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  1. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Hi Damian666, I am interested to test your new version. s1hansa
  2. HFSlip not integreting KB951698

    Hi Tomcat76, update: With hfslip-1.7.8 problem is solved. Everthing is OK. Thanks s1hansa
  3. HFSlip not integreting KB951698

    Hi Tomcat76, thank you for your quick answer. Yes, DX9 is slipstreamed (DX7 not) and KB951698 DX9 is in HF-Folder. Regards s1hansa
  4. HFSlip not integreting KB951698

    Using hfslip-1.7.7 and German version of Win2k, KB951698 (June WU for DX9) obviously will not be integreted in Win2k install CD. MS WU can install afterwards. s1hansa
  5. Vistapack 2.4 Released

    oh ... CPColor.7z
  6. Vistapack 2.4 Released

    Damian, the previous cmd doesn't work, it needs reg.exe, please take the vbscript one. sorry, s1hansa
  7. Vistapack 2.4 Released

    Hi damian666, attached is a cmd-batch which changes the panel colors to a more lighter appearance. It is targeted for Windows 2k. In conjunction with your Vistapack it looks (imho) pretty good. Perhaps you like to integrate it. A vbscript version is also available, let me know if you prefer this one. To make an undo, save the registry setting before applying, its in: “HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-xx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-1001\Control Panel\Colors” s1hansa CntrlPanelColors.cmd
  8. Vistapack 2.4 Released

    Hi Daminan, first my honour to your work. I have made some “process still alive” - *.bmp’s for integrating in “msgina.dll”. One set is with colours you are using, smooth not fringy. The other pairs are in green and cyan. ( I personally prefer cyan.) Perhaps you will take one of them for your next release. In Windows 2000 German version, TClock3 is installed (TClock.exe, TClock3.dll), but I am missing skinning resources and even a registery entry for an autostart. Result: Nothing changed in the Taskbar. If I can help, don’t hesitate to ask me. s1hansa 103_yellow.bmp 117_yellow.bmp 103_green.bmp 117_green.bmp 103_cyan.bmp 117_cyan.bmp
  9. Vistapack, 1.6.0 Released

    Hi damian666, with WildBill's TClock3 0.3.1 and the attached German.ini, TClock runs in conjunction with VistaPack 1.3.0 pretty well. In your next release, please insert this German.ini. (otherwise W2k crashes, if Tclock is selected to be installed. For other languages a modified *.ini is necessary too. Great work, thanks. German.INI
  10. Hi All, in the download archive of SNM I have found a trojan horse named SHeur.BHS. Infected is the file 7zS.sfx file size 58 kB, the original that I have has 122 kB. Replaced with this 7zS.sfx, SNM works perfect for my German silent NET installations without "Threat alert". s1hansa