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  1. not my parents, but my girlfriend
  2. Whats your ISP?

    germany: Arcor DSL-1500 (1,5Mbit/s)
  3. Best Compression Utility

    WinRAR because of the multimedia compression
  4. How to reset your Serial Number in Windows XP

    don't know about the posted links, but i've got to mention sometimes msoobe.exe /a does not do anything at all. if this is your case register "licdll.dll" again with the command "regsvr32.exe licdll.dll" then do the steps mentioned above. after changing the key with success you can unregister the DLL with "regsvr32.exe -u licdll.dll" again. Greetings!
  5. i'm able to translate the needed parts if anyone wants me to... greetings
  6. The Official Switches Thread Only

    Found the trick for RealPlayer One v2 through try & error "RealOnePlayerV2GOLD_de.exe -s" ATTENTION: Parameter is case-sensitive!!!! NAV2004: start /wait NAVSETUP.EXE /QB pskill CfgWiz On my German Version i don't need any activation, but it still asks for Registration and some other setup things like liveupdate and planning scans. Just try it. I spend hours to find a registry trick but no way Found also a way to integrate Updates and "Re-Abo" TightVNC: Install it, configure it, export Registry settings for TightVNC to for example "settings.reg" repack the files and make your own installer with things like SFX-Factory or WinRAR (my favourite because of compression). When creating links you can use the following: winvnc.exe -settings (config menu) winvnc.exe -install (install server as service) winvnc.exe -remove (uninstall service) winvnc.exe (just starts normal server) vncviewer.exe (starts viewer) vncviewer.exe -listen (launches viewer in tray) greets
  7. NAV 2003 @ 25 megs

    i've made NAV2004 to 21.6Mb. You can delete some Files in your "support" dir too. For example IE and the MSI Installer files. Another hint is to extract all files too "temp" and call navsetup.exe /QB after extracting. greets BTW: I close cfgwiz.exe with pskill.exe it works fine for me, as you don't need activation for the german version.