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Vistapack, 1.6.0 Released


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hello! anyone!


[This installer is designed to work on the following operating systems and languages:

- Windows 2000 sp4

- With the following languages: Dutch, German, English, Spanish ]


Can the Vistapack1.6.0R installer is support Windows 2000 sp4[OS]+Chinese(language) ?

Can you tell me ? Thanks a lot!

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well, what happens when you install the pack? some windows are english language right?

the copy file dialogs and the runbox in the startmenu...

well, for the pack to be able to support chinese, i have to get those dialogs to nclude.

bt even then i am not sure if it can be done man.

i dont know if reshacker supports it so...


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For those of you guys that are wondering why its so quiet here...

i am still working on it dudes.

The reason why its taking so long is because i am migrating from the XPize installer to the

self made installer that i am developing.

With all due respect, but the nsis installer is not the best one...

I had to maintain so much code, page after page...

And with this new installer, i have 1 page...

See the difference?

Ofcourse it will use the same structure as the previous installer.

The patch sequence was and is good.

I hope to have a working installer next week.

Currently i have a patcher, and a manual reloader.

Only thing left to do is a reloader for the startup.

Which is easy, but i didnt have enough time yesterday...

bye bye


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the reloader is needed, for when you got updates from m$.

that means that you have old style new files.

with the reloader you get the vistastyle back automaticly when updated.

so yes, its really needed.

thanx for the reply man.


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Bug: vistapack patch the win2k installer with winxp reshack config

result: messy explorer icons


Bug: cx2k patch on win2k install successfully but when rebooted nothing change at all, only cmd icons are patched, same with win2k installer patch

is it possible to make 128x128 icons on explorer???

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Could you please be more specific, not much to go on here now huh?

i used vistapack to integrate or patch vista icons on my win2ksp4 installer

why do you think its using xp config

cause windows xp and win2k have different icon group on each dll

what OS? what Language?

Windows2000, English

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thanx for the reply dude, could you do me a favor???

Patch the source again, but now in debug mode.

Execute the pack with a "debug"as cmdline option.

that way there are logs generated and i can see what is wrong.

thanx in advance.


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I looked at the toolbar icons of explorer, it was reported that they were ugly and

cuttoff when set to big icons.

Well, i dont see that on my 2000, maybe we have to look some where else?

Let me know if you can tell me where.

only happens to me when creating vistapack installer on win2k never happen in normal installation


how im gonna execute debug is it:

vistapack.exe /debug

vistapack.exe "debug"

i tried it but i cant find the log file

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