also have a lot of $OEM$ tweaks that i haven't seen anyone post. I could post some of my tweaks.

Is there interest in any of these topics? If so let me know. I have a ton of stuff. Also let me know what topics you guys would be interested in.


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I make too.windows 2k pro and server with updates,patches one cd

But winpe.I have some problems.Can you personalized this cd?I want to use for shell ERD commander.Because its better classical interface.I have both.I want to merge all.If you have interesting ideas.Please share us? :)

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