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What's your internet connection like?


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Good grief!! :unsure:

When I look at some of the speeds posted here, you would think I lived in some backward Third World country (possibly I do!). :blink:

Here in the UK, unless you are served by some small community local cable network (few and far between) or Virgin Cable (only in city areas) you have to rely on British Telecom's archaic attitude of serving up the telephone system via a network of the thinnest and cheapest copper cables up the oldest wood poles they can find.

The result is the best that can be achieved from a max of 8Mb/s is around 4-5Mb/s.

Yes, I knew it!! I do live in a Third World country after all.  :angry:

The UK comes 25th out of 66 countries when it comes to download speeds. Anyone thinking otherwise would do well to read this article from the BBC.


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