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  1. Hello, I wonder have you manage to download this ApplyTheme application?

    I refer to this topic:

    Thank you ;)

  2. Thank you for your virtual support.I really need this I already have shrinked office installation with office shrinker.its 145 mb, removed help files and some stuff and installing from svcpack.I guess your idea second way to shrink office.If its hard to explain or valuable for you forget it.
  3. Good idea.Can you give us more details how can you seperate last accessed files from installation source? Is it easy?
  4. you can use sysprep with commandline without restart
  5. What about hfs? I think better than ftp server
  6. try to integrate sata drivers directly into txtsetup.sif.Always worked for me.You can find many info,just search in forum
  7. scankurban


    This is not about vlite.Its about integrated sata-raid controllers.Try to manually integrate drivers into boot.wim. I was used this method more than 30 new controller drivers.Its working good. "peimg.exe" /inf=".\driver\sata\adhraid.inf"
  8. There is no dvd installation files for oem notebooks like acer,sony,asus.Only preinstalled systems exist.
  9. I don't like blinking harddisk led without my activitiy Vista directly using my machine.What can i do about that?
  10. I have found something about sysprepred vista integrate to vista dvd install.wim like new version os. I'm currently using now for clean install with already installed programs (7z,firefox,openoffice,winamp etc.) but,preparing taking to much time.Integrate updates source install.wim,setup,install programs,capture image,...If you want to use sim for component installation and creating catalog take a look system32/smi folder My question about wim xml information.I want use original install.wim wim xml information for sysprepred and captured system with ximage.Is it possible? install.wim xml info diffirent than captured image info. my vista dvd install.wim info like this
  11. You can easily integrate languages packs with vlite.Setup asking before installation.Its simple
  12. I think your problem in sysprep.inf.Put your drivers into "c:\drivers\intel" directory add these lines to sysprep.inf.Run first sysprep.exe -bmsd
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