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  1. replace the files in documents and settings\default user with your template
  2. IF "%UserName%" == "A" GOTO NameA IF "%UserName%" == "B" GOTO NameB IF "%UserName%" == "C" GOTO NameC EXIT :NameA setup.exe EXIT :NameB setup.exe EXIT :NameC setup.exe EXIT
  3. ok i bought a new 2800+ processor last night to go into my new systen i am building, the old system was abit an7 motherboard amd duron 1600mhz ati radeon 9800xt and the fan is a volcano something or other which kept the duron at a steady 35 degrees. so anyway i swapped out the 1600 duron and put in the 2800+ using the same cooling device which is rated upto a 3200+ and straight away the temperature warning buzzer came on so i cut the power, checked everything again yep all correct, i have some of that spray that cools stuff to minus 50 degrees to detect cooling problems so i sprayed some of that in and i could get the system to boot, i looked into the bios on voltage monitoring and the processor is getting 2v throught it and was running at 11 degrees. so i reset all the cmos to default and tried again but no luck still the same problem, thinkinkg it could be a faulty power supply i swapped out the old one for a spare one which is brand new out of my other system and still the problem. so guys what do you think it is the board or the processor, i have not tested the 1600 duron back in the board but i will and let you guys know. please help
  4. ok i have had this server laying around for a while, i have just upgraded it and am now looking for the best OS and software to use on it. Dell Precision 410 Workstation Dual intel Pentium 3 700Mhz 256mb SDRAM (Planned upgrade to 512 or more) 2 30GB HD's (Planned Raid 1) basically i have the server i am looking for a file server which will also authenticate users onto my network of xp professional and 2000 professional machines. so i only have to update one user database. the more advanced features of active directory dont really apeal to me, i wanted to use NT4 server but it is being no long supported so am considering linux and i am asking if it can do what i want with little modification, also remote administration is a big requirement since i plan to hide the server away.
  5. just burn to a dvd, chances are if the computer doesnt have a dvd rom drive atleast it wont run the software your trying to install, also you could use a network install.
  6. the best firewall is a physical device if you doubt this you obviously need to readup on it.
  7. i will try and get some pics up later
  8. Jono

    Everyone vote...

    no but i intend to use it in the future when the documentation has been made clearer.
  9. because the stock speed doesnt mean much to me, weird you say but if i can overclock the 2800+ to 2.4ghz stable yet i could overclock a mobile 2600+ to 2.7ghz then what is the point in stock speed to me it is just a sticker on the box similar to the overclocking voids warrenty one. whatever chip i get will be overclocked to the maximum.
  10. i am currently undecided between a 2600+ Mobile Chip and a 2800+ Desktop chip which would overclock better?
  11. looks great mate maybe you could release your final exe for others to use?
  12. media centre and tablet edition are based on xp pro so expect the same files, if you dont know what your playing with should you really be playing with it?
  13. under nt4 there was a utility called delguest which actually deleted the guest account, it didnt work under win2k thou however i have successfully used it under winxp by using compatability mode for nt4. search for delguest am sure you will find some more info on it.
  14. Jono

    SP2 RC2 is out

    yeah i copied the microsoft link as soon as it was released for you guys
  15. Jono

    SP2 RC2 is out

    get it here http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/1...C9FA8/xpSP2.exe
  16. the problem is this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 15:36:26 -- Downloading: SVC-HF1\WindowsServer2003-KB828035-x86-ENU.exe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 15:36:34 -- MD5 Error. Got [CAF80707E52FCA44AAFA03DF305315E5], expected [C2626A9A00232E307FCC28EF31B6B9D2]. i have same problem, i downloaded the following location and manually placed the file in the HF1 Folder hope this is correct http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/b...035-x86-ENU.exe which is the same location as what is used by the auto download script now i am really confused unless microsoft have updated the patch? however according to the microsoft website (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS03-043.mspx) Issued: October 15, 2003 Updated: December 2, 2003 Version Number: 2.3 the file hasnt been updated since December 2, 2003 edit: manually adding this file to to the HF1 folder doesnt work the file is simply trying to download again, i think there is a problem with either the hotfix list (most likely) or the microsoft patch (less likely)
  17. if your using "software" raid you cannot use other operating systems like ur wishing, also using hardware raid you use the whole disk there is no way to select a certain part of the disk to use, i would recommend instead of getting a 200gb drive, get a second (preferrebly identicle) 120GB Drive and a Raid Controller card this will give you the best performance for the similar price then This is the Partition Configuration i would use, take into consideration when you setup your raid array using your 120GB Drives you essentially create one big 240GB drive which you then partition, you cannot create partitions off of the seperate 120GB Drives it has to be done on the 240GB Drive, hope this makes sense to you.
  18. do you have the same user database on each computer? basically you need the same user names with the same passwords for file sharing to work effectively without a domain.
  19. vmware all the way, i was dedicated to virtual pc for a long time and then i spent a afternoon working on a laptop which only had vmware i got a saved image on that, i installed vmware on my desktop to finish testing something on the image and found it a lot quicker than virtual pc so i never went back really.
  20. i was installing visual studio .net 2003 today and after the 1st cd had installed and rebooted i was given this prompt i would like something similar to this to popup during my unattended setup for additional programs etc, however the files could be on a network share or a portable usb hard drive depending on my location. dont be fooled i was installing visual studio .net to learn programming i am by no means a programmer i intend to learn but it is difficult and long process so i am asking if anyone could design a program like this. many thanks in advance
  21. its the icon gets placed in temporary files and is not used again the next time the computer restarts because a diffrent folder is used, if you download the icon file and go in properties then you will get it, however i cant tell you how to do this unattended sorry.
  22. sorry guys been really busy doing coursework for my exams i will update the file asap and post back when done.
  23. basically you use the floppy disk it creates, boot off it and reset the password using the prompts it gives you easy
  24. run a virus scanner mate and run a spyware check as well
  25. xpcreate http://greenmachine.msfnhosting.com

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