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Making custom cd's, windows PE, and unattended ins

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Hey Gosh, please show up here. Do you enjoy when you throw the bait? :rolleyes:

I am almost finished with my cool unattended multiboot cd, thanks to your (and others') participation. I also did your source reduction trick, but now my next exciting step is to make all work with a WINPE install.

How could you put WinPE+XPPRO+XPHome on a single CD maaaan?

Q2: Does the WinPE based install like the reduced source fileset? (or I have to make the whole slipping stuff from scratch?)

Q3: Does WinPE-based install process everything what is processed otherwise? (cmdlines.txt,$oem$,application installs...)

BTW reading the threads I saw a lot of ridiculous and childish fights between you and others, if you need my opinion, i think first of all they should not react in a negative way. If you know something and write it with confidence, some people are likely to perceive it as an ego-question rather than helpful info...

Isnt it childish to have an argument about inf files for example? if you did that face2face in life, it would be really funny :) (i can imagine Gosh and Greenmachine in front of a computer yelling at each other about windows setup hahahhahehohu)

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