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  1. For those of you looking for a way to install this or just parts of it silently, I found these switches on the Comodo forum. First extract the msi by running the CIS installer and ticking the 'Dont install yet' (or something like that) box. Grab the msi and: I tried this on mu Win7 Ultimate 64bit and it worked a treat. Did have to reset pc to see the icon in the tray though.
  2. Thanks all Heres my new code MD "%All%\Multimedia\Sound\SUPER ¸" DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\SUPER ¸.lnk" DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\SUPER ¸ Uninstall.lnk" MOVE /y "%All%\SUPER ¸.lnk" "%All%\Multimedia\Sound\SUPER ¸" MOVE /y "%All%\SUPER ¸ Uninstall.lnk" "%All%\Multimedia\Sound\SUPER ¸" RD /S /Q "%All%\SUPER ¸ Version 2008.bld.32 (July 8, 2008)" and it works like a charm Makes a folder called SUPER © Delete unwanted links Copies 2 links to the new folder Delets the unwanted folder. Thanks ricktendo64 for the link to your post on Ryan's forum. I used Ultra Edit, but could i fond the ANSI to OEM option...Nope! Eventual i did in the File menu you under Conversions Thanks Yzöwl, didnt realize you where giving me the OEM code for the © symbol in your code until i used UltraEdit and found it turned © into ¸ ....its all fun and games isn't it!!
  3. Still creating my WPI Cleanup.cmd and am stuck trying to move or delete both shortcuts and folders containing the copyright symbol © The folder is SUPER © Version 2008.bld.32 (July 8, 2008) The files are SUPER ©.lnk and SUPER © Uninstall.lnk Ideally i would like to rename the folder to SUPER © as its far to long, and delete the two files. Heres what ive tried: DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\SUPER © Uninstall.lnk" DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\SUPER ©.lnk" MOVE /y "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SUPER ©.lnk" "%All%\SUPER ©" MOVE /y "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SUPER © Uninstall.lnk" "%All%\SUPER ©" (All=%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs) None of the above work and i suspect the © symbol it to blame. What makes me think something fishy is going on with the © symbol is that when i use: MD "%All%\SUPER ©" ...it creates a folder called SUPER ® So i thought i would be clever and did this: DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\SUPER ® Uninstall.lnk"...........but it didnt work! How can i delete, move etc folders or files with the © symbol in?
  4. In currently updating my WPI installation and writing my cleanup file to tidy the start menu. It would be realy usefull if i could show ALL the file name of shortcuts eg Photoshop.lnk I've googled and searched MSFN but only found the "Hide extensions for known file types". This works for most but not all! How can i show extensions for shortcuts? EDIT: I take no credit for this, found it at Kelly's Corner Clicky Enter in Notepad and save as a vbs file On Error Resume Next Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.RegDelete "HKCR\lnkfile\NeverShowExt" Dim MyBox MyBox = MsgBox("You must Log Off/Log On for the changes to take effect.", vbOKOnly,"Done") VisitKelly's Korner Sub VisitKelly's Korner If MsgBox("This script came from the Tweaks Section of Kelly's Korner" & vbCRLF & vbCRLF & "Would you like to visit Kelly's Web Site now?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton, "Visit Kelly's Korner") =6 Then wshshell.Run "http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm" End If End Sub You can also download a vbs to undo it as well ;-)
  5. This list is nearly a year out of date, is there another one around?
  6. Thanks all for helpful replies and the links, nice to see what i need, although im in the UK to cant buy from the US. Heres where im up to and some areas of confusion! What i need: Different coloured boots http://www.homestead.co.uk/productcategory...ategoryid=51299 Q: will Cat5 boots fit cat6 RJ45 ends? Cat6 RJ45 ends http://www.homestead.co.uk/productcategory...ategoryid=54365 Q: Is it usual for them to come in 6 individual components which are assembled into the complete plug, or will something like this do http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?Module...&doy=search Q: I have a crimper from a few years back, pre cat6! My Tool!. Do i need a special cat6 crimping tool Box of 305m Cat6 cable (1000ft) Wall RJ45 Face plates. I was going with 2 ports in each room! Q: I was looking at Black Nickel wall plates as it will match the other sockets we have. From the info given would i be correct in saying that if i bought these Nickel wall plates i could use them with cat6 cable, or will i need a dedicated cat6 wall plate that ive only seen in 'attractive' white plastic? Q Jcarle: What do these do and where do they go? http://www.computercablestore.com/Toolless...a_PID41171.aspx I assumed that buying a Patch panel or wall plate sockets would come with these? NETGEAR GS116 16 port Gigabit Ethernet Mini Switch 8 port is too small and 16 too big, so 16 wins! There was no unmanaged 12 port switches A 12 Port CAT6 RJ45 Wall mounted patch panel http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=008 Q: Is one of these necessary? SO, i think my real confusion lies in the RJ45 ends them self, the Wall plates and crimping tool, and possible the patch panel! Sorry for all the questions, but id rather plan it correctly and have a clear idea as to what i was doing beforehand!
  7. Thanks rendrag for a great reply Cleared a few thing up like cable type and definatly going with a switch. I was under the impression the cat5/e was Ethernet cable? whats the difference between cat5 and cat6? EDIT: Google is my friend! Found this Q/A about the differences: rendrag, why would you recomend cat6 over cat5e? Future proofing? Would i need anything different if i use cat6 over cat5? different wall sockets, RJ45's?
  8. I’m planning to wire our home but need some help understanding the things i need. Here's what i have planned to do so far: As we are having new flooring downstairs, I’m going to take the opportunity of cutting into the floor and laying the Ethernet cable into it. It will be enclosed within plastic tubing so it can be removed/replaced even after the flooring's down. So downstairs i want 1 double socket embedded in the wall near our TV, 1 for future TV/PVR link up and one for my wife’s lappy. And in to the dining room, also embedded in the wall a single socket for my desktop. Thats 3. Upstairs I can run the cable under the wooden flooring to a wall embedded socket in my sons room. Thats 4 All 4 cables i want to run to an, embedded in wall, 4 port face plate in a cupboard where the router is located. Then short cat5e cables can run to the router or switch from the embedded 4 port face plate. Each cable from wall to switch or router will have different coloured boots to set them apart and remind me where they have come from. so my questions are: What cable do i need from PC/Lappy to wall socket? From wall socket to 4 port face plate? Then from 4 port face plate to router or Switch? Is it Crossover or Strait? As my Wireless Router, Netgear DG834N, it has 4 ports already do I need a Switch? I also have a Keyspan USB Server that connects wired to the router, so I really have only 3 spare, but i doubt all 4 from PC's will be used at once. What sort of CAT5e cable should i get? Looking on Amazon's Balkin store they sell the following: Cat5e FastCAT UTP Cat5e FastCAT STP Cat5e Snagless STP Cat5e Snagless Double Shielded STP Cat5e Assembled Halogen Free STP Any help or links to useful site would be great.
  9. Hi twig123 Im in the same boat here in the UK. Bloody vandels have been kicking holes in our fence and we need to spend £700 quid building a wall to replace it now..Grrr. Im also looking at seting up a home surveillance. The NV5000 that DJpro suggested (thanks) looks good and i can pick one up on Ebay for £99. But I not sure the COLOR SECURITY CAMERA Mark suggested (thanks Mark) are they any good? My front fence is 22feet, 5.5 metres from my front door so i would buy 2 camera on the left and right of the roof above the door. Are these cameras able to pick out faces (night or day) from this distance? (looking at the site it says 10-12 ft. audio range which isnt a problem as long as the video are fine. Can you get them in the uk? EDIT: Been surfing around, this look good Packages
  10. Thanks for the head up on Silex. On Silex's site on the Main USB Device Servers page the Silex SX1000U has been superseded by the U2 (USB 2.0) and the WG(wireless). A Review of the Silex SX-2000U2 (1 USB port) HERE, when it mentions a SX-5000U2 (4 ports), although i found no reference to this on Silex's site? Another Head-to-Head of the Keyspan Vs Silex SX-1000U HERE Unfortunately these seem to be the only products on the market, and they've been around since 2005!! Might have to go with the Keyspan as the Silex is hard to find in the UK!?
  11. Thanks rendrag. I think i would be willing to give up Wireless to have bi-directional, the 4 USB ports could be handy. Did you get one of these rendrag? Whats it like printing large docs? ...I suppose if it is bi-directional then it would spool therefore large docs wouldn't be a problem? (thinking out loud!)
  12. Just spent several hours trawling around looking for a wireless print server to enable the household to use my Canon Pixma iP4300 printer. From what ive read there doesnt seem to be any good ones about! These are the thing on my wants list: WPA-PSK encryption Bio-directional for spooling, ink tank status reporting or duplex printing Enough memory print documents with heavy graphics or just big documents Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion Flash, I did try that before without sucsess. Tried again but went to Admin tools/Comp management to look at the groups against the new user. The new account was a member of admin and user. Took out the User and was able to log into the new account Logged out and changed to limited account and everything was fine Still dont know what the Personalizing Settings: IE7 Uninstall Stub thing was but i dont care now as it all works!
  14. Control Panel / User Accounts
  15. Hello Im having trouble creating a new user. XP Pro SP3 Admin account trying to create a Limited account I can create the account but when i try to log in to it, it hangs before desktop on a dialog box: "Personalizing Settings: IE7 Uninstall Stub" It goes no further than this. I thought it might be some sort of restrictions to the hard drive so i've been trying to enable the Security Tab in Folder Options but changing the "Use Simple File Sharing" option does not show the Security Tab. This is where im stuck. Any clue how i can fix this STUB issue and create a new user account? Thanks
  16. Thought i would start a thread where others could share experience of this issue. I installed SP3 on my PC through Win Update and since then it started to reboot just before reaching the log on screen or sometimes after logging on. But if it did manage to start, and giving it about 10 mins, the system would be stable. I dont have an ADM machine, its a Intel Core 2 Duo E600 with a Gagabite motherboard, Balistic memory and BFG Nvidia graphic card. My wife laptop has started to show signs of this as well! Will post full specs later.
  17. Does it support Drag and Drop from host yet?
  18. If you played the old free TrackMania Nation game you'll know what to expect in the NEW free TrackMania Nation Forever game from NADEO. Bettter graphics, awsome tracks, online play, etc.... TrackMania Nations Forever My username is Laces, might see you around......enjoy
  19. Sorted this issue now. It was due to the lack of the Admin folder. Apparently the Enterprise Home Use Program version comes without it.
  20. Hi I was able to buy Office 2007 through my company and recieved a Home Use Program version in a gray box that says Office Enterprise 2007 accross is. It contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Puplisher, Access, OneNote, InfoPath and Groove. When i try to follow prathapml Option A and use setup.exe /admin i get a Setup Error " Files necessary to run the office customization tool were not found" Whats going on???
  21. I tested my XPCD on another harddrive and some of the apps failed to install as its lable was labled "D:" but DID installed during the process on my main system "C:"!! The apps that failed use the Installshiels, -r, Setup.iss unattended installation. Can varibale be used in the setup.iss script? E.G. szDir=%Programfiles%\Dreamweaver Instead of szDir=C:\program files\Dreamweaver ..as this would solve the problem Thanks EDIT: Tested and you can use variables in iss files!
  22. I've been having issues connecting to any network. I have a ZyAIR G-360 network card and as yet there are NO drivers. XP drivers allow Vista to identify the card but not to use it correctly. Contacted Zyxel and heres there reply on the 7th March 2007: So those waiting, the wait is nearly over
  23. Hello I've just got my hands on a Corsair Voyager 16GB data pen and would like to add several partitions for testing my XPCD. Is there any software around that will allow created partitions to be seen on any pc.....ie software installed on the pen.
  24. Can you drag and drop files between host and guest yet?

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