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Vistapack, 1.6.0 Released


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Hello dude(s)!

I have a (new?) issue... It's related to logonui.exe. After a little experimenting with deinstall - testing other pack(s) and back to yours the modification is reverted so i've the original XP style and i can not get the Vista style of the logon - neither if reinstall!

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hi there, new update will be released on friday.

here is the temp changelog:

What's New in Vistapack beta

No new stuff this time, but more enhanced the stuff that was allready there.



Disable tbar option if tclock is chosen for install, finally solved... And **** what easy to do if you know how.

New bug discovered, Tclock interfers with the reloader, fixed... really dont know what was wrong,

but after the first bugfix, this was fixed too...

Not Fixed:



Remade the dialog 1020 in shell32, dutch strings were not shown whole, but were cutoff.

xpsp3res.dll and wscui.dll checked and fixed, they kept reloading themselfs... fixed now.


Reloader options fixed and added: sounds reload, ?


Moved Tclock from the extra's to the option page, see bug fix above.

Updated the helpfile, more info and stuff.

Enhanced the debug info. now the installer self fills the debug file, no more need for copy/paste.



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hi guys, well for the translation stuff, please help me out there.

aply the pack and then translate the things that are not right, and then send it to me.

that way, i can include it.

and silent options, well nsis installers accept the /S switch, but remember...

its not tested.

which brings me to the following, i need beta testers.

anyone up to the challenge? pm me...

today new update will be released, in a hour or so...


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For installation silent this pack need possibly appropiate options ;)

I will be a very unlucky man if that will happen what wrote in actual thread of XPize forum...



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important, a update for the reloader, just the reloader, not the whole pack.

get it at the first post in a hour or so.

just 1.2 mb.

ps. the silent switch works for me guys, tested it.


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On my last days which i can surf from home i got in trouble with TClock3! (1.3.0 i took this night)

I ought to boot in failsafe to disable Taskbar skinning via deinstall that tool via your Maintenance Center!

Reloader does makes sense here only a few anymore...

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Great work damian.

What is the theme you have installed with the pack? Would love to find/use it on my system. ;)

Few change requests: In Start -> Run. Can it be modified to look like Vista and not have that rather annoying and distracting animated image? Also, can the MSFN link in the start menu be an optional change?

Oh, and when you go to shutdown the images are not properly lined up.

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Hi damian666,

with WildBill's TClock3 0.3.1 and the attached German.ini, TClock runs in conjunction with VistaPack 1.3.0 pretty well.

In your next release, please insert this German.ini. (otherwise W2k crashes, if Tclock is selected to be installed.

For other languages a modified *.ini is necessary too.

Great work, thanks.


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@tarun, well, just look in windows\resources\themes... its there as vista final i believe.

And a screenshot of the vista runbox then please, so i can look in to it ok???

and that shutdown alingment, well i have seen it. but the strange thing is that it not always happens... you could try to force reload the shell32 and msgina, see if it helps

@wildbill, thanx man, going to get it now...

@s1hansa, nice man, will include it right away, thanx man...



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Hi Damian,

I recently installed the hotfix KB925902 (for my XP system) and I lost the use of calculator.exe.

It has something to do with the increased size of the user32.dll (and shell32.dll?) with the new Vista resources.

Seems like a fix is here:


Also, I don't know if Tihiy's work fixes the batmeter.dll bitmaps to display in full color for W2k. But, for XP, these show only 16 colors. I modded these images to look as good as I could get them with only 16 colors. Here they are if you like:



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