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  1. Iexpress.exe

    Does this only work on Microsoft .msi's or all .msi's? Greatt tip and very good tutorial GreenMachine
  2. Added this to my cd and installed it in in VMware and then ran Windows Update and then this showed up with others: Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Windows XP (KB826939) and the download was 228kb. Does this happen to everyone or did I do something wrong? I selected only that one to install and it downloaded and installed in minutes. Not sure what's going on or if this is normal by the way it was slipstreamed into the cd. Thanks Sidespike
  3. Very interested over here also. So please share the wealth of knowledge that you posses with the rest of us and future visitors Thanks Sidespike
  4. Windows Update Setup Program

    I finally was able to get it about an hour ago, thanks. Pretty cool little proggie.
  5. Unattended CD

    Ok I was wondering what everyone puts on theirs and what media they use to burn to (CD or DVD). The reason I ask is that my applications that I want to install are bigger than a CD can hold. I can use a DVD but that is only for one PC the others do not have dvd drives in them. Has anyone else came to this and what did you do to make it work for ya. All applications are on cd 2. Thanks Sidespike
  6. Windows Update Setup Program

    It will not let me download it, anyone have a different place to download it from? Thanks Sidespike
  7. I have used this and it works great Custom Installation Wizard