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  1. I used secunia psi and it downloaded adobe flash player for my win7 x64 install. On above, and related to it as well..... Unless you specifically run the x64 version of Internet Explorer (there is a separate shortcut/exe) in x64 Vista/7, you are running a 32 bit version of Internet Explorer... The two x64 oses are still not configured to run the x64 iexplore.exe by default.. I imagine this is because of the lack of 64 bit plugins (such as Adobe Flash Player) for it.. So, the more correct saying would be "there's no Adobe Flash player for a 64-bit browser yet". Once a 64 bit plugin is
  2. It can be done. There is a guide in the WAIK.. I have a 80 gb notebook drive in a USB2 ext enclosure.. I use it for storage and emergencies.. Boots right up to PE if I tell the bios to do so. Othewise, PE sits along side (single NTFS partition BTW) my other files (backups mostly) just waiting for the day I need to boot to it.
  3. The brand I went to several years ago after getting a bit upset with my last Creative card, and have been very happy with, has supported their products extremely well. Auzentech!!!! I turned to them for DDL and never looked back. The X-Fi looked interesting when it came out, but still wasn't ready to dish out the money for it after having owned several Live and Audigy cards before it. The drivers were lacking and I figured a risk on a small company supporting a new product couldn't be worse then Creative was doing at the time.
  4. D**m, downloaded this a little while back..
  5. While update packs are great, to me they are not a substitute for a service pack.. Removing security catalog files is not the same as having one big sp3.cat file.. SP3 (or a roll-up) should exist just for this this reason.. Combine the catalog files already.
  6. What a annoying bug.. This drove me nuts for a week.. http://help.wugnet.com/vista/Unable-select...opict40567.html or http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...1&SiteID=17
  7. Hmm.. I know what was triggering CRC errors for me in VirtualPC 2007 (well, at least turning this off did the trick).. Hardware Virtualization.. Turned it off for a boot.. Ran Autopatcher fine. Just going to re-enable it when I am done.
  8. Only thing I miss is com port support.. I tried to use a USB/Serial adapter through VirtualBox.. That was a no go.. USB Pen drive worked though.. Virtual PC 2007's direct access to the com port from the host works.
  9. CRC error happens with Autopatcher 2k on VirtualPC 2007 for me too.. Time to try the latest version of Autopatcher just in case this was updated in the last few months.
  10. Cant wait for HP to update the driver for my 2600n.. BTW, you probably didnt need all 130 mb of the junk hp sometimes includes. Still, I do like my hp printers..
  11. All I have to say, BDD 2007.. Just download it already.. Then take a closer look. *cough* (closer look)
  12. You are both wrong.. Wrong wrong wrong!!!! Just a very annoying problem to encounter.. (And, end smiley face mod)
  13. Yeah, ran in to that last week trying to install Street and Trips 2006.. Took me a few minutes to track down the the probelm and then the hotfix that updated msi.dll.. Going to try this new one out so I can have the fix and still run MSI installers correctly.. Tarun, not spyware in this case.. Seen it on 2 machines that are completely clean.. (1 doesnt even get connected to the net actively).. Before 916089 v5 there was another hotfix (I dont remember the number now, the one I removed earlier) that also updated msi.dll but didnt cut it for this bug.. Update: Found it.. Actually there were
  14. Own some goofy cd burning software at sme time I guess? Roxio or Adaptec possibly? Anyway.. Way to go.. Not everyone would feel comfortable going in to the registry to fix this themselves.. At some point, I found a program my by some company who makes cd burning software that fixes this problem commonly left by uninstalling some poorly designed burning software..
  15. Like demlak said, router/proxy.. Then get real tight and starting shutting down access to various outgoing ports too if you want.. Something that inspects the protocol on the fly and starts filtering further is the key.
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