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Vistapack, 1.6.0 Released


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First of all, my host is down...

That means my screens and dl links are not working for now.

I am looking for a new one... any ideas?

second, the outlook folders are doable i think, if i can find them...

unattended patch is fixed in the newt version.

true transparency is still beta, its just for fun.

You could always install it, and then remove it from startup in the maintenance center when needed.

if somewone knows a good host, free ofcourse, let me know.


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second, the outlook folders are doable i think, if i can find them...

Forget it damian. Most outlook express graphics are limited to a 4-bit palette. The file is msoeres.dll but there's nothing you can do unless you are able to patch the code. Tihiy tried once with no luck. That means something. :(

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I'd like to install this pack on my win2ksp4 but I noticed screenshots section is down :(

anyone can please post some detailed screenshots of how windows 2000 looks after the installation of this pack?

I saw some of them in previous pages but I don't know if they are about windows 2000 or XP... also they are there mainly to show bugs so I cannot see all the stuff

thanks a lot :)

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Hi damian666, :hello:

I tried the new 1.5.0 but it still doesn't patch the file SHELL32.DLL on WindowsXP ISO Mode.

This is what I see in the debug log :

Extract: 8.ico
Extract: 8240.ico
Extract: 9.ico
Extract: DE-shell32.dll-xp.txt
Extract: DE-shell32.dll.txt
Extract: EN-shell32.dll-xp.txt
Extract: EN-shell32.dll.txt
Extract: NL-shell32.dll-xp.txt
Extract: NL-shell32.dll.txt
Extract: SP-shell32.dll-xp.txt
Extract: SP-shell32.dll.txt
Extract: rungfx.bmp
Output folder: C:\DOCUME~1\Aqua\IMPOST~1\Temp\nsf123.tmp\Resources
Output folder: C:\DOCUME~1\Aqua\IMPOST~1\Temp\nsf123.tmp
Execute: "C:\DOCUME~1\Aqua\IMPOST~1\Temp\nsf123.tmp\Tools\ResHacker.exe" -script "C:\DOCUME~1\Aqua\IMPOST~1\Temp\nsf123.tmp\Resources\shell32.dll\shell32.dll.txt"
File not found, reshack script error

There is an error because it search for SHELL32.DLL.TXT to execute the script, but that file doesn't exist.

The program only create the files DE-SHELL32, EN-SHELL32, NL-SHELL32, SP-SHELL32.

I tried to rename the file EN-SHELL32.DLL-XP.TXT to SHELL32.DLL.TXT, start VistaPack ISO, and rapidly put that file on the temporany folder, and it WORKED. The file is now patched.

I don't know if there are other files NON-PATCHED (on the ISO mode), because I was looking for SHELL32.DLL only.

Might me yes, or not.

PS: As I see you put many SHELL32.DLL in the script, is there a difference between languages ?????

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I tried again the whole ISO MODE with all files, and I found these 4 files NOT PATCHED:





If you need this info :


Mode: ISO

Language: ITALIAN

I forgot this, in OUTLOOK EXPRESS, the icons on the left have the PURPLE BACKGROUND :wacko: :wacko:

Edited by Aquax
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ah, yes... now i understand.

you are on a italian os, and i dont have support for that.

It means that i have to include the shell32.dll.txt also for people that dont have any of the four languages.

Thanx fotr that report, very helpfull.

I am so glad i have made that debug option, it takes less time now to find bugs.

Those fax files, are new for me, didnt know they were not patched.

Will check that out and hopefully fix for the next version.

Sysdm.cpl is the same story as shell32.dll.

Only support for 4 languages.

Will fix that to.

And yes, i know the folders are pink, its a start of me. trying to get them vistastyle.

just be patient please.

p.s. the languages are different, because i reshape the dialogs, and that has to be in the correct language.

it would not be good if you got some english dialogs in your italian os huh?

well, thanx for the bugreport, i appriciate it man


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Reupload pls.. links are dead T_T cant download vista pack

Yeah, sorry for that guys, i have some trouble with my host at the moment.

will try to fix it today.


@auquax, it would be nice if you made the italian dialogs, then i can include them...

Edited by damian666
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Good work damian666 but i have a little problem that appears in earlier versions too.

Over 32 bit color depth i cannot view my icons on desktop(or appears like shadows). The "refresh icon cache button" sends me an error ("cannot create xxx.exe file"). I'm using windows 2000 SP4(spanish)

Sorry if i don't have any screenshot about my problem this time. I forgot it.

PD: the transparent bar looks nice.

Edited by chillinfart
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@chillinfart, i think thats not my thing but the rpl2k thats the problem, please see if you see it in your software applet.

and that refresh iconcache... strange... maybe you are on a restricted account?

because it extracts a file, and maybe it doesnt has permission to do that.

This pack is tested on four languages, including spanish...

so weird

let me know man


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Hi damian666 i have a project with win 2000 and i only can say thanks for your work and i have a cuestion in your picturs the theme change the windows of the explorer but i try with my w2000 and don't change and i don't understand why? and sorry for my writing but I don't understand the English well

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