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Best Compression Utility

What is the best compression utility?  

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  1. 1. What is the best compression utility?

    • WinRAR
    • WinACE
    • WinZIP
    • UHARC
    • Other

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Well, if you're looking for the "Best compression utility" 7zip has one of the best compression methods around, far better than what WinRAR can do. But the most widely used compression tool around is probably WinRAR these days :)

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I used winACE for a long time but figured out that the good ol' winRAR still owns :)

winACE has better compression, but has problems reading RAR-files... and a couple of other general errors...


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winrar, because of its ability to create SFX files that can extract to defined paths (%programfiles%, %appdata%, etc.)

winzip is out of contention for me, but it's amazing the way winrar's gained reputation - when I started using winrar 2.50 in 2000, it had no attraction for me except that it could repair zips and rars, and winzip was pretty good at ver7.0.

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this poll need not have been conducted

its a known thing that winRAR rulzzzz.

for someone qouted he/she could'nt find the poll conducted earlier,

it needn't have been conducted on msfn.may b it was somewhere else.

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WinRAR is the only choice i was actually shocked to find out there are other compression utilities :) i thinks i am sticking with winRAR it does exactly what it says on the tin :rolleyes:

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