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  1. You generally use a saw to cut wood, you can get many different kinds though! band saw jig saw hand saw tenon saw bow saw coping saw If you are just cutting thin sheets of mdf then i'd probably use the jig saw.. and remember to wear a dust mask
  2. try: SET TEMP=c:\tmp SET TMP=c:\tmp in a cmd script
  3. windows xp SP1 should support this already
  4. yeah, it doesn't say HOME anymore either
  5. The default uxtheme.dll that comes with windows doesn't allow you to use unsigned theme files (So you can change the way your windows looks) You can replace this file with a hacked version so that you can use themes you download from the internet. Theres patchers out for most versions of windows XP, if you just upgraded to SP2 RTM then you can use this one: http://upload.tastyspoon.com/uploads/200408/uxtheme.dll to replace the file you can use a program called replacer, which you can get here: http://www3.telus.net/_/replacer/ just drag on the original file (C:\windows\system32\uxtheme.dll) an
  6. http://upload.tastyspoon.com/uploads/200408/uxtheme.dll confirmed to be working
  7. mine does too, it will say that if you installed using an OEM version of windows. you will get an OEM version if you got XP with your computer, or if you specifically bought the OEM version (it's slightly cheaper). There is no difference to the other versions
  8. If you are upgrading now, I would say go for Athlon 64. They are faster than any other amd chip out at the moment, and will excel when more 64bit apps are available (mainly windows 64bit). The ondie memory controller is a huge benefit, and don't complain about not having dual channel, you wont see much of a performance gain with it. However, I would wait, there are far too many new technologies coming out at the moment for me to even consider upgrading, the main ones being PCI-Express, DDR 2 and the phasing out of legacy stuff like PATA
  9. pros: they are easy to use and visual cons: they usually generate stupid code which doesn't work with all browsers and is needlessly complicated, a common thing is to see a page which has had the font declared on every line, like: <p><font face="verdana, ariel, sans-serif" size="2">line one</font</p> <p><font face="verdana, ariel, sans-serif" size="2">line two</font</p> <p><font face="verdana, ariel, sans-serif" size="2">line three</font</p> <p><font face="verdana, ariel, sans-serif" size="2">line four</font</p>
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