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  1. http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_...Windows-R2.html
  2. I use this on a USB Stick and have tested all my installs against XP SP2/SP3, Vista RTM/SP1, Server 2003 SP1/SP2, AND for x86 and x64 architectures. I only use one copy and have check to show/hide or grey out certain versions etc.
  3. For those of you who are running Windows Server 2008 now, I noticed in the 'help' files regarding enabling shadow copies, that you are now able to store them on a different volume. This was not possible in Server 2003. Has anyone tried this?
  4. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q234562/
  5. JuMz


    Thanks for the link. That has now become my homepage! haha. I like the ability to use a shell in this way!
  6. This is going to sound crazy but does WPI 6.5 have the ability dynamically select a theme based on host OS?
  7. I remember there being a downloadable copy of your guide? Where is this post with the link? I have an old version of the guide from April 2007.
  8. It should be /makelocalsource:all if you are using TPC or MCE (I use it anyway for XP). It will copy the CMPNENTS folder down. The :all is a must for Tablet PC Edition and Media Center Edition installations when using winnt32.
  9. I believe a solution also exists by copying some files off the cd manually to the system drive and overwritting the exisiting ones...was it NTLDR? I don't recall. Check out the RyanVM Forum. I remember having somewhat the same issue, and alternatives were posted there...
  10. woops, AND using the /makelocalsource switch It should be /makelocalsource:all if you are using TPC or MCE (I use it anyway for XP). It will copy the CMPNENTS folder down too.
  11. I use this to get my WIFI settings unattendedly... http://www.engl.co.uk/products/zwlancfg/ Works well. Supports WPA/WPA2/WPA w 802.1x etc. No issues here.
  12. Don't know if it helps, but mine used to do the 'endless reboot' thing with the /tempdrive switch, i just have it without and it works...
  13. Wow. You guys must be in H Core enterprise environments...nice...
  14. What couldn't you do in Server 2003 that you can only do in Server 2008?
  15. Now all you need is to publish a guide on how you accomplished what you did in your first post
  16. I'm curious to see if anyone else is having this issue too...
  17. I recall there being 1 more thing in addition to replacing the termsrv.dll Mind sharing? I believe it was a registry setting. I want to implement this unattendedly in my XP install. Thanks!
  18. how do you have vista ultimate on a cd 694MB in size? (with all that other stuff too)
  19. Probably has the rdp client. Doesn't have RDP server (only remote assistance I believe).
  20. I get this too but as mentioned above, it goes away once AVG is updated manually.
  21. Why do we need a cracked version of this?

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