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  1. Lots of winrar lovers. Never used it myself. I've used Iceows, Bigspeedzipper, Izarc, and 7zip. Izarc is my fave.
  2. Pixia is another I tried but found very complex. http://park18.wakwak.com/%7Epixia/
  3. Cool. I'm gonna give it a try. thanks.
  4. looks good. Is it as stable as Irfanview?
  5. I've been using Shareaza for quite a while after trying most everything else. I've heard others complain they dont get the selection of music like they do on Kazza. But I have been able to get everything I want without the kazza viruses. Shareaza's really good for other files as well. The earlier versions of Xolox were ok but stay away from it now. I tried the p2ps like DC and fileshare and found them too darned clicky with all there rules and such. I hate discrimination.
  6. no. cant say that I have. i dont like booze. drinking and driving is finally becoming unacceptable in British Columbia. oh, and i'm still hurtin over the psych test ...LOL
  7. I do'nt want the Olympics to come to Vancouver. Its going to cost us taxpayers and the whole province a fortune. They are upping the gas 3.5 cents(about 14 cents american gallon) a litre to improve the highway to Whistler where all the winter sports will be. There are all kinds of real important things they could do with the money rather than spending it on crooked sports.
  8. I love Phoenix too. Use it and Opera most of the time now.
  9. Here is info on how to repair boot with 2000 and xp.http://tweakhomepc.virtualave.net/dualboot/repairdualboot.html
  10. Police Academy IV. No ... Just kidding ... Alien is one of my faves
  11. Did you go to > start > run > type "dxdiag" ? Check for problems there if you are using xp.
  12. I wish him a speedy recovery as well.
  13. Yep. Disable system restore. Its a waste of resources. Never worked in ME and I hear others complaining of it with xp. If you want total control, use backup. Backup the registry and system files before an install. To tell the truth, I dont backup anything anymore. I use a monitoring installer (total uninstall) and jv16 power tools for looking after my files and registry and I've never had a problem. And if I do have a problem I will "repair" from the xp cd. And if you're really smart "ghost" the drive.
  14. beeboy


    I would do an online scan here http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
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