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  1. Yea, I got the notice from MS today in an Email.
  2. I would be going with the UD5P as well, has 2x16bit PCIE slots. I just read a review on the 550 dual core, seems it is a bit of a world beater:D It also is reported that not all 3core and dual core Phenoms are defective, seems that some of them can have the disabled core re-enabled using the BIOS menu of Gigabyte boards and UD5P is one of them.
  3. I have build 7260 (32bit) and 7232 (64bit) and yes, that is the wallpaper.
  4. I have installed Server 2008 on one of my machines and so far it appears to be ok. The interface is a little bland and there are no pretties but I guess it will be good? I found I could use Vista 64 bit drivers for my ATI Video card (sorry, didn't mention I loaded it on my 64 bit machine) I am sorta stuck for the Memory controllers and the Sound card but, that's life. Has anyone else been able to obtain a driver for the Memory controllers for nforce 3 chipset? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Kelsen. I thought as much but was hoping someone had come upon similar and fixed? The starnge thing is that I can play in the BIOS and can see the POST screen. Oh well. again mate, THANK YOU
  6. I have a computer that belongs to a friend and I have done EVERYTHING I can think of to get it to start. My friend complained to me that the machine was constantly freezing or rebooting when it felt like it and had only been doing it for a month or so. He brought it to me and I found that it was doing the same thing. I took off the cover and lo and behold, the CPU Fan was still. This system is an AMD so I thought the CPU was on it's way out but it is strange, they usually just STOP. Cut to the chase. This is an EPOX 8KRA2+ with S.A.T.A. and P.A.T.A. raid. When you start the machine, it will go through the P.O.S.T and is about to start windows and then, nothing? It does this in Safe mode or any other mode. I have replaced the Video Card, the Memory, the CPU and Fan, tried 5 HDD's in the machine and also used 2 different well known branded PSU units with 450w each and still, all I can get to is that silly pre start and then black screen. I have tried to install XP and 2K on all the drives and it mostly gets to about hit enter and then BSOD's?? Says IRQ is not equal. (have tried to boot from IDE, SATA and PATA) At present it is sitting here in Safe mode at mup.sys and that is it. It locks the keyboard as well and yes, I have used 3 different Keyboards. There is ONLY a CDrom HDD and Memory in the machine at the moment and all caching has been turned off in the BIOS. I am REALLY at a loss. BTW, I changed Cables also. I would like to help my friend with this as he likes it and as this type of board is almost impossible to buy here, I would really appreciate some help. **** the Capitals I used are to accentuate what I am trying to say and not using them to shout ok?
  7. I too was looking for something like that myself. Thank you guys for making those links available
  8. Very much appreciated prx984. Nice addition to a CLEAN desktop
  9. Mainly to do with CD roms. You can install it with now adverse affects? Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. Here is the link to the latest package http://download.adaptec.com/software_pc/aspi/aspi_471a2.exe
  10. I use TweakUI. I have been using it since the win 98 days
  11. I agree, have been using IE7 RC1 for two weeks and I loves it
  12. Thanks Nuhi for making this wonderful programme available
  13. Same here... But I found it on a rapidshare link... I am hosting it on my site for the time being. Oh and there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. I have a McAfee Corporate with active scan. http://www.nerges.net/hosted/XPize442.rar uploading now... 5:43pm east coast Thanks a lot mate
  14. I have been trying for the last hour to get a copy but, I get cant connect to server no matter WHERE I go to get it?
  15. G'day Oz, welcome to the place. Wish I could swap with ya, come from WET and COLD Sydney
  16. Loved the Pic and the Joke
  17. Thank you very much for adding that link, it is an invaluable tool
  18. It is on my To DO list. I am building a killer system and it will be one of the first things (after getting the hardware) I will be obtaining
  19. This may sound silly but have you emptied your Cache on the Internet Explorer? There is also a setting that may help. This requires some Registry changes? I hope you are comfortable with doing so? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer] Max Cached Icons = 4096 You need to add this key. It is a "string value". Remember to BACK-UP your registry before you try it though. This is for XP and 2k? Hope it helps?
  20. Is there a specific reason why?
  21. With Modems, yes it can. Have you had any storms of late? A power surge can fry your modem. I would most definately remove it from the system.
  22. Well, I have XP Corp Pro with SP2 and a Canadian issue of WMP9. I downloaded WMP10 and it installed with NO problem at all. I think something else is causing the problem. Maybe installing version 9 first may help?
  23. I have had NO troubles with SP2 at all. I installed it on another of my machines and it went smoothly. I have heaps of Non MS software including PSP, Photoshop 6,7,8, Zone Alarm Pro plus some more. None of these programmes were affected and if anything, load faster. I had NAV2004 and I have since dumped it in favour of NOD32. The difference is AMAZING. And the updates are daily it would appear. Microsoft uses NOD32 for itself. Says a lot huh?

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